PLO Rejects Peace With Israel and Threatens World With Terror Attacks

The Foreign Minister of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Riyad al-Maliki, has vehemently stated last week that the PA has no intention of returning to the negotiations table ever again. This is an interesting statement to make at a time when France threatened that it would recognise an ex-nihilo Palestinian State if Israel wouldn't return to the negotiations table. But if the PA rejects sitting down with Israel, whom is the Jewish State supposed to negotiate with exactly?
“We will never go back and sit again in direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.” -- al-Maliki

The PA/PLO has not said anything new. Its actions had already revealed its true colours: the Palestinians have no interest whatsoever in reaching an agreement with Israel through peaceful means, and they are not interested in settling their dispute through negotiations but through either unilateral actions or terrorism. What's unique about the present moment is that, for the first time, the PA/PLO has verbalised before the whole world it's true intentions.

Will the World Listen? 

The PLO is putting the international system to the test:
  • First, at the UN General Assembly, last year, it rejected the Oslo Accords saying it no longer feels bound by it (which resulted in a series of terrorist attacks targeting Israeli Jews from October till now) – the world played dumb and continued to press Israel to reach a peace settlement with a Hybrid Terrorist Group. 
  • Then, President Abbas confirmed in public that, in 2008, he rejected the Israeli proposal for Statehood even though it was more generous than previous proposals – the European Union continued to play dumb thinking it would mitigate the Islamic problem from which Europe is now ailing. 
  • And now, in a visit to Japan, the emboldened Hybrid Terrorist Organisation defies France, and Europeans in general, by vowing to never return to the negotiations table – this is yet another blackmail attempt and we wonder if France will either fall for it or threaten Palestine, in public, with retaliative measures. 

Moreover, the PA's FM not only announced the rejection of peace with Israel but he also stated that ISIS would soon come to Judea and Samaria. In a Freudian slip (intended as a veiled threat), Al-Maliki  confessed what Dissecting Society has been saying for quite a while: the Palestinian Cause is part of Global Jihad. The PLO is about to invite ISIS to open another front against Israel in order to fight the Jewish State while maintaining a comfortable margin of deniability near its blind donors.
“Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas claims he wants to reach a peace agreement with Israel. But at the same time he and his henchmen incite the Palestinians to stab, run over and shoot Israelis to death, while he idealizes, glorifies and finances -- with the funds he receives from the West -- the terrorists and their families.” - Bassam Tawil

If the world doesn't listen and keeps proceeding with the same ME policies (i.e. an obsession with Israel, laxness towards the PLO, zero solutions for Yemen and obsolete ones for Syria), then it will be proved beyond any reasonable doubt that there is a vested interest in hurting Israel and the common Arab in Judea and Samaria.
“Every Palestinian knows in his heart that we do not want a state of our own alongside Israel, but rather instead of Israel. This includes all the land of Palestine and Israel. It means that Jews have no right to exist on even one speck of it.” - idem

This is not 1973

In October 1973, OAPEC (Organisation of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries) declared an oil embargo against the US and other industrialised nations that supported Israel during the Yom Kippur War. The measure worked and, in the decade of the 1970's, the world began to change its stance towards the Jewish State (i.e. they started chanting the "settlements are illegal" fallacious mantra) and even forced an ally to violate one of their most sacred values: to never negotiate with a Terrorist Group (PLO).

On the 1st of February 2016, Nabil Shaath (a former peace negotiator and a Senior Palestinian Official) said that the PLO didn't want the US to mediate the negotiations between Israel and the PLO because the Americans were not a reliable broker. He went as far as declaring that he rather have Brazil, Russia and China (for instance) replacing the US – of course he would. But the most interesting part of it all, was yet another veiled threat issued against the world:

“Do we have to hijack your planes and destroy your airports again to make you care about our cause? Are you waiting for us to cut off your oil supply?”

Interesting questions that raise a couple of questions:
  • Did, once again, the PLO reveal its true terrorist nature and is it telling us that its networks have been assisting ISIS, and other Jihadist groups, in carrying out the attacks on planes (having been the most recent ones the crash of Russian Plane in Sinai, the Air France fake bomb threat [probably a test], the bomb in the Somali Daallo Airlines)?
  • Are they threatening an Entebbe-style attack against Jewish targets?
  • Are they threatening Israeli athletes in the upcoming Olympics in Brazil (since Hamas and Hezbollah are so well rooted in the country)?
  • Did the PLO just confess that Arab Oil Producing countries are behind their Cause the same way they are behind ISIS?
  • Did the PLO forget we are not in 1973, but in 2016 when the US no longer depends on Arab oil, when the world is moving towards green energies? Unless they are talking to the EU, but we don't see how when even the Europeans are now turning to the Persians for oil (while pushing for renewable energies) - so how can they cut their oil supply (unless they are planning to attack pipelines)? Freezing oil production is not the same as "cutting supply". 

The PLO is dying to confess something. We wonder what other information they will spill soon. But the question is: why now? We need to look at their activities in Europe, in the US and particularly in Israel – what networks are being activated?

(Image: Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade Flag - Wikipedia)

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  1. Diplomats will say they don't really mean it, that Abbas really wants peace but his political environment is tough blah blah blah. But truth is: they really want war, they really want to destroy Israel and we all know it.

    1. Hi Anonymous :D!

      So true, diplomats always say that because it's hard for them to admit they were wrong, that they violated international legal instruments, that they accepted a terrorist organisation in their midst as their equal (i.e. they legitimised a terror group), that they sacrificed Jewish and Arab blood for oil. Shameful.
      But Israel must not sacrifice itself for the world's mistakes. Not any longer.

      Anon, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  2. I'd keep an eye on PLO activities in Eastern Europe and the US.

    1. Hi Jake :D!

      I hear you, man.
      Cheers for your comment :D.

  3. You know my opinion, Max: give them nothing. Palestinians are part of the jihadist pie and need to be dealt with. They want Brazil, another unreliable country, as a mediator? As if Israel would play along after the stunt the Brazilians pulled.

    1. Hi Carl :D!

      Yes, I know how you feel about the whole issue. I agree regarding the Palestinians, but the world is taking time to seeing it.

      "They want Brazil, another unreliable country, as a mediator?"

      Can you believe it?

      Carl, thank you so much for your comment, man :D.


  4. The takeaway I get from this is that the PLO recognizes that the moralizers of the West are so far gone that the PLO no longer needs to restrain its rhetoric in any way. Or to put it another way, the moralizers have accepted the PLO as it is, so hypocrisy can be dispensed with.

    1. Hi Looney :D!

      I see what you mean. Your assessment is too stark but do you think the "moralisers" will eventually open their eyes or will they just let the PLO kill them and their countrymen?

      Looney, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  5. The world is so hypocritical that they are willing to ignore that the PLO is a terrorist group that says one thing in English and another in Arabic for Middle East consumption! How about their activities in Latin America? The US should pay attention to them.

    1. Hi Cêcê :D!

      Exactly. Girl, read Cristina's post: it came out today and you will like it (she addresses exactly that).
      Darling, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  6. So they finally said it? And the Americans didn't condemn them? Something is definitely fishy! And the French people should read this and think about it next time Muslims attack them!

    1. Hi Leila :D!

      Yep. Nope. The French have a hard time learning lessons from the past and admitting they were wrong.

      Leila, thank you so much for your comment :D.



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