Intermission 2011: Act I

Portrait of Princess Marie F. von Liechtenstein age two by Friedrich von Amerlingedit

Lisbon, 5th of July 2011

My dear friends and readers,

I hope this small missive finds you all in good health and humour.
As per usual, the time has come for an intermission and therefore I'll be absent for a fortnight.
However, I will not leave in total silence: for the following weeks the curtains will be slightly drawn; revealing a bit about Max; and the best way to do it is through music - one's musical tastes can tell us a lot (like so many things in life, I guess; but let's put aside our profiler aptitudes - it's summer for heavens' sake!).

Certainly, many of you know that the 80's were glorious musical days. Yeah, there were some trashy songs but most of them were simply fabulous.
This July, I will start by sharing a video by a British female pop group that I simply adored when I was a missy - Bananarama.
I could begin by "Robert de Niro is waiting" (but then you could think that I'm into old men - I could be, but I'm actually not) so I will commence by "Love in the First Degree" (which is exactly what I am utterly guilty of).

Before leaving: in the 80's, videos didn't have the quality today's video clips have today, but their themes were much cuter, classier and far more interesting. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Max,

    Excellent choice. OMG were those men in bikinis? I Heard A Rumour that you're having a Cruel Summer, but hopefully you are still having Love In The First Degree with your Shy Boy husband even if Robert De Niro's Waiting (talking Italian), Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye and remember Venus.

    Thanks for taking me back to the 80's.

    I'll miss you.

    Happy Intermission Cheers!

  2. Have a nice break Max. Even I had a short blogging break due to work pressure....Simply loved the song and really couldn't agree with you more that the seventies and the eighties were some of the golden periods, when artificial computer created music was absent but natural music from the instruments with absolute bliss.

  3. Hey Max! I hope you're enjoying the break. I came here to greet you a Happy Birthday. Have a good one sweetie!

    Kisses and hugs.

  4. IT´S A PITTY that the 80´s didn´t last forever....
    take a break and rest your mind...
    nice days, Sweetheart

  5. Max:

    I am so disappointed to read that you are not into older men. I thought we had something special here. Ha, ha.

    Have a great summer.

    Happy trails.


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