Social Media & Jihadists; Where Are Your Daughters?

Two Austrian girls (14 &16) fled home to join ISIL in Syria; Twin British sisters (16) fled home at night to join ISIL in Syria; three girls, from Minnesota (US), fled home to join ISIL in Syria; a Portuguese teenager (19) fled her home, in the Netherlands, to join IS in Syria; another teenager (19) from Denver (19) tried to board a flight to join Jihad in Syria before getting arrested; and many others that left their countries in order to "serve the cause of Allah"...through the gates of Turkey.

As a parent: do you know what your daughter has been up to lately? Do you know whom she hangs out with on the social media? Do you know all her friends?
These days, parents need to ask themselves whether their daughters may be on the path of lesser Jihad.

Many of the girls who flew off to the Middle East to engage in Jihad are recently convert Muslims that have been lured into either joining the fight against "the enemies of Islam" or becoming what the media called "Jihadist Brides".

The role of Social Media
Facebook and other social media networks alike are perfect environments to attract impressionable young women. For instance, the fore mentioned Portuguese Jihadist teen met her now husband (also a Portuguese young man) through Facebook, where he enchanted her with the delights of Jihad and invited her to visit him in Syria - which she did, behind her parents' back (she now says "In Jihad we are treated as princesses").
We can only assume that the same happened to other young women. Question: how many other western girls were allured to Islam via FB as well?

I comprehend that some young women enjoy being flattered and flirt; receive flower (and teddy) pictures and meet men online - it's fine, to each his own; however when guys go their way to isolate them from their family and friends, young women should beware - "Isolation is a technique used to re-shape the mind, the thought and the deportment of a human being." (source: Here)
When those male individuals offer plane tickets so they can meet in person, women should ask themselves "Why doesn't he travel to my country/city and meet me in my turf?"

"Jihadists are using Facebook to lure innocent girls into their terrorist lair. They flatter girls with sweet flirtatious comments and flower pics, Then they move to private messaging and convince the girl to visit them. Soon they are covered in berkas and carrying weapons for the cause. Be wary ladies." -- BB

Jihad al-Nikah
Nikah Mut'ah is a type of marriage where its duration and the dowry must be specified and agreed upon in advance. It is said that only the Twelver Shia Islam makes use of this sort of union; however, Sunni Islamists groups in Syria and Iraq (ISIS/Al-Nusra/Ahrar al-Sham etc) have been using the concept to be comforted by Muslim girls that come from all over the world to perform Jihad al-Nikah (i.e. they participate in Jihad by being snipers during the day and "wives" during the night).
A Jihadist, in a interview in Tunisia, confessed that the girls are the wives of fighters - for a specified period of time - and for the duration of the Nikah Mut'ah they cannot bed with any other militant.
So basically, the real objective behind "inviting" these girls to Syria is to turn them into Jihadist-Whores - at this point, romanticising the truth is counter-productive - and, consequently, baby factories.

"We used to participate in the holy battles led by Allah's Apostle and we had nothing (no wives) with us. So we said, "Shall we get ourselves castrated?" He forbade us that and then allowed us to marry women with a temporary contract (2) and recited to us: -- 'O you who believe ! Make not unlawful the good things which Allah has made lawful for you, but commit no transgression.' (5.87)" -- Bukhari 62:13

This is very disturbing and I would like ask: do these individuals practise safe sex at all?
It is bad enough that Jihadists use this type of marriage (that many Islamic scholars defend to have been forbidden in the end of the Hadith) to commit rape of minors - in the case of the two Austrian girls (14 & 16) that now are reportedly with child - but to also subject the girls to STDs is terrible - who treats them?

I know we, in the West, believe in teaching our girls about female independence; however our values are being abused by Jihadists and other human traffickers; therefore, it is time for parents to review their "independence" policy for, as we can see, there can be too much of it.

Therefore I ask you again, as a parent: do you know what your daughter has been up to lately? Do you know whom she hangs out with on the social media? Do you know all her friends?

(I would like to thank BB for his contribution to this post and for having raised awareness to this pressing issue). 

(Source of Image: Google)


  1. This whole thing is too strange to me. How can these girls run away from home without parents realising it? How can some of them convert without parents knowing it? Too strange that this happens, yes? I feel sorry for them, they are lost forever.

    1. Hi Anon :D!

      Well, I guess those girls have enough skills to evade home. You know what they say: will is power.
      Your second question is quite pertinent: I suppose many of them do it when away from home, in college or something?

      Anon, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  2. We have our own version of this phenomenon here and it has become large enough an issue for it to feature in Wikipedia!

    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      Love Jihad? Wow, talking about embellishing terror...
      Thank you for the link and for your comment, my friend :D.


  3. It's so sad! These girls agree to be enslaved by these jihadists in the name of a god? Parents need to pay more attention to what their children are doing on their computers, just saying!

    1. Hi Celia :D!

      It is, indeed. I agree with you, those parents whose children are still at home need to be more attentive; as these jihadists seek them younger and younger.

      Celia, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  4. Shanah Tovah, Max! It was about time England would nick that Choudry guy. He was all over mainstream media passing his radical message and no one was doing a damn thing about it. So good for you, Cameron! Max, I one thing to you: moving on up.

    1. Hi Joseph :D!

      Shanah Tovah uMetukah, my friend! Right? I was so glad to see him nicked.
      lol from your lips to God's ears.

      Joe, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  5. I am curious regarding what percentage of young western females run off after a cad and/or a deadbeat and/or someone who is known to be violent. Could it be over 50%? Since I know a few examples, I would guess that it is easily over 25%. If I recall correctly, the current newspeak word for this is "love".

    1. Hi Looney :D!

      Indeed, indeed....
      There is a lot of newspeak going around these days.

      Looney, thank you so much for your comment :D.



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