Forecast about European Union in Decline: Right or Wrong?

In January, we presented a list of indicators for 2015. The first indicator was about Europe's further decline - did DS forecast it correctly?

Indicator A: Europe's continued decline

The economy was not the main focus of January's piece, although according to The Economist even that has been disappointing (despite the positive measures created to boost it); in fact, our focus was on the European Union's continued refusal to listen to the People (regarding the Islamisation of Europe and the re-structure of the European project).

The migrant crisis revealed the lack of union and consensus within the European Union; it exposed the EU's lack of focus and weakness; it showed that the Union's humanitarian policies are slowly becoming a threat; and, for the first time, it hinted at the EU's invasive intention (by wanting to impose its will on sovereign Member-States). Furthermore, the significant increase of the Muslim population in European soil is bound to create a social, political and security imbalance – shown by the terrorist threats and attacks on European soil and by the strengthening of far right parties during 2015.

The feud between the UK and the EU reveals, once again, the need to reform the Union in spite of its resistance to reset. As far as the people is concerned, the European Union needs to go back to the spirit of the Founding Fathers: economic integration (i.e. FTA, customs Union, common market); because when we look at it, and its huge number of agencies, we can't stop thinking that it is slowly moving towards a One Government Structure to replace national governments – this is not what the People signed up for.

The European project should be re-structured and simplified (as much as it hurts those who are used to build careers at the expense of tax payers): keep the tariff-free zones and the free movement of people and goods, but obliterate redundant institutions (e.g. the European Parliament) –  Political Indicators for 2015

The Union pledged €3 billion to Turkey to stem the flow of migrants to Europe plus political concessions (in what should be viewed as blackmail [a now troubled economy saying “either you contribute or we'll let all the migrants pass through] and extortion [Turkey is the gate of hell through and in which ISIS and Hamas operate]) - we should wonder about the wisdom of the deals being struck in Brussels.

The EU intends to allow Turkish citizens to travel without visas within the Schengen Zone by October 2016 – can you fathom the dangers behind such plan?

Another point showing the European decline is the latest EU blunder (more like a double-standards spectacle); however, it will be interesting to watch the Union being sued before the WTO for discrimination.

(..) The EU does not have restrictions on trade or special labeling for Morocco, Turkey and other countries that for decades have occupied territories of other states that do not belong to them under international law. - Prof. Eugene Kontorovich
Well, that is not even the case when it comes to Judea and Samaria (as we have seen before); but even if it were the case, once again, Israel has the law on its side.


DS was spot on: 2015 was a terrible year for the EU inasmuch as the migrant crisis, the way it was handled; the security threats (that restricted the freedoms of Europeans); the ongoing United Kingdom's (and even Greece's) plight with Brussels; and the deterioration of relations with Israel proved the forecast right. 
(Note: in hindsight, PM David Cameron was right all along when he opposed the nomination of Jean-Claude Juncker, wasn't he?) 


  1. It was a very good call. I would not have predicted that the welfare migration would have become so large, but in hind sight it is fully compatible with the death wish of the intellectual classes. Will be anxiously waiting for your predictions for 2016. My guess is that the leadership's efforts to bring about governance by a union of Sharia Law and Sodomite Law will continue, while there will be a few Pyrrhic victories on the part of those who don't want to see Europe destroyed. I still expect a few countries to leave the EU, but this will be fought by every means possible until every milliliter of evil has been extracted from the union.

    1. Hi Looney :D!

      Thank you *bowing*.
      Yes, indeed, the pseudo-intellectual classes will have us all killed, if we let them.
      Ah, our policy is to only make predictions every other year: we can't be gloating all the time lol lol :). But we'll see what the wind brings us. :)

      "I still expect a few countries to leave the EU, but this will be fought by every means possible until every milliliter of evil has been extracted from the union."

      True. And if the UK leaves, we can expect others to follow suit.

      Looney, thank you so much for your great comment :D.


  2. The EU is a disgrace. This is only the beginning of their downfall. Good job, guys!

    1. Hi Anon :D!

      Thanks and cheers for your comment :D.

      Greetings of the Season

  3. I am inclined to go with Looney on this one though I doubt that the collapse will happen in 2016.

    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      Indeed, Looney's forecast is very good. Oh no, the collapse is not that near yet; but it's a start. If the Union changes its path, it doesn't have to go down; but if it doesn't, between 5-10 years the project may collapse for good.

      Rummy, thank you for your comment, my friend :D.

      Greetings of Season

  4. The EU is a little shit of an institution and I hope the UK leaves! Their behavior towards Israel is unacceptable and I hope Israel sues their ass. Looking forward for the rest of the reckoning! One point for DS.

    1. Hi Raquel :D!

      If the UK leaves then it's only a matter of time before the project falls. Now even Finland is saying that they should've never entered the Euro and blah blah blah (we all know where this is going).
      I agree with the Israeli question. Thanks for the point :D

      Raquel, thank you so much for your comment :D.

      Greetings of the Season


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