Introduction to the Biggest Counter-Terrorism Operation Involving Portugal

By Dissecting Society (DS)

A Bank is either sold or shares are issued: does anyone take the time to verify the people behind the shareholders or the equity companies that often acquire financial institutions? This week, we begin to talk about an extremely complex web woven by Africans et al to give you an idea of how Terror Groups have infiltrated our business, political and financial spheres within the context of Global Jihad.

In a small West-Southern European country, the Financial Market has been divided by two main geographic entities: Spain and Angola. One could say that while it is easier to ascertain the people behind Spanish Banks, it is harder to know who exactly stands behind Angolan financial institutions; however, it is becoming more evident that in some cases the same people circulate between the two sides. So far, this information per se does not represent a problem; but what if we add Hezbollah elements to the equation?

African Investments: the Origin of the Funds

African leaders, political figures and military men, are perceived to have embezzled large sums of money (billions of dollars), in Angola for instance, to buy stocks in Portuguese banks. One is free to believe these individuals are proficient in the language of market fluctuations, but they're not. One can also believe they hire people proficient in financial language, but knowing many Portuguese lawyers (who are often in charge of finding ways to satisfy every need of their clients) I'd say there's reasonable doubt to assume otherwise.

African politicians and Generals are only interested in one thing: money. And to have money, they are willing to serve as frontmen to suspicious elements. These Generals and their families, these politicians and their families, will buy expensive flats, villas, premium cars and products, eat at deluxe restaurants, and in spite of owning property they will sleep in Hotels when they arrive in Lisbon – this is not the behaviour of true owners.

The so-called African elites do not wish to be stockholders nor property owners; they simply wish to get their commission for services rendered (i.e. being front-people) and have the life they always dreamed of while growing up in the slums. But our real concern are the individuals behind these so-called elites: the Lebanese, the Iranians, and other interesting elements linked to terror groups that thrive in a specific area involving Angola, the DRC and Namibia (labelled by Dissecting Society as the Tri-Corridor – the mirror of the Latin American Tri-Border). These elements are the true owners of the funds juggled by Angolans around the world, including the biggest chunk of those “managed” by Isabel dos Santos (the President's daughter).

Hezbollah Funds in Financial Institutions

Since the Government of José Sócrates, Lisbon has seen a surge in Lebanese individuals, who often enter Portugal with Angolan, Mozambican, and Brazilian Passports. Portugal used to be very impermeable, however the Lebanese studied the country very well and realised that the way to penetrate Lusitania was through the former Portuguese colonies – hence the surge. Portugal is an interesting place to be in, and acquire the nationality from, because it is not only a gate to the European Union but also to the rest of the world – the Portuguese passport offers quick access to most countries around the globe.

Remember Abdul Rahman El-Assir? He was once upon a time linked to BPN (a now defunct Portuguese Bank), that was bought by BIC (an Angolan-owned bank). Then we have BNI Europe (Banco de Negócios Internacional) owned by Lebanese, with offices in Marquês de Pombal (the heart of the Portuguese capital); Bank BAI Europe, situated near BIC; BANC (Angolan Bank of Business and Commerce) and BA Europe (Atlantic Bank Europe). What do most of these banks have in common? They are Angolan, they are "owned" by Angolan elites through Portuguese fronts and offshore companies, with Lebanese funds – earned either through money laundering in the streets of Angola (where millions of dollars in live money are transacted everyday); or through diamond smuggling and illegal weapon deals in the Tri-Corridor; or even through legit front businesses. Our sources told us that most of these Lebanese are either Hezbollah or Hezbollah related. Remember Amine Bakri? He was one of such elements.

We learned that in Lisbon, as we write this piece, wealthy Angolan citizens and their Lebanese friends call specific people to request cash for shopping, to buy houses, cars, whatever: after the order is placed, a bank clerk shows up delivering the bag of hundreds of thousands of euros in cash to their “clients”. Money laundering in plain sight.

So, the Lebanese are involved. Is their sole purpose to launder money? No. Picture the following scenario: elements from Hezbollah, AQ, ISIS and any other party of the Global Jihad travel to Portugal (a country that as we speak harbours at least 7 sleeper cells), where they lay low for a while, attending the mosque, working in any local grocery store for a minimum wage or less (because money isn't truly a problem), and speaking either broken English or their own language (since many of them don't bother to learn Portuguese). Whenever they need to work on their orders they receive instructions where to go and receive money in cash. Needless to say that all this involves Portuguese nationals (often lawyers) that make a killing out of mediating this sort of business.


Thus, what are we talking about exactly here? We are talking about investing in Banks through African individuals just to be inside the banking system, and abuse it; plus moving funds practically undetectably. They are starting by Portugal – will France and Italy be the next targets (the places where the so-called Angolan elites go to party with celebrities)?

Our banks have been infiltrated by Terror Groups. When the biggest Counter-Terrorism Operation in history begins, we will see a lot of prominent people (from all spheres) falling for having aided and abetted Terror Acts.

[The views expressed in this publication are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dissecting Society]


  1. Portugal is screwed. Good luck!

  2. Looking forward to reading more about this operation. If Hezbullah invaded the west through bank investments, then it's not only us who have to worry, it's Israel and African countries! Our sec forces should join forces to fight these scumbags. Good job, DS!

  3. I am happy you guys are back. Portugal is a soft target cause their security standards seem lax from outside. I'm not saying they are but perceptions count more and that is the perception we have on Portugal, so yes jihadists of all kinds can attack it! You guys say there 7 sleeper cells in the country? I can't imagine what will happen if ever activated.

  4. DS, Angola is a problem, it has been for a long time. The question is how will Portugal deal with her when it has been infiltrated by Angolans to the core? Tackling Angola would mean opening a deep diplomatic wound, and is Portugal ready to do it? And by the way, I blame Ricardo Salgado and the Espírito Santo family: they brought this problem upon the Portuguese!!


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