Who Makes Decisions For You?

By Lenny Hannah

Human beings have been socialising with like-minded folks, for ages; a reason why there have always been associations of all sorts: economic, social and political. As society evolved, we have now Orders of all kinds and Groups who believe to be above the associations that gave birth to them – we are talking about power brokers and the elites.

NB: Presently, the term elite is mischaracterised. In the past, the word meant a group of distinct people who abode by the ethics of social and moral values. In fact, it used to be a concept shared by a minority who, due to the righteousness of their conduct, had the ability to influence the spheres of power.

Once upon a time, socio-economic Associations were pressure groups that simply fought for their rights. Today, they are equally mischaracterised for, just like a medusa, from them were born the lobbies that, in turn, weaved webs so impermeable that they answer by the name of Power Brokers (basically a group of Boobies thirsty for secret visibility) who flounder in the circles of greed to control all the capital; and believe it or not, the Associations and the big companies who are the biggest generators of capital pay those eloquent parasites so they can encourage politicians (hungry for pennies) to legislate in perverse ways.

So, who orchestrates the decisions that shape our day-to-day life?
  • When, for example, the Islamist youth was on a murderous rampage throughout Europe, the police forces were instructed to repeat the same old palaver that the poor ISIS sods were mentally ill -  and we had just to be patient with them. 
  • When President Trump decided to reject the Paris Agreement, all the followers came to public to crucify the American Leader. Par contre, it's funny how very few questioned the fact that India and China, under the same agreement, are allowed to keep their emission levels – in the name of saving the planet.
  • Rumour has it that a cartel of Publishers decided to pay $60 Million dollars to the Obama couple in exchange for their mémoires at the White House. I understand that, for reflection purposes, there may be an interest in knowing the former President's subliminal perception of his role in the government trenches. But what could Mrs Obama possibly have to tell us? If she intends to share the usual complaints about racism to perpetuate the obsolete narrative about the suffering of people of colour, stories that only serve the interests of the International Left...then give us a break.
  • Another odd behaviour is that of the food industry (cookies, cakes, chocolates, you name it): first it decided that cocoa butter was to be swapped for hydrogenated fats, now the latter has been dropped to be replaced by Palm Oil. What is the purpose of using this oil in food sold to the masses, when not all people's system tolerates it?
  • Because people's lives are so rooted in technology, and most have been swallowed by all and any gadget on earth; there are a lot of people out there having instantaneous sex. The last trend in the planed parenthood Industry is a gel with which ladies are supposed to have lilac, magenta and purples orgasms. Men now have a condom that give equally colourful orgasms to women: frightening...

My dear readers, our personality is no longer dependent neither on our conscience nor on our genes. I would even highlight that the exclusiveness of free will is under the command of some faceless executioner's free will – this should make us think and act, but I wonder whether we will even be granted space to think at all?

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This article was originally published, in Portuguese, on Etnias: O Bisturi da Sociedade

(Image: The Great Seal - Google Images)

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  1. Yesterday I read Michelle Obama bemoaning about the racism she suffered while at the WH. Just like you said, Lenny. Keep up the good job, guys!


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