Intermission 2011: Act III, High School

Portrait of Princess Marie F. von Liechtenstein age two by F. von Amerlingedit

Lisbon, 19th of July 2011

Dear friends and readers,

The intermission is coming to an end. Next week, life and society will be back to dissection. But until the return of my scalpel; let's proceed with our trip to Max.

I loved High School and I loved the social interaction with my classmates. Back then, life seemed simple, however the web of existential complexity was already being woven: competition; little envies and jealousies; flirting, "falling in love" and "heartbreaks"; exhibition of social status; leadership skills etc.
At the end of each term, we used to throw parties and slow-dancing was a must; therefore the selection of music was done with a huge amount of time and commitment. 
One would think that hormones were dictating the eagerness toward (what we called) slows; but in the case of my classmates I'm not so sure....
The song I am about to share always reminds me of those times. It is called "I should have known better" by Jim Diamond....

Every time I danced to the sound of it, my ears exploded: whomever danced with me would sing his lungs out straight into my poor right that time, etiquette prevented me from saying whatsoever, or ditching the guy right there on the dance-floor...was I kind or what? 
See you next week!


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