We are not Just Here

By Stephen Cheney

We are not just here and then one day gone.  Like the particles that make us, as Quantum Mechanics shows, the particles and energies of our being are spread from the Past, through the Now and on into the Future.  We already exist in all three segments of Time.  Therefore, as we exist in all three, it is physically possible for us to sometimes sense all three.

Our astral travel cord is more than just a time line where we clutch the memory database of our past experiences, and where our sensors are limited to just this moment and to no other.  Too many rush through life in a hurry to get to some destination or aim.  But targets are the end of the line where movement stops, and we have not been born with our atoms set in stone or moss.

We are creatures formed to flow in movement.  Our bodies designed to stretch out into dimensions and feel, and our minds designed to not be still, but to constantly wonder and wander exploring the world and seeking to know where we are and why we are. As we ever exist in movement in time and space, that is where most of our experiences come to us.

At journeys end we rest on our laurels, but ever restless, feeling that we are incomplete, we then look out into the further unknown and yearn to learn more, and in this way we become more.  We are born, but evermore seek to add value to God’s or Nature's creation.  Thus each person determines who they are by their daily choices, we are not of one value as we seek to be many.  Humans are not just objects, they are a process.

The focus of our scattering, of our journeying everywhere through life, mentally and physically, while we can, is to find for our personal self a blending into the Oneness of All, as we are after all, atomic, as Cosmology proves, we are star dust; and seek to return to our maker.

Caretakers of ourselves and of others.  We can try to tend with love the Universal garden into which we have been born, where we seek to eventually awaken our full perceptions, and we are not alone in this: for we all have the company and care of our companions.

(Image: Triskele - Celtic Symbol of the sun, afterlife and rebirth)


  1. Hi Cheney,

    First of all, very beautiful post.
    Are you speaking of parallel realities? Many TV shows have tapped into that issue but I always wondered whether it was real or not. Question: doesn't one reality affect the other two realities? I mean, don't the decisions made affect the outcomes in other realities?

    "We are creatures formed to flow in movement."

    You and Cristina had the same concept (i.e. movement) in mind. In the thought of the week section (sidebar), she shared a quote "Gravity is the root of lightness; stillness, the ruler of movement.". Very interesting, your synchronisation...

    "Humans are not just objects, they are a process."

    Beautiful, Cheney.

    "and we are not alone in this: for we all have the company and care of our companions."

    Yes, we do.

    Could you also be speaking of reincarnation? I will comment further upon your reply to this.

    Excellent, excellent and excellent, Cheney. Thanks.


  2. The thought of life after death is comforting, I think. It makes death easier to accept and deal with. Wise words in this post.

  3. Mr Stephen, you are back finally! I feel like thanking you for this article cause it has deep meaning to me. I believe we are linked to the past and that the past can help us understand our present. But this article sounded like an invocation, a call out to something, that's how deeply it touches us, or maybe just me hehehe. We live in a cycle, it doesn't stop until we go back to our Maker: the image to this article expresses that perfectly. Good weekend to all.

  4. Hi Max.
    You are Analysis personified as usual. Which is fine. A pulling apart for a putting together. Fitting pieces. Realigning, dabbling to see what may be in them. My article was thoughts that seem to be pronouncements. Ideas not necessarily right, but not wrong either. Perhaps neutral from right and wrong, like Nature. More a flow of feelings. Feelings can be felt differently by others. Although we learn from the thoughts, feelings and experiences of others, it is always best to have your own. For who can really experience this life and gain all being, but yourself? Who cannot like Philosophy? But where do thought constructs get one when compared to the intimate experiences of one's life? We see best from our own eyes, understanding more than from using another's glasses. Which is frequently done, much of mankind’s miseries, hatreds and war stem directly from a blind following of some other idealized person’s narrow ideas.

    Ideas, such as expressed herein are found and formulated patterns. And as such can be imposed onto many other subjects fruitfully or not. Abstracts abstracted from life.

    Yes, also including reincarnation, though my concept of such is not the standard, I am into exploring the mysteries from the scientific aspect. Science is reality, all else is confoundability; yet there may be many diamonds of truth in the vast sands of time and disputing cultures.

    Synchronization has already been noted, and with some other persons also, and is a difficulty that I am trying to avoid. Somewhat embarrassing. Minds can think alike but there is a danger there of just what it means. Perhaps we don't totally consciously rule our minds as our subconscious seems to run its own game. The esoteric is not thought of kindly by bland minds, minds that never explored the psychological subjects. There are astounding edges and the fabulous but non-public advances as science marches on in a closet of experiments. Parallel realities are of current interest in science in its search for a Unified Field theory. The network of near infinite parallel universes sprouting inevitably from each choice and each subsequent event. Perhaps an overkill: as the mathematics can make do with just eleven dimensions. I have an interest in shifting things around, but then I also teach that at a low level: so all have talents they never knew were possible. But although a person can do something new to them it does not mean that they understand it. Not one of my students applied their mind and analyzed what it meant when I trained them to do something rather remarkable in the first lesson in class. They were too amazed to think, overwhelmed by sensations, and so lost the meaning. A true scientist would have started to ask questions. There is no shadow as subtle as the open display. The mind edits what it sees into matching its everyday understanding; the status quo. "What is reality?" is a subject well worth researching.

    1. Cheney, thank you *bowing*.
      "What is reality?" only simple answer is "whatever our mind accepts as such" but...it's contentious :).

  5. ME vvv:
    Hi Anonymous:
    Life and Death are normal events, an indisputable experience of our life here. They might be better termed here: Life and Non-life. One needs to take care in exactly what one means by the concept and phenomenon we call ‘Death’. Scientifically all your body’s atoms don't die, they are immortal and get recycled. But most people don't seem to care at all about that. They want their ‘spirit’, that is, they mean their ‘personality’, an intimacy that they have grown and cherished: they want it to survive. That is a different matter (pun). Spirit is a different kind of 'matter' than the physical matter. But as we now are aware that the far greater portion of all gravitationals in this Universe are not normal matter at all, but Dark Matter and Dark Energy of which we know little; then all alternate views could be possible and be on the table. As mental processes (and even existence) are electro-chemical and as the chemical (atomic) side is immortal and scatters, also the energy (wave) side is immortal and scatters. The problem then becomes: where does one's mental energy, spirit, in its totality go? And more importantly can it reform, can it re-converge anew? Also can it remember previous structures such as one's personality after scattering, that is, after Death? What is the evidence? There is evidence, but most would find it unsatisfactory.

    Hi Rummuser:
    It is interesting that you are a Vedantin. The ancient Sanskrit texts hold a lot of knowledge, even about the mythological event common to many cultures- Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, Viking, Japanese etc; of gods or beings coming down from the stars and eventing with humans. Amongst other things, I teach an ancient combat art from Northern India and it mimics such events to retain the memory of them for the people. Not only the body but also the mind is exercised to enhance body skills and enhance mind abilities. Perhaps such skills were deliberately transferred from the 'Others'. But as most records are lost, even of the details of the myth, it is probably not possible to make real judgments on the matter. History needs certainty to justify its nobleness, but only ever gets a meagerness of speculation. History is a Tower of Babel. A tower of babble, snuffed candles, broken shards, voices lost in the dark.

    Hi Leila:
    Yes, an invocation. A poetry. We all have our indulgences and our faults. Some of our faults as humans are feeling, thinking and sharing. I'll blame the memory and abilities encoded from the vast past in and on our genetics, our DNA; the blueprint we all grow from, and flower from.

  6. Hi Celeste, one must look into what one means by such a question “We never die?” and what feasible answers and meanings arise from possible answers.

    As death is a normal fact of existence and I think should be interpreted, for best tracking, as meaning “Non-life”; that is, no more moving around and experiencing and influencing in a human, that is in an animal form.

    The wanting to live on passed the death event, like a Black Hole trespass, is common to human psychology. To live on without human form one must ask then what is meant by “living” when the body’s molecules are chemically de-structuring and atoms scattering to all elsewhere, fast if a funeral pyre, slow if a burial. Life then, in concept is really the Mind, that is, personality, that is, Soul. Defining ‘soul’ here as something that can be comprehended, rather than as just an eternal mystery.

    On the stage of life all can be examined, but when we are off that stage what can be fathomed? Religion tells us stories and those stories differ as religions differ. So what does Science, the examiner of reality, tell us? It tells us that atomic structures last beyond a body’s death, that those particles still retain their bonding and rebuilding abilities. It tells us that our energies, that we radiate daily, that our post-death atoms radiate beyond the ‘death’ barrier; energies radiate from a generating centre and thus travel outward to be lost in infinite spaces, until absorbed by other atoms that in turn seek bonding, as is their chemical nature. The problem with ghosts, which many advise that they have seen, apparitions of energy in often human form but of a human (lost) personality, is how could they be? They are not of solid form so are inconsequential, but only an energy form and not very clear at that. For them to be, their energy must have structure, it raises the question of “just what is energy?” We are atoms and energy, indisputable. Energy is normally considered to be chaotic force. But that may not be so. Ghosts would indicate that energy has structure; and as we know from the work of Max Planck, Energy is at its most minute actually a structure, a quantum unit of force, where chaos ceases. And Einstein’s work showed that Energy always exists as quanta units. Neuroscience work with twins shows that energy from different but similar cores can be of the same nature; and modern experiments, breaking the previous walls of knowledge, show that particles and energies that are in synchronization, in entanglement, can still be bonded and affect each other though stellar distances apart. The haloed limiting velocity of Electromagnetic energy may not be impinged if the phenomenon is inherently a Spatial effect where no travel of particles occurs, but only a change within the structure of dimensional space itself.

  7. Thus it seems possible, though the probability is unclear, that your personal being of energy, after a death of atomic de-structuring, if it can be reassembled, instead of inside the original body, then outside of the body, that you may exist ever on as a dream or as a energy construct embedded knowably in an atomic cellular host that the Universe once created; that it never actually dies, that is, never actually goes into a Nillness or non-existence. In Cosmology, all that was flowered at the beginning of time: is still here, somewhere. Only the place of existence of particles and energies ever change, not their being. So dimensional Space is prime for ‘being’ of any kind. Reality is dimensional.

    Each person’s psychological unit or wholeness might exist forever once made; or might re-emerge in another life form’s beginning, one that is growing structure into a working living conglomerate; or may simple scatter as dust in the wind, eternal dust ready to re-birth in new beings. The reality is unclear, but the possibilities are interesting. Everything grown in the fishbowl stays in the fishbowl. And then of course is the imposition of “Heaven” on the equation. As the Universe is a place of atoms and energies, Heaven is definable as a place of personality energies after the death transaction. As such it may be even seen as simply the place where all that already takes place: The Universe that we already know, where converging and diverging, the pulsing of death and life, is its eternal heart beat.

    1. Thanks, Stephen for your explanation. Do you teach cosmology?

  8. Hi Celeste, I do not teach Cosmology although I do love the subject as I am interested in all the sciences. Cosmology is a large subject ranging from Quantum Mechanics to Relativity; Nuclear reactions; Electromagnetic energy and matter and gravity; Dark Matter and Dark Energy; exobiology; entanglement; SETI, CERN, NASA and Star Trek and the urge to explore the Universe; Universe origins and endings and Black and White Holes. Is there something in Cosmology that you especially wished to discuss?

    1. Stephen, I only have one question about a subject that Max has already addressed here: do you believe in alien life and how would their existence affect us in case they decide to pop in for more than a visit?

    2. Mr Stephen, when can we read a new post from you?

  9. Celeste, alien life is a scientific subject that goes by the name of Exobiology. It has long been the darling of Science Fiction, but it is a serious subject. Militarily, politically it is a sensitive and crucial subject because it may affect the future or termination of mankind, with no room for error in the case of any true contact being made. The SETI project may be a naïve mistake. I have long been interested in the subject of Ufology; many scientists have a serious interest in it; however its waters of revelations have been heavily muddied by hoaxes, incomplete information, hysteria and wishful thinking. So it can be entirely laid aside and only the inputs of Cosmology, Exobiology and planet exploration and the like be taken into account.

    I am in agreement with the military mind and the opinion of Stephen Hawking, that deliberately broadcasting or beaming our presence to the Universe (actually we are already doing so via communication broadcasts), is inherently dangerous. Yes there may be benefits in deliberately contacting an alien civilization, but also perhaps terminal dangers. We are a dominant and vicious creature and many species have become extinct under our rule including numerous human civilizations; so why would we expect an alien civilization to be any different just because it may be a lot older? We are the only example of very intelligent life that we know and we are not a good example to anyone. Aliens may be wiser and better and due to that decide that it would be best, observing us, to terminate us to ensure their own survival. Cosmologists note the enormous numbers of stars and acknowledge the abundance of planets and the chemistry is such that life will sprout wherever and whenever the conditions favour it. Quantum physicists acknowledge that the constants of the Universe being what they are, are highly favorable to life, so much so that they deem innumerable universes to exist so that the one we are in, and thinking in, is a necessary existence.

    As to the expected reaction from aliens openly visiting, one need look no further than the military reaction to UFO’s where chase jets have actually fired upon some unidentified objects and some of those jets destroyed, therefore it was not Venus or a weather balloon. Ridiculing observers is a popular pastime of administration, instead of, in the rare interesting cases, simply leaving the matters as unknown or inconclusive. Unlike paranoid USA (so since the 1938 radio show by Orson Welles) some countries, such as Brazil, are open about UFO observations and publish photos taken by their military. We may be the aliens if our life forms came from comets or Mars. What alien could possibly look weirder than a jellyfish, a tree, a squid, a whale, a giraffe, and a bird? Familiarity breeds acceptance.

    1. "I am in agreement with the military mind and the opinion of Stephen Hawking, that deliberately broadcasting or beaming our presence to the Universe (actually we are already doing so via communication broadcasts), is inherently dangerous." - I agree too.
      Brazil is a deeply animist country so it's not surprising they have no problems with openly talk about UFOs. I'm glad they do though but what do Aliens want with Brazil? I wonder many times about it.
      Thanks, Stephen. I hope to read more of your pieces soon.

  10. Celeste, you often wonder why an alien culture would have any interest in Brazil?
    If it is happening, then there would be reasons for it. However UFO reports come from most places on Earth. As to Brazil, (or any place) you only need to reverse the situation to what would we be doing when examining a planet that teemed with life. NASA’s current policy is that if in observing any planet and life forms happen to be discovered, then they step back and hold off actual physical interference (similar it seems with the behavior of UFO’s). There is the ongoing problem to both civilizations with any real contact and that is that of biological contamination and the biohazards to both parties. The basic most successful life form, bacteria, outnumbering all other life forms, has to be factored into procedures. The aliens could contaminate us, which we would not look favorably upon, having no natural immunity; and we could contaminate them, they having no immunity, thus a war to force a backing off of contact could ensue. Brazil happens to have geographically the most diverse numbers of Earthly life forms and an examination of these by aliens may be of some future benefit to them if they ever decided to officially lock into our cultures. There are reports from various places of aliens apparently collecting plant and other samples (including human abductions), reports being reports and not necessarily valid. As a political/ military/ health/ science decision, in the same circumstances we might decide to do the same. We now have thousands of possible planet candidates in our sights but the vast distances prevent occupation and contamination, lucky for them and lucky for us. There are a number of Earth life forms (as contaminants on our space vehicles that have successfully survived the rigors of outer space (such as spores, and the microscopic animals called tardigrades which thrived when deliberately tested in outer space in 2007). Upon discovery of an alien occupation of planetary surfaces: a backing off is also military prudent to first check out their military capability and weapons. Survival of one’s own culture is the first priority of any government. Behavior erring on the safe side is necessary, as not all dangers are known and sometimes you only get one chance to be wrong. Thus the apparent continuance of UFO studies by governments, although officially denied for practical reasons. Outside of the politically controversial and emotionally polarizing topic of UFO’s, the sensible study of life elsewhere is Exobiology, which is scientists only, and thus hasn’t been contaminated by the common biohazard of radicals, extremists, charlatans and hoaxers who have no scientific anchoring or unbiased analysis in their thinking.

    1. Then maybe it's best to let them be. Thanks for explaining about Brazil.


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