Solidifying Power: Mozambique

By Scott Morgan

Earlier this year Mozambique inaugurated a new President. But it is becoming clear that previous perceptions were not as advertised or as some people believed.

The New President Filipe Nyusi was considered to be a crony of the previous incumbent Armando Guebuza. After all the rule of Guebuza came to a halt last year when his attempt to run for a third term by altering the Constitution was rebuffed by the ruling FRELIMO. (Frente de Libertação de Moçambique).

This created an interesting dynamic within Mozambique. Both Members of the Ruling Party and Members of the Opposition felt that Guebuza was responsible for the violence that plagued Central Mozambique in 2013 and 2014. They felt that the leader of the Opposition Afonso Dhlakama was specifically targeted for elimination as well.

The new leadership has brought new interest to the Country from investors. There has been particular movement in the Oil and Gas Industry. There could even be some resolution into the Italian Corruption investigations regarding the Energy Company ENI and Members of the Government.

Mr. Nyusi even met with Mr. Dhlakama to discuss a platform that RENAMO, the Main Opposition Group, has been floating. This proposal which would have most of the Power in the Country moved from the Capital of Maputo down to a Provincial level. The President feels that this proposal has enough merit to be discussed in Parliament.

Mr. Nyusi has even been very vocal in his criticism of the Xenophobic Violence that has been occurring in neighboring South Africa. He has taken the steps to evacuate those from Mozambique that needed to be evacuated due to conditions on the ground.

However there is concern regarding the internal security climate within Mozambique.  There is some concern about the efforts regarding shifting power from the Central Government to the Provinces may be a ruse by the RENAMO. The concern is that if this is defeated then the group will have a recourse to head back into the field and commence offensive operations.

That is exactly what Mozambique and Southern Africa do not need....

(The unedited version of this brief was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse

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  1. Finally you guys speak of Mozambique! I have been waiting for this for a long time, thank you Mr Scott. I think it's time for Moza and other African countries to change their attitude and behave like a modern country. Guebuza was old school frelimo, obsolete, while President Filipe is a modern guy who is changing the tune! He understands that if Moza wants to move forward it needs to change the way it deals with internal problems first.
    I invite you all to visit Mozambique, a beautiful beautiful country: you will love it!

  2. I read something about this recently, it seems like RENAMO is trying to get more autonomy in the provinces it controls; but in order to get it other provinces must get it too. Not bad and I hope the proposal is supported by the parliament. Good job, Scott! It's good to see Mozambique in this house.


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