Unethical Politics Abound: Alt-Politics Urgently Needed

I recently learned a new term: Alt-Right (i.e. alternative right wing). I confess I'm still chewing that new branch of the Right Wing tree, so I will not talk about it just yet. But I wonder if rather than seeking alternatives to Conservative ideologies (in lieu of the reformation of the existing one), we shouldn't find an alternative to the present political environment instead – that is, Alt-Politics.

The Unethical Politics Takeover

What we have right now, is a political environment that is so crooked that the electorate is disinterested and allowing a bunch of puerile creatures to dictate their future and to peril their safety.

For instance, only a very immature individual would campaign and vote for a political candidate whose lies are so obvious, so easily refuted, that even Sophists would despise her. Only an extremely politically-ignorant individual would support and endorse a political candidate so blatantly corrupt that even the Masters of Corruption would look like Saints. Only an individual led by emotions (and not by reason) would allow itself to vote for a candidate who puts the lives of national security assets at risks (possibly in exchange for donations). Quo Vadis, honor?

Only a brainless creature would endorse a candidate that promises to implement a proven failed system, based on proven failed ideologies. Only a perverted creature would vote for a candidate who defended that women fantasise about being raped. Only a pitiful voter would hail a millionaire-claiming-to-be-middle-class based on his promises to redistribute wealth and free education for all. Are these people kidding us?

The political environment, right now, reeks of lack of ethics. The more unethical the candidate the most popular she/he becomes. The more dishonest the better. All the candidate needs to do is to be politically correct, please both Trojans and Greeks, speak in a soft tone; smile hard, lie even harder and even those who were considered level-headed and highly intelligent, in a complete state of cognitive dissonance, will endorse it.

URGENT: Alt-Politics

We need an alternative political environment. But what should that alternative look like?

It's a known fact that, in politics, being absolutely truthful is perilous for several reasons (e.g. one does not hold the whole information in its hands before sitting in office; one needs to safeguard national security), however, what we are witnessing today is an absolute assault on the basic levels of honesty. I'll be more direct: politicians don't even bother to either omit or manage the truth...they blatantly lie with all the teeth in their mouth. And what's wrong with lies? Lies hurt people. Lies generate resentment. Lies endanger nations. Lies give birth to destruction and chaos.

The world has survived thousands of years, thus far, thanks to omissions and truth management. Will it survive on lies? No. Therefore, we need an alternative.

Alt-Politics a la mode
  • If a politician, regardless of his/her political colour, says something that is easily refuted or exposed as a liar; that individual must be shunned from the political arena forever (this will exert pressure on the politician to be more accountable for what he/she says and avoid suffering the consequences).
  • If a politician accepts funds, donations, from groups that either directly or indirectly support, sponsor, aid and abet terrorism; that individual must be subjected to a criminal investigation and be indicted.
  • If a politician practises corrosive corruption (please read the difference between Corrosive and Functional Corruption) then he/she must undergo a criminal investigation and be indicted. 
  • If a politician desecrates the sanctity of the office he/she holds, then the individual must be stripped from his powers immediately, suffer a criminal investigation (for having injured the nation's best interests), be indicted and eventually go to jail. 
  • If a politician knows his/her colleagues are corrosively corrupt and are either using the public service to get rich or embezzling public funds and remains silent, then she/he is an accessory to the crime and must lose her/his job and be judged just like the rest of the offenders. 
  • If a politician makes use of politically correctness (PC), thus crossing the fine diplomatic line into the dark side, then this individual is not good enough to serve the people and must be rejected outright.
  • If a politician doesn't assume the responsibility for her/his own past actions, if she/he is not the first one to hold her/himself accountable for what she/he has done (or decided); then this individual is not trustworthy and must be exposed as such. 
  • A politician must state in public what serving the nation means. If his/her actions contradict his/her statement then the individual must be held accountable, with extreme prejudice. 

The list is endless; but the bottom line is: if the politician does not put the nation's human development above her/his personal ambitions and her/his ego, the individual is unfit to manage the country and lead the people. Period.


Politics is not a perfect art form. But unfortunately what we have gone from realism (where the logic of perspective reigns) to an awful abstract art form (where departure from reality and logic has been taken to extremes). Therefore, we urgently need Alt-Politics before Nemesis gets into action...

(Dance of Death - Adriaen van de Venne)

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  1. We do NEED a new political environment! This one is so crooked that it makes us wonder if democracy is the right system anymore. Look at American politics, WTH is that? God help us all!

    1. Hi Anon :D!

      What would be the alternative to a democratic system, in your opinion?
      Thanks for your comment :D.


  2. Politics is unethical as definition goes with moderation, but we let it go loose for so long it has gone out of control. Now it has to be reigned in but I'm not sure your formula will work cause the system is so rigged. Plus there are external groups undermining politics too, like groups ran by George Soros! How can common citizens compete with that?

    1. Hi Pietr :D!

      So what formula would you suggest? A legal one, of course, Pietr :)
      I see that we are all reading the same articles, eh? George Soros was mentioned a lot in the news this week. Maybe change is not up to the common citizens? Think about it...

      Pietr, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  3. The less said about modern politics the better throughout the world. No country is an exception and all politicians get thumbs down from citizens everywhere. Change is indeed necessary but who will bell the cat and what is the cat?

    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      We still don't know who the cat is but it's important to start talking about this now. I'm starting to believe change will come through the masses though (it seems they lack the sophistication to bring change about).

      Rummy, thank you so much for your great comment :D.


  4. We need a clean up, true. But what's the right wing doing? In America they think the libertarians are the answer but they sound a bit crazy to me! It's going to take a lot of work to get change. Thanks, Max!

    1. Hi Mary :D!

      Welcome to DS!

      I think the right wing is lost, quite frankly. It lacks leadership. lol well, I still don't have much of an opinion on American libertarians, to tell you the truth.
      Change does require a lot of work, true. You're welcome.

      Mary, thank you so much for your comment and I hope to see more of you here. :D


  5. My angle: Change will begin with the academics. They have intentionally viewed screwing up peoples' brains in order to advance their own agendas as their mandate from Hades. Now we reap the reward. Or to put it another way, things are going to get worse.

    1. Hi Looney :D!

      Things always get worse before they better anyway...so, let's wait and see. It's positive to think that change will come from the academics..., it's positive indeed. :)

      Looney, thank you so much for your great comment :D.



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