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Journalism used to be about informing people in a balanced fashion. Today, that professional activity seems to be about doing politics, which strongly perverts the main spirit of journalism: "The duty of the journalist is to [seek] truth and [provide] a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist's credibility." (in Preamble of Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists)

"Words are meaningless and forgettable" -- in Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode

We read the code of ethics for journalists and we can't avoid concluding that most journalists, today, are less interested in ethics and more interested in becoming celebrities and garnering as many Twitter followers as possible; for one thing is certain: seeking "the truth and report[ing] it" seems no longer to be the journalists' main objective.
NB: we would like to take a moment and note that there are reporters and news hosts that make a point of showing that they still abide by the Journalist Code of Ethics:  Sean Hannity (FOX News), Jack Tupper (CNN), Anderson Cooper (CNN), Wolf Blitzer (CNN) and Tal Shalev (i24news), just to name a very few.

If we look at one of the most high profile conflicts at the moment (i.e. Operation Protective Edge), the media display a false concern with the Arabs in Palestine (knowing very well that, in fact, they do not want peace in that part of the region because otherwise they wouldn't have a chance to slam the IDF and the Jewish State). For instance, if journalists really cared about the "wretched" Arabs in Palestine, then they would have the courage to set 20 year-old clich├ęs aside and actually ask useful questions to both sides involved (although admittedly this can be challenging).
It is well known that Hamas avoids speaking to Western Media (since, due to their schizophrenia, the voices inside their head tell them that the CIA either wants to get them or pass intel to the Zionist "occupier") and when the PLO decides to step in and give voice to the Arab civilians in Palestine, it uses the Western Media as a political platform to emit their emotional doublethink in their usual earsplitting doublespeak. This fact renders the journalists' job a little more difficult, it must be recognised; however it is not an excuse for media networks to do politics and be fallacious when that is clearly not their job.

We will not discuss the sudden non-ethical behaviour of journalists for now (as it would push us into the realm of money, investments and other specific interests): suffice it to say that we and many others acknowledge the gradual loss of credibility that most journalists have been suffering for having chosen the path of sensationalism, inaccuracy and vanity.

In any case, after having watched the extremely poor media performance when it comes to yet another Arab-Israeli conflict, we would suggest that the time has come to ask some serious questions:

To Israeli officials & spokespeople
Q#1: Would Israel be willing to work with Egypt so that the displaced persons of Gaza would settle in the Sinai until the end of the war?
Q#2: Would Israel be able to provide security to the displaced persons so that they would not be harassed by Hamas?
Q#3: What does Israel intend to do after it re-takes Gaza: will it want to stay?
Q#4: If Israel re-takes Gaza, what does it intend to do with the displaced persons?
Q#5: How would Israel work with Arab nations in order to encourage them to absorb the Arab displaced persons and obliterate their status as "perpetual refugees"?

To 'Palestinian' officials & spokespeople
Q#1: President Abbas has stated, in the past, that the PLO is "the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people" however it seems like the organisation has become irrelevant when we see groups like its own military wing (Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade) and Hamas act contrary to its own public statements and agreements - to whom should Israel talk to at this moment? Is there still a partner for peace?
Q#2: Fatah, on the 27th of July, declared open war on Israel - is this yet another evidence that President Abbas has lost control of his own party and that the two-state solution is indeed dead?
Q#3: What does President Abbas intend to do with his people in case Israel annexes Judea & Samaria? What's his contingency plan: stay and live under Israeli law or leave?
Q#4: In case he and his people decide to leave, where would they go and how could Israel help them doing so?
Q#5: Who is the real interlocutor to whom Israel should deliver the compensation funds to be distributed to the displaced persons?


  1. This time the media was pro-Israel covering the war, so I don't see the point of this post that only incites to hatred and divisiveness.

    1. Hi Celia :D!

      Based on what do you defend that position?

      Always a pleasure, darling.


  2. Great to see you back, Max! I think the media is finally waking up but there are still some stupid resistant like the BBC, the New York Times. You should also expose the stupid politicians who keep doing the same mistake over and over again without realizing they are supporting groups like ISIS and Hezbollah.

    1. Hi Michael :D!

      Thanks, it is great to be back *bowing*. The BBC and the New York Times are a disgrace; but while I still tolerate the BBC, I don't read the NY Times - maybe I am boycotting it? lol
      Good point. I might do it some time soon, thanks for the idea :D.

      Mike, thank you ever so much for your comment. Loved it :D.


  3. I hope the media turns to Iraq and checks what is going on there. Israel is fighting Hamas which is the same as saying ISIS, so back off! I wish our governments had the balls to fight the Islamists the way Israel does. In the end the Jews fight more for freedom than we do!

    1. Hi Anonymous :D!

      I hope so too. We don't have a choice...we have to. I agree that it is time to take a firm position and denounce all Islamist groups and their branches in Europe and in the US. There are also many in Latin America but...

      Anon, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  4. Disgraceful what is going on in Iraq, what's this world coming to? If they could they'd do the same to Jews everywhere, this is why it's vital to get as much land as possible cause Israel can't be squeezed between two hostile peoples! Yeah, Fatah is the same dung let's not be fooled. If needed I'll chip in to compensate the professional refugees.

    1. Hi Joseph :D!

      Isn't it? I agree that they would if they could, but they can't - thank God.
      Do you think we should collect money from all interested parties? ;)

      Joe, thank you so much for your comment. It is great to see you :D


  5. Welocme back. Irrespective of what the media portrayed, I think that by and large Hamas got the stick from the general public. I think that this happened because the timing of this conflict coincided with ISIS and other Muslim related problems that have cropped up in many places. Islamism is getting a negative vote and though it may not translate to a positive vote for Israel, it is still not to be sneezed at. And there are people like you and me 'educating' people thanks to the social media's accessibility.

    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      Thank you. I agree with you: the public is starting to change their view of Hamas.
      Very good assessment, my friend: yes, the events in Iraq, Nigeria, Mali, CAR, Kenya, Somalia etc were one of the factors contributing to the change of "heart".
      Indeed, indeed; and that is why I salute all the social media activists who have done a superb job in "educating" the public and exposing Islamism for what it really is. So I thank and salute you too, my friend!

      Rummy, thank you so so much for your comment. Loved it :D.



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