Maureen, a Gypsy

By Stephen Cheney

By the stream    lived a gypsy,
who walked    the hills and meadows;
the flower of the fields,
the flower of the fields.

Beyond the village    lived this gypsy,
who merged    in and out of dark woods;
a wild deer amidst the leaves,
a wild deer amidst the leaves.

The artists    loved and watched her,
she weaved    and danced round their fire;
a flame within their thoughts,
a flame within their thoughts.

Within the glen    was found her caravan,
to which    the lost would wander;
Tarot cards; stars and crystals in her scarves,
Tarot cards; stars and crystals in her scarves.

Coins would buy    them all a fortune,
from the soft tones    of her voices;
but always good given to ease the bad,
but always good given to ease the bad.

She sang    to all the sad and living,
with the passion    from her freedom;
till the day that she was gone,
till the day that she was gone.

(Image: The Fortune Teller - Caravaggio)


  1. Beautiful! When she left she left the world a bit darker, less joyous. But did she leave physically or emotionally? That is the mystery to me.
    I'm a fan of your work, Stephen.

  2. "but always good given to ease the bad" that's what some Tarot readers do, despite seeing the bad they will convey the good to mitigate the pain in their "client's" spirit. This Gypsy could be compared to Uriel, the Angel of Light and, therefore, like Anonymous said, when she left the world became dark. This Gypsy could also be the personification of love, as love does cause all the wonder described in the poem and artists thrive on it. Exquisite poem, my friend.

  3. Anonymous, Like most of my work, the Gypsy is real. She left physically. I paint real people.

    Cristina, It is interesting your intuitive comment on The Angel of Light. Maureen was a part of the magic of the Earth. She wrote her epitaph: Into thy hands lord God, we commend her gypsy spirit to Dance and Sing in thy Light. She could dance and sing anything, and she was a guardian angel to all the frail who society discarded. A remarkable person of enormous abilities.

  4. Hi Cheney,

    Oh, I love this gypsy: she's mysterious, she's a seer, she's sexy, she's soothing, she's a spirit of freedom. A question came to my mind though: why did she merged out of the woods to dance around the artists' fire? What was she looking for, was she on a mission?

    "a flame within their thoughts"

    She was enticing, she opened the gates of people's imagination.

    Cheney, you did it again, mate. This poem raises a lot of debate, plenty of good conversation.


  5. @ Max:
    Emerging out of darkness and into the lives of others. Why do people with incredible powers come into this world at all? They do not appear to belong here. So there may be an ultimate mission of Nature, but those involved do not know what that is. Perhaps one’s mission in life is, in part, meant to be a Self-discovery. From not being told or pre-programmed, but finding out for oneself, a being grows to fulfill its destiny. The same with the Arts where you do not teach a student all, as the enlightening process requires that the student discover from their own efforts, so that they are not spoon-fed but must make an effort. Trying, or making an effort is being alive and growing. A part of the being of all living things is to discover, if possible why we are here, why is the Universe here, where have we come from and where are we going. The basics of Philosophy; but the reality is only fed by the usage of science: Anthropology, Biology, Cosmology, Chemistry, Physics, Nuclear science, Quantum Physics, Psychology and Parapsychology, etc. But one must not forget that All there is cannot be known, our brain has biological limits and we only live but a short time. Thus humankind has tried to jump the gap in understanding the Greater Reality in the Now, from leaping plodding science into the entanglement of religious receptivities. But all seems a bit inadequate when faced with reality’s immensities. Thus we only really know ourselves from personal Experience and from Spirituality, which seems to link us to the Outer Limits like the so-called silvern cord of astral travel bonds body to soul.

    For all that we know, and we know a lot, the mysteries are still with us.

    Maureen in her person could be said to be a reincarnation of a famous ancestor of her tribe; and my linking to her, at first unknown to both of us, perhaps has something to do with time-lines/ life-lines (we being three-dimensional beings extending through time and many lives -- like our DNA) as, on later ancestor research our ancestors met in 1587 AD when my family bargained to get her ancestor out of jail. On request of Queen Elizabeth I.

    A gypsy and her knight meet
    again and again
    between the waves of Time.
    A tide that
    comes and goes
    is our lives
    of ebb and flow.
    Dancing in and out —
    lights and shadows,
    Both magic and physic
    we play with the echoes
    in Nature’s Temple.
    A fairy and her lover —
    two butterflies.

    1. "A fairy and her lover - two butterflies" - that's the state of true lovers, and true lovers are rare.


      Thank you for your reply. Why are gifted beings here? If they are here, if they come here is because they are supposed to. They have a mission (most of the times unknown even to themselves, yet it is funny how they manage to fulfil it). This is a fascinating subject and perhaps one day we can discuss it more.


  6. Olá, Stephen!
    First of all thank you for this beautiful piece; I've loved it, sir.
    To me, this gypsy is fragile and yet intense; she's allumeuse and yet perplexing; she's soothing for she reads the depth of one's soul.


  7. So romantic, it moved me. I shit you guys not! Stephen says he writes about real situations? Then he has lived a good life, like the Japanese would say. Thanks for moving me.


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