Intermission 2015: Political Cluster

Summer is here. This means that the first part of our Blogging Year (January-June) is over, and the time has come for the Dissectors to have a well deserved rest. I'd like to thank Stephen Cheney and Cristina Giancchini (our Editor-in-Chief) for their outstanding work; and to Scott Morgan and Benn Ramnarine for their genial contribution.
So far, this has been an incredible year:
  • ISIS has been an increasing headache to a broader range of players in the Middle East (the Iraqi Army, the Peshmerga, the Syrian Army, Hezbollah, the Egyptian Army, to Saudi Arabia and now Hamas). It is also threatening Europe (having linked its cause to the Palestinian and Left-wing ones) and the US (having, through its sympathisers, issued threats to American airliners). 
  • Russia, despite the sanctions imposed by the West, has been sending signs of increasing military power (i.e. in May, it displayed a plethora of new “toys” and it has been carrying out a series of military exercises that could very well be a blueprint of its intentions). Meanwhile, the European Union project is in peril, with the Greek problem, with the UK threatening to leave and, with European countries doubting the future of the Euro-bloc, Russia seems to be in place to regain some of its lost power. 
  • China has been tackling terrorism in its own territory. For that effect, it has implemented an original Holistic Measure: Muslim businesses will have to sell alcohol in Chinese territory. Will it work or will it feed the victimisation stance (so consuetudinary to the Islamic Ummah) of the Chinese Muslim community? 
  • Saudi Arabia has formed an Arab Coalition (that reminds us of the 1964 United Arab Command) to fight against the Houthis, in Yemen. So far, the gains have been little (having, in the process, the Houthis attacked the Saudi Territory and the ISIS blown up Shiite Mosques in eastern Saudi Arabia); but one thing is certain: the Yemen Crisis exposed the world's double-standards (the Saudis can violate the International Humanitarian Law in absolute impunity; while others who actually abide by it are constantly singled out). 
  • President Obama revealed signs of studying Jewish history and concepts (certainly in an effort to better understand the Arab-Israeli Conflict); however, it would be interesting to know which uninformed creature is helping him with his studies. It would also be interesting to see a rational person informing President Obama and his people that PM Netanyahu is an elected leader, of a sovereign country, that deserves the utmost respect – talking ill of a man chosen by the Israeli Electorate before a group of American Jews (who probably don't even vote in Israel) is dangerous for it is a way of supporting the anti-Jew perception that Jews are naturally more loyal to Israel than to America. 
  • Africa is showing signs of destabilisation. First, Ebola made some damage in a couple of West African countries; Ghana and Gambia have been seeing increasing popular discontentment; Kenya remains under the threat of Al-Shabaab and Burundi  suffered a failed Pronunciamiento
  • Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab are working with ISIS. Fighters from both Groups have been spotted in Mosul and there's the chance that they may join ISIS in Yemen too. 

And last but not least,

  • Iran has managed to be tacitly appointed by the West as the counter-Sunni element. In exchange, sanctions have slowly been relaxed (representing billions of euros in business to Germany alone) and a margin of nuclear manoeuvre has been granted as well. Such a move angered Israelis and Arab states alike but, in my opinion, this was expected given the Saudi sponsorship of radical Islam throughout the world (I also believe the tacit deal may not be a bad idea as long as the US makes sure that Iran has a deterrent: Israel). 
As you can see, from these few examples, the first part of the year has been quite a ride and, we are looking forward to the second part. During this month, interesting pieces will continue to be published even though I won't be replying your comments.

Thank you for reading Dissecting Society and, see you in August.

(Image: Birch Grove - Isaak Levitan)


  1. Enjoy your break, you guys deserve it.

  2. Have a nice vacation. The mess will not go away in your absence. I promise to keep a watch on it.

  3. My pleasure, Max. Have a good rest and see you in August.

  4. Have fun. We will keep everything under control in the world while you are gone!

  5. Max, my sister, have a great rest cause you deserve it! I'm still you know where and if you wish to meet let me know. I'll be reading your notes and like Mr Looney said, we'll control the operations while you're out hehehehe. Have fun.


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