Germany & France Getting Ready for the Worst: National Guard towards Martial Law?

France and Germany seem to be bracing for dangerous times. France announced, in July, the re-birth of the National Guard; and Germany announced, last week, that not only a similar militia will be formed but also the German population will be required to stockpile food and water for at least 10 days. Terrorist attacks, carried out during the month of July, are behind the French decision and forced the Germans to revisit a 2012 national defence plan that probably has been shelved till a more expedient time – the time has now arrived, it seems.

The French Case

The concept of a National Guard (la Guarde National) in France is not new. Back in 1789, the French militia was created for purposes of policing and military reserve – it was disbanded in the 1870's when it became increasingly revolutionary, becoming thus a threat to the state. In the Summer of 2016, President François Hollande announced that his government would be arming civilians and army reservists in order to boost national security.

As per the video we shared here, in July 2015, militias have been training in France for quite a while – due to decades of government negligence when it came to the national Islamic problem. Letting these trained militias on the loose is a quasi certain way of triggering a civil war; but by integrating these trained elements in a national guard, the French authorities seem to want to kill two birds with one stone: 1- boost national defence, 2- prevent a civil war by keeping the militiamen under control. It does seem to be a smart move, however, the French government may just be protracting the inevitable because if the militiamen do not agree with the state's plans and marching orders, history may repeat itself and La Guarde National may become a revolutionary entity once again – but will the state be able to disband it this time?

The French government will have to tread very carefully from this coming fall onwards...

The German Case

Germany is about to require its citizens to stockpile food, water and medicine. It is also thinking about creating a national militia to boost national security and about reinstating the mandatory military service. In other words: Germany is getting ready for war (under the guise of counter-terrorism operations).

Why tell people to stockpile food and water for at least 10 days? What kind of CT operations is the country planning that is supposed to require forcing individuals to stay indoors for 10 days?

Germany is not the first country to think about reinstating the mandatory military service: Portugal is reportedly thinking about doing the same thing (and surely other European countries are following suit). It is not a secret that European countries are not militarily strong due to an over-spending on welfare. NATO has been complaining for a long time that Europe doesn't invest enough on its military might and finally many Euro-nations are tacitly acknowledging that NATO is right: but are they doing so because they recognise the incoming and multi-layered security challenges? Yes and No.

Europe not only realised that in the eventuality of simultaneous terrorist attacks it has little chances of effectively defending the territory, mainly because of military missions abroad; but it has also realised that a strong military equals to less unemployment, less delinquency, and less futility as well. Therefore, telling young people they must serve in the military serves many purposes plus one: reviving nationalism (and thus quell the present attempt to install anarchism).

Martial Law

In a very interesting conversation, Jonathan W. Penn and I reached the same conclusion: the Western world is moving towards the Declaration of Martial Law (ML). 

When we speak of martial law, usually images of the Army taking over government come to mind; however, it is convenient to remind people that ML can also be declared by civil governments in the face of imminent threat or attack. And Germany's New Civil Defence Plan, adopted last week, indicates the state acknowledges a pending threat/attack.

Is it necessary to declare ML (when the right time comes)? Yes. Why? Because, unfortunately, successive western governments have, over the years, passed absurd legislation on top of existing laws (and joined international treaties that many times conflict with national laws) that brought us to this precise situation. It is also fair to mention that the obsession with Human Rights bills created such an entangled legal web that now they hamper the states' ability to counter terrorism in a more expeditious way. For these reasons, my dear readers, a Martial Law – and the derogation of rights that comes with it – will eventually be declared across Europe, and perhaps even in the US (depending on whom is elected this coming Fall).


Governments do well to prepare themselves; especially after the political harm has been done. The situation is clear and worrisome:
  • Europe has right now thousands of Islamist operatives waiting to be activated
  • Europe's policy regarding Palestine is aiding and abetting Global Jihad efforts
  • Over 10,000 children stemming from the Middle East have disappeared in Europe during the migrant crisis – even if only 10% of them are trained Jihadist operatives (some trained by ISIS, others by Hamas), Europe is facing a huge security challenge down the road
  • Human Rights groups, supported by special interest groups, aid and abet Islamist subversive activities and terror – and they will start scaremongering campaigns against governments, against martial law (implying a military coup is on the way, that democracy is under attack) and reminding that nothing, not even life and security of person [article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights], justifies the suppression of rights and freedoms...

In face of this dire situation and in order to fight the scourge of terrorism, martial law may be exactly what western countries will need. However, this martial law will require political adjustments otherwise we will indeed incur the risk of opening doors to coup d'états.

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  1. It's complicated. I don't feel comfortable with martial law but will admit that something similar must be done cause the danger is and feels real. I'm worried, I can't lie!

    1. Hi Anon :D!

      I understand where you are coming from. And if, indeed, we get to that point then governments will need to think things through otherwise we may end up suffering adverse consequences.

      Anon, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  2. "... but it has also realised that a strong military equals to less unemployment, less delinquency, and less futility as well." The discipline of the military is very good for young men, plus, they often learn skills that are useful for employment later. But I still worry that PC requirements will compel the admission of terror threats into the military.

    1. Hi Looney :D!

      "The discipline of the military is very good for young men, plus, they often learn skills that are useful for employment later."

      Absolutely. And how about young women: you do not agree with the presence of women in the military?

      You raise a good question (one that the French government recently raised as well): how can we prevent terrorists from infiltrating our armed forces (to receive training and then use it against us later on)? Perhaps, we should start with fighting PC...and then be creative.

      Looney, thank you so much for your comment :D. Always a pleasure.


    2. Howdy Max,

      "And how about young women: you do not agree with the presence of women in the military?"

      Well, I might make an exception for Judith or Jeanne d'Arc. Hanna Reitsch is also one who clearly belonged in the military. But it seems to me that the waging of war has been universally a mens job both among the pre-civilized barbarians and all the known civilizations, unless we should accept the story of the Amazons. It is only our post-civilized world that has sought to change this.

    3. Looney,

      lol Ah, you'd open an exception for dead ladies lol, I see...
      While I agree that women should serve in the military (the recruit period would be awesome for young ladies), I disagree with women fighting in combat units, on the battlefield - their physical disadvantage is too obvious and they represent a liability (for being a valuable asset). Plus, do they have the same stamina, when captured, then men do? Governments should think about all these details before promoting a more active military service for women.


  3. I agree with Looney, the military service will be great for the millennials, it will straighten them up. Plus it will decrease unemployment rates by far if they pay good salaries. Things are so bad that martial law is welcome from where I'm standing, Max. Do you reckon Trump will be the guy to declare ML?

    1. Hi James :D!

      lol poor millennials *nodding*. I'm still struggling with that term: who are the millennials exactly? I ask because I find the generation born since the 2003 a sheer delight (so intelligent, so smart, so respectable, so knowledgeable, so wise - nothing like the previous one).

      I know not if Trump will be the guy to do it; but I have a question for you: you don't think Hillary Clinton would do it?

      James, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  4. Replies
    1. Hi Rummuser :D!

      Ah, you agree with some French officials, eh? Perhaps they have, or perhaps they have played right into the hands of some groups of interest...

      My friend, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  5. Te envio mi blog de poesias por si quieres darle un vistazo Gracias.

    1. Hola Anna :D!

      Bienvenida a DS.

      Gracias muchísimas. Mi gusta la poesia, por lo que le echaré un vistazo, ¡claro!


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