Orchestrating Black People: A National Security Issue

“Let's use the black folks. Everybody knows that when they feel attacked they lose it and immediately start breaking things, looting and burning up the town. If we are to achieve our goals, the blacks are the best instrument against the state.” 
Black people are being used as an instrument. And what is worst is that they are letting themselves being used by amoral groups of interests.

It is a strategic move to create diversion tactics in order to channel resources to one flank, so that another flank can be attacked; thus, weakening the position of an adversary. There are no coincidences; therefore we are compelled to look at some events that took place in April in three countries: South Africa, the United States and Israel.

South Africa
April 9, 2015
Demagogic elements, in the country, fought and managed to have the statue of Cecil Rhodes removed from the public eye: did they think of the consequences of their actions? The DoubleThinkers, as a way of distracting the south African people from their political incompetence, decided to stir the racial divide in the country – as expected, they waited for Nelson Mandela to perish before implementing their plan.
The fact that Cecil Rhodes' statue was removed, suggests that the coordinators of the plan are leftists (or at least sympathisers), since they are the only ones who have the proclivity to either erase the past (by removing statues, changing the name of streets etc) or revise history (by rewriting facts and obliterating “inconvenient” truths) – all intended to control the masses, while positioning the leftist elites right where they believe they deserve to be.
So, did the leftist planners think of the consequences of their actions? They did. They knew that by reviving the old racial divides, the black South Africans would hit the streets and reinforce the negro stereotype: break, burn and kill. And so it happened: from getting rid of the white man's statue they evolved to attacking immigrants (e.g. the Mozambican migrant that was savagely attacked by South Africans).

"Migration is in our blood! The borders were created by colonisers. They mean nothing to us because we are one." (Graça Machel)

The DoubleThinkers know that the majority of South African black population is uninformed, and by keeping them that way they are able to control them better; otherwise those rioters would know that the same tribes cover two or more countries (e.g. the Tsonga tribe in Mozambique, Swaziland, Malawi and South Africa; the Tonga Tribe in Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi; the Lemba tribe in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique and Malawi; the Maasai tribe in Kenya and Tanzania etc) – but they only have the “colonisers'” information in mind...how ironic.

United States
April  19, 2015
Yet another episode of police brutality resulted in the death of a citizen, in Baltimore. DoubleThinkers will stress that racism still prevails in America and that the police force specifically targets black people, even though this is disputable. (side note: the debate, after such incidents, should be more educational and focus on the fact that the American law enforcement needs to change the way officers restrain suspects, and community organisers need to teach black youth the basics of the American legal system; for instance, resisting arrest is illegal and running away from cops gives them probable cause to act – by re-directing the conversation to old wounds the instigators reveal their true intentions; disruption)

All the ingredients are prepared to ignite the black rage (especially when in August 2014, the world saw similar incidents): one reporter to focus on the incident, a passionate witness, a media network willing to run the story to exhaustion, a demagogic black pastor/community organiser and boom...a black riot is born. But then we see pro-Palestinian activists joining in. We see anarchists joining in. Suddenly, they all start inciting the black folks to become more violent, to break, burn and if the opportunity arises...kill. The cameras focus mainly on black individuals. From Baltimore, they spread to Philadelphia, New York and – if they're lucky enough – to Chicago, for a bigger impact (after all, it is the POTUS' town). If you can't target America from without, target it from within.

April 26, 2015
In Jerusalem, an IDF Soldier (in his uniform) minding his own business was attacked by two policemen, who threatened to shoot him in the head (video). The soldier is a Beta-Israeli; the two policemen are light-skinned. The oddity behind the attack is that why would two law enforcement agents disrespect the uniform of the Israel Defence Forces? If the soldier had been breaking the law, the Military Police should've been called and the IDF would've conducted the necessary investigations; but that was not the case. Furthermore, it is curious that policemen don't seem to have the same reaction when Arabs attack Jewish citizens, when Arabs try to prevent Jewish access to the Temple Mount or when Muslim Africans sexually assault Israeli women. This incident may have been commissioned by leftists (not necessarily nationals); suggested by some of statements made in the protest last Thursday (I draw your attention to the keywords used):

"Apparently the streets of Israel must burn like they do in Baltimore, in order for someone to finally wake up. The apartheid regime is back, this time in 21st-century Israel,"

"our kids serve in the IDF and then cannot find work. I came here through Sudan on foot to help form the state (of Israel), I didn't come so my kids would be abused by the police and the state. This is the result of 30 years of racism."

"our younger generation is desperate and it will only get worse if the government doesn’t take action."

Recognise the pattern? These protests in the Holy City were the result of the manipulation of Jewish blacks, of Ethiopian extraction, to advance an agenda; otherwise, these Beta-Israeli would equally protest when other Jewish Brothers are stabbed and ran over by Arabs in Palestine.

There are racists in the US and in Israel, indubitably, but racism (i.e. as an institutional system) no. Notwithstanding, fighting racists with violence (at the behest of interest groups) is not the solution. These riots, intended to erode the state from within, are becoming a National Security problem and the challenge now is to find out whom exactly they benefit.

(Image: Riots in Baltimore/Google Images)


  1. Oh the nerve of you! How dare you imply that black people are not smart enough to decide to protest in any way they know how? They don't need us to tell them what to do, that's just the way they revolt against racism and we must respect that! How racist of you, Max!
    Israel is a racist state and I feel sorry for the Africans there, they should just go to Europe! America is a racist country where the poor black people stand no chance at all! How dare you mock the disenfranchised, huh? Shame on you!!!!

    1. You sound more racist than any member of a White Supremacist group.

    2. I don't see how, Anonymous. You disagree this post is racist?

    3. Hi Celia :D!

      Well, well...a racist, I? That's the best you could come up with, creature? I hope you realise that by saying that the only way black people know how to protest is through violence, and not through words and peaceful means, is actually offensive. You are saying they have no intelligence whatsoever and thus you are no better than slave owners.
      So no, I will no respect your racist and demeaning point of view.

      Israel a racist state: is the law different for different people? No. So, you can't really say it is a racist state, can you?
      America as a racist state: is the law different for different people? No. Again, you can't say it is a racist country.
      Having racist citizens is different than being a racist state (in which the legal system is entirely designed to differentiate citizens based on the colour of their skin, their ethnicity). I would say that Ben Carson, Shonda Rhimes and Isaiah Washington would disagree with your statement "black people stand no chance at all".

      Celia, thank you for having shown us how ridiculous and uninformed most in the left can be.


    4. Excuse me, Celia?!! You are one racist little woman! I'm black and I can assure you that violence is not my brothers' and sisters' way of protesting! What happened in South Africa, America and Israel is the work of thugs, thugs who join hands with political low lives to create chaos. Are they black? This time they are. But you know very well that the left works even with Arabs, Muslims from around the world to wreak havoc. The left stops at nothing!
      People like you disgust me. You are disgusting, pretending to be all friendly to the disenfranchised but you don't care about any of them! Disgusting.

    5. Celia you are just like the socialist in Portugal: always talking about the destitute and miserable, without doing anything to mitigate it or to put an end to it, just by enforcing the increment of the minimum wage to €1,000.
      Paroles, paroles, paroles....

    6. Celia: go back to your hole and stay there!

  2. Good point, Max. Me too, I think there aren't coincidences and that terror attack in Texas this past weekend is proof of that. They spent a whole week distracting America with Baltimore riots and riots in other cities, and ISIL had the chance to strike. We need to investigate who is behind these protests and prosecute them for threatening the national security of our country.

    1. Hi Anon :D!

      That's a good correlation. A friend of mine and I were having that same conversation yesterday.
      I agree with you: a thorough investigation should be conducted to find out the string pullers. They are a threat to the stability of countries and their national security.

      Anon, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  3. Max, thank you for exposing this fraud. It is a fraud because in the South African case who are they to tell other Africans not to be there? Have they forgotten that we are one people, one Africa? I want to know how many Rands they received to create that confusion!
    In America, those blacks don't even realize that the people that orchestrate them don't want their advancement; they want them to remain that way, victims forever! So how much the inciters received?
    In Israel, my Ethiopian brothers protested the first day in peace, some leftists infiltrated their protest of course and then they hijacked the whole thing! It's a classical move. Look at anarchists at G7, G20, meetings: they do the same.
    As Lenny said, without the poor and the blacks what does the left wing got? Thank you, Max. Really!

    1. Hi Leila :D!

      That's what we're here for *bowing*.
      A friend of mine says that Americans should look into Al Sharpton's activities and transactions, do you agree?
      You make a good correlation, indeed...thank you.

      Leila, thank you so much for your comment, girl :D.


  4. Racism, casteism, sexism, religionism, languageism, tribalism ideologicalism, name it and we humans can invent it if it is not inherent in any situation. Man is vile.

    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      So true, my friend, Man is vile.
      Shocking how a group of people can convene and plan evil.

      Rummy, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  5. Olá, Max!

    Black people all over the world must stop and rethink: who are they and what exactly they want from this planet?
    Anybody who wants to advance an agenda uses black people: first was the so called famine in black Africa and now the bloody Islamic wars.
    Is it so difficult to black people to understand that, all those groups are arresting their development?
    What the bloody hell is this? In Baltimore I saw Arabic people in the middle of those stupid riots; I'm not standing with the american police restrain ways, but young blacks knowing their environment; why are they giving probable cause to be harassed by slow minds that work on law enforcement?
    In South Africa what's up with the demolishing of statues? Cecil Rhodes actually is part of south African history, the Zulu land will not be more blackest just because white people statues are being dragged down; no one in the world needs to take a second look to understand that south Africa is a black nation. South African should be aware, because killing other Africans blacks or whites will bring no good, not even the big lie such as BRICS nations will save the country from disgrace: the same people who helped to put an end on apartheid, will be the same who will stop trading with South Africa: Muslims and Arabs may be paying some pockets of society in order to gain some influence, but after they done with their agenda, south Africa will be doomed i.e. knowing the face of misery.
    Israel: I would urge the Beta Israelis not to be schmuck, remember when you were persecuted by Mengistu the communist, the pale Israel reached out for you. Stop that nonsense of apartheid, for whilst in Israel you live in some sort of ghettos: I believe in buses you seat where it pleases you; the public restrooms are not separated by colour of skin; you can frequent any restaurant in Israel; you can use the same drinking fountains as any pale Israeli; in public places there is no back door specially designed for dark skin. Brothers, apartheid is a devil that no Israeli dark or pale wishes to meet: so let's stop the stupid rhetoric of having people in Israel living under a racist regime.
    There are racists every where in the world, I am Portuguese born in Mozambique and, I can say with no doubt, that I met and knew black racist. However and in good faith, decent people can not allow a few ignorants to manoeuvre the majority.
    Beta Israeli, you are not the Israel's scum nor victims; you are just like any person who arrives into a different country, and you know the saying: before it gets better....." so be careful with certain groups and strange assistance.
    Guys, please! Before repeating an "ill mantra", make sure of what you doing, you're not a sheep. Plus if things go tough, tougher you go; right!
    Here in Portugal, we learn that it's hard for Beta Israeli to find jobs as well as for the ultra orthodox, but in Portugal we like to say: endure and persist things will eventually change.
    Hey, in rough times you can always associate with each other by form of cooperatives and, do what you know best, then sell it to your country's pale fellows and, in an expansion move export it to Asia (forget about the Europeans).
    BETA ISRAELI: cut the bullsh**t; and put your mind to work: I mean it!

    1. Olá Lenny :D!

      "Black people all over the world must stop and rethink: who are they and what exactly they want from this planet?"

      I second that.

      "Anybody who wants to advance an agenda uses black people: first was the so called famine in black Africa and now the bloody Islamic wars."

      So very true. The arrested development of black people is fostered by such groups, and there's always a black person willing to allow them. Shocking.

      I agree, the American law enforcement needs to change the way it restrains suspects and, I'm appalled that this debate doesn't even take place because some want to veer it to racial tensions. Enough. We need a more educational debate.

      They didn't demolish Cecil Rhodes' statue, they removed it and stored it in a protected storage room (that's what they said). But still, it is part of their history, why remove it?
      You raise a good point: what happens when Muslims and Arabs are done with their agenda?

      "Brothers, apartheid is a devil that no Israeli dark or pale wishes to meet: so let's stop the stupid rhetoric of having people in Israel living under a racist regime."

      Hear, hear!

      "decent people can not allow a few ignorants to manoeuvre the majority."

      That's the message.

      Lenny, thank you so much for your super comment. Loved it :D


  6. From my travels, it would seem that racism is something that will never go away, and demagogues will exploit it forever. But then there are the Western Leftists, who thrive on racism far beyond all others to the point of faking racist hate crimes in order to be known as heroes for their zeal in condemning racist acts that they themselves precipitated.

    1. Hi Looney :D!


      "Western Leftists, who thrive on racism far beyond all others to the point of faking racist hate crimes in order to be known as heroes for their zeal in condemning racist acts that they themselves precipitated."

      Spot on.

      Looney, thank you so much for your wisdom :D.


  7. Unfortunately this is what the world has come to: being manipulated by leftists. And the leftists that do that aren't even those in parliaments, noooo, the conductors are leftist cowards hiding in some dark hole, somewhere in the world, planning chaos. But they aren't even good at it! We can see right through them. I'm just sorry that black people keep on falling for the same trap every time!
    Thought of the week: leftists prayed for Bibi not to form a gov but he did it and now they squirm in their seats hahahaha. Russia will act at any moment now but the question is: will the EU be ready and should the US rescue their ass again?

    1. Hi Carl :D!

      Indeed. Well said.
      I'm telling you, Carl: the left is getting desperate. But you also know that desperate people tend to do desperate things and, that's when they become dangerous. We need to pay attention and counter-act. I'm not sure the EU is ready and I think it is in the US interests to keep rescuing them; however, my question is: don't Europeans have pride and haven't they learned anything from the past?

      Carl, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  8. This is sad! How low can leftists still go?

    1. Hi Cêcê :D!

      It is. I don't know...let's wait and see.
      This is your shorted comment thus far. I hope you're all right, darling.

      Anyway, thank you for your comment, girl :D.


    2. I'm fine, Max. I was just tired when I left that comment, had been up for 36 hours and hadn't slept yet. But now I'm back to myself! Thanks for asking though.

    3. Understood, Cêcê :D.
      I hope you had a good rest. That's what friends are for :)



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