Courage by P.J. Lawrance

Shared by Stephen Cheney


They tightened their
chin-straps and faced
the enemy.
Knees shaking, hearts
pounding, they
though their comrades
fell around them.

She combed the hair of
her dead son
kissed his cold face
then took up her life
and went on
Courage has many faces.            

(Image: Song of the Angels - Bouguereau)


  1. Hi Cheney,

    Such a powerful poem. And it fits perfectly in the moment we're going through right now with these heightened state of alert.
    The first part reminded me of the French CT units and the cops barging in the terrorists' flat in St Denis. I can only imagine what goes through the mind and hearts of those brave operatives during such operations.
    The second part expresses well the pain all parents experience when they learn their children are dead or have been killed by terrorists. Plenty of parents around the world can relate to this second part after the events last Friday.

    The courage needed to move on from tragic events is admirable. Yes, Courage has many many faces.



  2. Mr Stephen, as always a beautiful poem. I really felt the mother's pain as mothers around Africa feel the same when their children die in their arms, and I guess mothers everywhere feel the same when their babies are killed by evil people. We are living in a crazy earth, may God guide us all!

  3. I'm grateful for the service of our soldiers and law enforcement officers. And a mother's courage after the loss of a son is admirable.

  4. Very beautiful poem! There's nothing more precious than a mother's love for her child and when that child's life is ripped from her, my God she only survives through a mix of courage and divine intervention.

  5. I salute any soldier, their courage, their willingness to serve is honourable. Cheers for the poem, Stephen.

  6. Stephen has spoiled us, it's a fact! This is a very beautiful poem that brings together both pain of loss and courage to keep on living! It's very hard to do so. Happy New Year, Stephen and keep writing cuz I'll keep reading!

  7. Sorry my broken English but I wanted to say I loved the image of the bereaved mother. It reminds me of the Mother of Jesus Christ. God bless you, Stephen Cheney


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