Summer Pause & Petition Fraud in the UK

Dear readers,

Summer is here and, as it happens every year, the time has come for the DS team to rest. We will be out for a month, but interesting posts - by four different team members - will be published every Tuesday, so please enjoy them.

Before we leave: the media, after the Brexit vote won, tried to manipulate people by "informing" the general public that 3 million British people had repented their vote and wanted to repeat the referendum. Problem: the petition was carried out online, on the government site, meaning that it was highly susceptible to fraud.

A reader of ours, residing in a European country, signed the so-called petition even though she does not reside in the United Kingdom at all. Method:

1. She told she was a UK resident, even though she's not.
2. She Googled for a UK Postal Code.
3. She copied & pasted the code onto the site.
4. She put her email and was asked to check for the confirmation notification in her inbox
5. She confirmed her signature and it was accepted.

Conclusion: there's a high chance that the +3 Million people who signed the petition to repeat the referendum were citizens from other countries, interested in disrupting the UK's democratic choice. For all we know, EU civil servants could've also contributed to the fraud.

We are so glad PM David Cameron rejected the call for a second referendum.

See you in August,
Dissecting Society

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  1. A much deserved rest. Have fun!

  2. Interesting article. I can't believe that such fraud in such a large scale is possible.

  3. Have a good relaxing vacation, but do take some time to meditate on the fact that only Brexiters are capable of such nefarious scheming. The pro-EU camp would never dream of doing something so underhanded.

  4. I for once am not surprised at this fraud. What is incredible is how the media "failed" to see this! Oh the pleasant effects of propaganda!! I voted for the Brexit and the UK better not go back on the people's demand. But have a pleasant rest, you guys need it. But hey: which reader tested the UK government site?

    1. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. And I'm pounding my chest three times hehehe. I tested it and I was shocked at the results. Anyway, then I sent it to Max for her to write something about it, it's all a damn fraud. And to think the Media keeps repeating this referendum lie.

  5. Not surprised at the fraud, the internet is rife with it. Have a good one, Max and Cº!


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