Note: A Rough Ninety-Six Hours in Libya

By Scott Morgan

The news originating from Libya over the last 4 days seems to be in a phase where one thinks it cannot possibly get worse: from Ships Capsizing in the Med to reports that Muslim Migrants actually threw Christians overboard before being rescued to the Execution of the Ethiopian Christians its showing that Libya has also slid back into the Tribal Politics prevalent during the Middle Ages.

ISIS or Daesh has once again shown that they are masters of Social Media and Political Opportunists. It cannot be a coincidence that this video was released while the King of Jordan was meeting with Four East African Presidents in Aqaba. Even though Ethiopia was not attending this summit it does however have its share of issues with Radical Muslim Insurgents.

Another concern is that of Libya Dawn. There are reports that the group has been refurbishing some SU-25s which gives the organization capacity for Air Operations. This also shows success by the group in recruiting members of the former Qadaffi era Libyan Air Force. This also gives the group [the ability] to launch counterattacks against any raids coming from Egypt or other concerned Parties.

The video is just the latest affront against Christians in Africa. The list of Carnage is mind-boggling, Over 70 Churches destroyed in Niger after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, Beheadings of Egyptian Christians in Libya, the Attack on the Christian College in Garissa, Kenya, are just some of the lowlights of what has happened so far in Africa.

It appears that there is a concerted effort to remove all evidence of the church in Africa. This is a similar tactic to what is currently going on in Iraq and Syria. But we keep hearing that this is not a religious war…...

(This article was first published by the Institute for Religion and Democracy; for this Blog it was Edited by Max Coutinho)

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  1. Hi Scott,

    Libya Dawn's air capability is a grave concern, what does Egypt think of that, I wonder? I would suggest them an operation that was done to them in one of the wars with Israel, many moons ago...
    We better start recognising that we are fighting a religious war. Shying away from that fact will not help us fight this phenomenon. Today, they are killing Christians in the North of Africa, tomorrow they will kill Christians in Europe.


  2. Olá, Scott!
    Of course it is a religious war.
    Thanks God the Pope is coming around in recognising the problem, after he minimised the islamist terror, when he compared it with the crusades.
    But alike's of President Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron, President François Hollande continue to claim that it's not religious war, that it's nothing to do with Islam for this one is peace (it's only blood shading, in my opinion) and so on....this folks will get African Christians to be slaughtered like dogs, citizens of western countries to revolt e the rising of the fringes of far right: then what?
    I was pleased to see the youth in CAR take the matter in their own hands and chase away the murderer Muslims; I urge the youth in all African countries hit by that Islamist plague to do as the people in CAR.

  3. It was painful to see what those terrorists did to the Ethiopian Christians. Where was the outrage?
    This IS a religious war!

  4. I agree, it is a religious war and there's no point in denying it. But hey, we don't run the countries, the twats do!


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