A Stroll Through the Night

By Stephen Cheney

I don’t go
Down to the river anymore
Where the path to the moon
Used to wander with us.

I can’t go
Down to the river anymore
Where we used to flow
Like the stream we’d follow.

For I know if I’m there
There will be a lost feel to the night,
There I no longer feel I’m alright.

The river’s wide stream
Is now a barrier to our dream
And you on the other side.

I want, but don’t go
To the path of the moon.
It remembers us together
We were followers of its soul.

The river wanders in the moon’s light;
They share together in the night.
I cannot be there now
But the future will give to us
The sharing of a stroll through the night.    

(Image: Alley by the Lake - Leonid Afremov)

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