Thoughts on Life, Death and Dreaming

By Stephen Cheney

Being alive is special.  Being alive you can enjoy being creative.  In the day you can day-dream.  In the night you can night-dream.

Only when you are dead you no long dream, the mind having fragmented.  In a darkness where there is no feeling, no pain, no joy, no insight.  In the Darkness of Death there is no darkness of Black either, for you have no vision to see and register that Darkness.
Though, for some, they believe that Death is where you eternally dream.  That in death you are a dream.
Only whilst you are alive, though, have you the opportunity and power to transform your dreams into a Reality for others to enjoy or appreciate.  As to see and read this text you must be Alive, what then are you doing with your Dreams in this moment of Reality?

Dreams also need a life to be, and they also extend their life when you communicate them with words or works and place them in the fertile compost of other minds.  To share your ideas you must communicate your ideas.  So make creative works, make new things, make writings, make art, make conversation and make Love and Loving.

Reality is, after all, the garden that is there for you to plant, to grow and to share Your Dreams.  As you can only dream while in reality, perhaps reality exists for dreaming and by dreaming Reality is created.

Perhaps we are all a part of some God’s dream and while we are Alive is when we are given a dream-ability, and when we are dead we are given the ability to re-immerse ourselves back into being God’s Dream.  Whatever way it goes, Given the Gift of Dreaming, we should not waste it.

For those who do not believe in God, it is still undeniable that you are alive and somehow are given gifts, gifts that inanimate things just do not have.  Non-living objects cannot move of themselves as they have no internal reactive program to follow, they cannot explore, dream, or change the local environment to their own will, but you can.

You can even, just by smiling, change the life force of those around you, change their perception of their life and their dream of their future.  God or no God, we are living creatures in a vastness of Nature.  If there is or is not a God, still, we are capable of being god-like.  Dreaming and actively weaving those dreams into Reality.

(Image: Far Side of the Sun/NASA)


  1. What's reality? How do I know if this is a dream or not, death or not? Maybe our reality, our life, is somewhere else.

  2. Hi Anonymous.
    I would say that Reality is the whence from where you are receiving sensory inputs. That is not only from the outside world but also from your own body and brain. We don’t really know Reality except from what our senses tell us, and its affect upon us. So Reality is a personal supposition. We supposedly no longer sense it when we are dead, and the understanding that we have is that others, who reinforce the impression throughout our life, will continue to live on to experience Reality. However that notion is also only a sensation and conclusion formed within our own mind: and so the alternative idea is expressed, which we cannot prove or disprove depending on what we are willing to settle upon, that all Reality is only a dream that we have. But if a dream, it is a very vivid and long continuing dream; it is our Main Dream. We call the world that feeds us information “Reality” but what “Reality” is in reality we cannot prove beyond our senses and our pre-programmed thought processes. Whatever Reality is, we judge it to be so. The reality of a madman differs from ours as his mind differs from ours. It is not that he is wrong and we are right, it is that we know, from his disagreements with us, that he is fixed on a different reading of reality to that of ‘saner’ minds. Ordered minds perceive more order within chaos, and chaotic minds see more chaos. Whatever is out there, it whispers to us in mysteries that we must unravel with the order of logic, or just feel it and marvel. As Science through mathematics seems to match the outer Reality, that Reality apparently has an order of its own.

  3. Gift of Dreaming: it is a gift to dream, wake up remember it and see it come true, not for everybody I tell you that. This is when dreams become the same as seeing while awake, some kind of foresight? I don't know but I do know that some folks have it and it's incredible.
    All in all, I'm with you when you say that being alive is pretty special and I thank G-d for it everyday. Shabbat Shalom to all

  4. Joseph, you are talking of clairvoyance. Parapsychology is an interesting field for some. Some physicists are of the current mind that particles may not be fundamental, but fields may be. All things are fields of organized or disorganized energy. And Time seems mathematically and quantumly to have a continuous unity through its past, present and future phases, the segmenting of which is arbitrarily assigned. Time is dependent on happenings, reactions, motion: a thing relating, reacting, to another thing or to a relevant measuring frame. For there to be Time, you must have movement or velocity and so also must have distance or Space to frame it. With Light and other electromagnetic or gravitational energy you have a limit to Speed (due to the conversion of high-end energy movement into mass inertia near ‘C’), with the Universe you have a limit to Space, and with Singularities you have a limit to Time as well. If no change, no Time.

    As electrons are field waves smeared through time then, we being composed of such fields, our hardware is so wired: it might be no wonder then that some people may foresee the future, if only vaguely. However, minds differ and their ability to process information; some subconscious minds may simply be able to work out more efficiently what future may be derived from present happenings.

    And we only know anything by its interactions with all else, including with ourselves. Even when we only investigate as observers we are parting fields, intruding at least on the quantum level and so disturbing reality and how it fixates into different kinds of entities. We are all dependent on the functioning of the programs within our brains, as are computers, to the ability to output results of computations, understandings and imaginings. Each of us is a unique conglomerate and differs in skills, even though not knowing all our skills.

    When you can teach, easily, others to open up unexplored parts of their mind (also any artist seeks this), then perhaps all people have special talents, but they are just not normally activated; just as many codings in our DNA are dormant, unactivated, awaiting the right stimulus. When you meet someone with para-normal talents it can be a shock to a standard belief system, any system based on standard happenings. One is forced to reappraise opinions on reality, just as scientists frequently do from their privileged position of having the equipment to investigate ultimate realities. Of course in the paranormal world there are numerous false leads and dishonesty and hoaxes are very common, so doubt is never to be surrendered. Still, some cases remain most interesting.

  5. Hi Cheney,

    Those who don't believe in G-d live in a constant illusion, for their existence, their ability to think and feel is the very proof of His existence; and deep down they know it, yet their incapacity of understanding the spiritual realm and why perceived negative aspects of life happen make them sway towards nihilism (i.e. deny themselves). It's incredible.

    Dreams can be perceived as a parallel reality where our brain's abilities are optimised since we're not bound by the weight of matter, of our bodies. But again, dreams are more often than not misunderstood.

    Thank you, Cheney, for this outstanding post :D.


  6. Beautifully written and leads to all sorts of considerations of free-will, the creative power of the universe (whether you use the name "God" or some other name), and volition. And dreams may be the binding agent....

  7. An ‘insane’ person focuses on Chaos and even becomes Chaos and so brings more chaos into their surrounding environment. Persons with radical views and actions such as Terrorists who take pleasure in mangling innocent people, have a type of insanity that, if not fully erratically insane, is at least extremely chaotic, and such minds are a danger to all persons of differing societies or social groups – their people-environment.

    A ‘sane’ person focuses on Order, becomes Order and brings more order into their environment. Thus it is possible to decide the difference between those who have seriously disturbed minds and those who don’t. Intelligence unhindered by stress seeks patterns in all that is presented to its senses. Intelligence knows and accepts that there exists a variety of patterns in the world and that one pattern does not dominate all, as is the view of a radical personality. We are what we like and hate, we are what we focus upon; thus we know ourselves from the effects of this choosing of ours that spreads outward to affect others.

    A mind that seeks unity and order becomes Order and imposes order on a chaotic world; an ordering being who commands the tides, the energy of all things, to flow evenly; and when they do not, recognises this and steps to an ordered path amidst discord. By containing discord or chaos, you compartmentalize the adverse effects of either chaotic beings or Nature’s fracturing events, and thus bring more order into existence.

    Good people are as living crystals who bring pattern and beauty into the world. Fractured people fracture others, shattering living crystals. Vicious people are like turds, are a mess and spread their muck for others to slip on. They leave behind, when they part this life, a mess and a bad smell. Their life was wasted. Why be a rotting corpse while you are alive, instead of a vibrant being of beauty (which is creative order) that encourages the development of beauty in all others?

  8. Being alive is special cause though most breathe they are not alive! Baruch Hashem for those who truly live, Stephen. Dreams...I don't know, I never remember mine. Good post as always.

  9. Olá, Stephen!
    Working under the assumption of God's gift, I wonder if the unfinished matter-people (brain palsy) and the overwhelmed souls (autistic and schizophrenic) dream and perceive dreams as we perceive ours? And if yes, do they ever see their dreams come true?

    If you type on Youtube "Pedra Filosofal" de Manuel Freire, you'll listen to a song that complements your article and, yet in Portugal the day dream is not an acceptable state of mind, it's even compared with laziness: different cultures different meanings, I presume.

    Amazing article, Stephen!

  10. Celeste:
    So you do not remember? As you slip into dreamland, try sending an intense message to your subconscious mind to remember one of your dreams when you awake. Keep repeating that instruction as you slip beneath the waves of slumber. You may bury a glimmer of your conscious mind (in the form of a focus) within the vastness of your subconscious. I take it that you have never tried selecting something to dream about. A change in what time you awake may help, as you dream in cycles through the night. Your last dream can overlap your conscious mind coming into activation, and so be remembered, that is, seen. Some dreams are worth revisiting the next night.
    Do dreams come true? For a dream to come true it would have to influence the outer reality. Or, alternately, the dream would have to receive input from the future reality and so not be of your own making. All inputs incoming to a receptor are distorted depending on the nature and structure, the existing formats and biases of that receptor, whether machine or mind. Emotion is the amplifier of barely perceptible information traces. “Schizophrenic” is only the general term for various different mental aberrations. Our brains being a coral reef of Glial cells which, amazingly, talk to each other even outside of the nerve impulse network, and blockages emotional or physical, from stress or mental trauma or physical damage: means that we are a complexity where the mind’s focus can be eddied into areas that are buried away from the normal social outside focus. An autistic mind seems to shun the outside reality and be locked into only preferring to wander in the corridors of its internal mental universe. On that basis an autistic mind does not dream of the future of the outside reality. It is just not interested. However, when you teach an autistic person, or group of them, it is possible to catch and hold their attention for hours, thus the mental blockage, whatever it is, is not an absolute.

    Some claim to know the future, though unreliably and erratically. There is evidence of this but final conclusions depend entirely on what you accept as “evidence”. For instance I understand that there was a novel published prior to 1912. It held the story of the largest liner in the world being sunk on its maiden voyage, by collision with an iceberg. Then in 1912 we had the sinking of the Titanic. There is the problem of coincidences being possible, and also the interesting scientific theory on the table of the existence of parallel universes. In that all dreams or events will happen, it depends only on which universe branch you happen to awake into. For the Future to be perceived means that it must already exist in some form or other. Then some groups have the job of culling strategic ideas from novels and seek to apply them to advantage, thus making some dreams into reality without the original ‘dreamer’ or creator even being aware.

    Thank you for "Pedra Filosofal" de Manuel Freire, beautiful. Yes, those of us who are as Alchemists, map a distant world.

  11. Mr Stephen, I have no words to describe the emotion this post creates in me and in people. I can say though I'm a great believer in dreams. Dreams come true when you have the sight, dreams make sense when your mind is strong and disciplined, dreams are a gate. As an African I believe in these things, I can't explain them but I believe and I have seen them happen, so to me they are real! To be alive means many things but in my case I thing it means to honor your parents, yourself and follow Gods and His spiritual guides that come to guide us, point us the way, should you do that, your life will be fine and you'll truly live. Thank you for another beautiful post, Mr Stephen.

  12. Leila
    Yes dreams are a gate to another world. All that we do whenever we extend ourselves seems to be recognizing a gate or developing one to pass through to elsewhere. We are gate travellers, travelling with our minds when no doing so with our bodies. Every time we are presented with choices, our selected path re-defines our future and also defines our inner nature. We step through gates. We are Seekers. We might not know exactly What we seek, but it is in Trying to find out by deliberating Risking ourselves to explore the unknown, that gains us insight and new discoveries. By discovering new things we also make discoveries about our own selves. Thus we evolve.


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