France On the Brink of Civil War

It is not a secret that France has been having an Islamic problem for quite a while; however it wasn't until the summer of 2014, January 2015 and last month that we internalised the level of the French problem, when videos emerged of Muslim youth attacking citizensJewish sites in broad day-light, when Islamic terrorists attacked Charlie Hebdo, the Hyper Cacher and a police officer, in Paris; and when a man was decapitated near Lyon . Terrorist attacks were covered by the international media; however, there are plenty of others that go unreported and that may contribute to a civil war in France.

In the video below, you will watch how regular French citizens are attacked in the streets by Muslim young men: women are harassed and punched in the face and men are assaulted. Like a pack of wolves, they often attack in groups.
Concerned French citizens are becoming weary of the Socialist Government who seems to do little to defend its citizens.

“The French Left and many mayors actively promote the growth and spread of sectarian Islam for good reasons: Muslims have become an important constituency of the left; 90% voted for socialist president Hollande in the last elections” 

The increasingly impatient citizens are coming together and forming groups to counter the constant assault to which they are subjected to. There's one youth movement, Génération Identitaire, whose goal is to defend the French culture and the White French Identity – but how about the non-white French nationals that feel equally threatened by Muslim thugs? If the trend continues, in the future, we might see several different youth movements emerging all over France (e.g. the Black Movement for French Values; the Gay Movement against Muslim Oppressors; the Feminist Movement For French Saloppes etc etc).  The point is, the French population is feeling threatened, cornered, and when those who have the duty to protect and serve do nothing the results can be catastrophic.

“If the state will not punish these people and the media doesn't talk about it, the victims will get increasingly frustrated and could become racist, and then we will have a confrontation” (Tarik Yildiz, author of Racisme anti-Blanc [Anti-White Racism])

Will France be the ground zero of the anti-Islamisation war in Europe? 


  1. We have had this phenomenon in India and we call it vote bank politics and minority appeasement. Both have failed and the expected backlash has already taken place and the result is there for the whole to see. The latest is -

  2. That video is awful. If the French have been living like this no wonder they are organizing groups to defend themselves! I can't imagine being punched on my face just cause I'm not a Muslim or cause I'm Jewish! If I had to guess I'd say France will definitely be the ground zero of the war against leftists and their Islamization of Europe.
    I commend your courage to produce this post, Max! Well done.

  3. :) No surprise here. The Left exists only as a reaction to the Right. Or at least an imaginary Right. Islam is an ally in their delusions, so nothing will wake them up until it is too late.

  4. I agree with Mr Looney, Muslims feed the leftist delusion and they profit from it too: public money funding their mosques. I worry for France, really. I'm afraid she will see dark times but she won't be alone, Europe will see it too if it continues down this path! So glad I'm spending some time in Portugal where people are safe but can't wait to go back home although we have a problem with mosque proliferation too. But at least our new president makes sure to remind everybody that we are a Christian country. Even Chad banned the use of burqas and face veils and this is a Muslim country, for now at least...Let's pray for France, for Europe!

  5. France is having what she deserves. No more no less.


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