Donald Trump and the Left: The Ship of Self-Commiseration

By Lenny Hannah

Donald Trump, the US presidential candidate, has apparently stated that, if elected, he'd ban the Muslim immigrants from entering his country. He reportedly also added that something wrong is going on inside the US mosques and it's imperative to know what exactly is being cooked in there.
The leftists in chief immediately jumped into the arena of the political commiseration.

In an odd act of self-commiseration, the Muslim scouts (who are not shy to chant “death to Jews; the Middle East shall be purged of Jews” and such) conveniently came to public to denounce Mr Trump's tactics as the ones used by the Nazis when they exterminated the Jews. With this motto, started the Drama in the International Media.

The Mexican Question

Dan Tromp: the illegal Mexicans are a dangerous bunch and potential criminals who may be on the drug dealers' payroll!
Latino Activists: This person has no place in America and he's a bigot!
Cable Negative News: Dan Tromp attacks the Mexican immigrants!
Pundits: Dan's position is ridiculous and very grave; it's also anti-American. This country is a nation of immigrants from around the world.
Politicians: This vision is defamatory and any legal immigrant is welcome in our country.
Fox News: Do people speak English at all!? All this fuss over nothing; Dan Tromp didn't offend or insulted whosoever cause he said “illegal...illegal immigrants”.

The Black Lives Matter Question

Dan Tromp: Who are those troublemakers? Ah...! Yes...yes...yes, the life of a Negro matters; now, get the hell out of here before my bodyguards throw you out! And if your lives really matter, get a job and stop living off the taxpayer money. Forget Social Assistance and the food stamps.
CNN: What is going on? Dan Tromp is going after the minorities now? Will he make the same mistake as Myth Rourkey made with the 47%?
NAACP: That man is a racist and for sure he's advancing the KKK agenda.
Pundits: This is plain wrong; it borders racism and xenophobia. These are the United States of America, where we all pretend to be equal even though only some benefit: whites, Asians, fair-skinned Latinos and 0.0001% of African-Americans with College education.
Politicians: All lives matter, but we promise you that the law enforcement will have better training and will be better equipped to deal with those they fear the most, that's all!
Fox News: The cops are simply following the law which says “shoot when you fear for your life”; but, come on....16 shots on one kid, it's a bit too much...

The Jewish Republicans Question

Dan Tromp: The Jews are good negotiators (I know what I'm talking about) and they like to control the politicians with their money; I don't need your money.
Jewish Right Wing Activists: Outrageous, simply outrageous!
Jewish Left Wing Activists: We don't think he should put all the Jews in the same plate; he must be referring to his daughter's in-laws; after all she converted to Judaism – can only be that!
CNN: Oh man, his racism has no boundaries; he spares no one!
Pundits: What a nerve! Specially if we think that he was addressing a Republican base.
Fox News: He was being sarcastic! It was a friend talking to his friends. Boys will always be boys!

The Muslim Question

Dan Tromp: When I'm elected, the Muslim immigrants can kiss America goodbye; they will be banned from our country; the FBI will have permission to enter Mosques, listen to everything and report to me.
CNN: It's unconstitutional and racist!
Pundits: Dan is exuding venom from all his pores. Sure, he's protected by the 1st amendment, but so are Muslims!
Fox News: He only said what the majority is thinking about mosques and their Imams; they just don't have the courage to verbalise it...we all know this.
Politicians: Mr Tromp must remember that both Houses legislate, not the president.
Muslim Scouts: This is pure racism, incitement to violence and we ask for police protection to all 2,750,000 Muslims in this country.
Leftist Activists: Dan Tromp is not a viable candidate to the USA Presidency and what he said was racism in its purest form.

But Outside the Media Spotlight and off Cameras...

Muslim Scouts: F**ck, the rich domestic Muslims, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have already proved they can be extremely generous if you cooperate. How much do you need to shut this bastard Tromp's campaign down?
Leftist Activists: Let's first and foremost begin by the petitions on an international level and push for him to be banned from the countries of those EU clowns; we'll use our allies from the Bunch of Devious Sociopaths.

Muslim Scouts: No, no...leave those out, for the time being, cause we are going to invoke the extermination of Jews.
Leftist Activists: Don't push it; we need to be careful about those comparisons.
Muslim Scouts: We'll use the most convenient method for us. We can't let Dan stab the Prophet's teachings.
One Leftist Activist: But in this country he has the right to freedom of expression...

Muslim Scouts: Do you want to elect a Democrat or not? We, and we alone, know about our agenda, ok?
Leftist Activists: We told you we are going to ban him from Israel (Obama will talk to Bibi), England, France and the EU...except, of course, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Poland, know...the usual suspects.

Muslim Scouts: good, good, good...cause the Afro-Americans and Brown Boys will benefit from education due to our funding Obama's charity “your brother's keeper”; so it's imperative that Obama forces Bibi to reject hosting Tromp, in case he cannot forbid his entrance in Palestine. The EU is different; we control their politicians, companies and soccer clubs...
Leftist Activists: Even knowing that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey fund terrorist groups that killed +/- 122 French citizens on November 13, in Paris, the hunt for terrorists was not as severe as in Brussels.

Muslim Scouts: Listen, in France, we control the Côte d'Azur, the Paris City Hall and PSG and no politician, worthy of that name, wants to mess with the soccer fans and the Muslim voters (we are 6 million).
Leftist Activists: Impressive. Thank you for funding our Super PAC, we'll take care of Dan Tromp for you...

Muslim Scouts: Although our religion allows for beating up women, destabilise African countries until they all submit to Allah, death to infidels; just remember to focus constant and solely on the mantra that Islam is Peace, because there's money for the Super PACs.
Leftist Activists: Bismi'llah...!


But who is Donald Trump, after all? He's a person who knows well most of the American society; he's a shrewd and relentless businessman, and apparently a very successful one. Is he a racist? Oh please, calling him a racist is as absurd as calling Israel an Apartheid state.

As far as I'm concerned, Donald Trump is one of those people who have the magic wand to transform dung into a delicatessen served in all menus of the International Media. Therefore, my people (Mexican, blacks, Jews and so on), get a thicker skin when it comes to reactionary Trump; and don't let yourselves be led on by the evil Media (thirsty for idiotic followers), by the opportunistic Muslim scouts and by the unscrupulous leftists who are only after your vote.

Until next time...

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA oh noooo! Let me wipe my tears...Lenny kills me. I was divided between commenting here or on Etnias, but then decided to comment here. I particularly loved the plot between the Muslim lobby and the Leftists: it's true you know? This really happens.
    I don't like Donald Trump but he kinda says some truths.

  2. Donald Trump is obnoxious but CNN is far more than him.

  3. :) Trump is still a bit shy for my taste, but I am warming up to him.

  4. Hello Lenny,

    Donald Trump is not my cup of tea, I don't make it a secret; and I still defend he's not presidential. However, I don't understand why it is so shocking to hear him say what he says and yet so acceptable to hear Muslim leaders say "death to America!", "death to Jews!", "death to infidels!", "Jews are apes" and etc - where's the outrage then?
    Besides, if people like Mr Trump and Ms Le Pen are gaining popularity is because our so-called educated and level headed politicians didn't do their job properly; they didn't listen to the people. Period.



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