Maxiavelli: We Were Wrong About Palestine

This blog used to be a steadfast supporter of the two-state solution. Now, it is beginning to question the feasibility of the whole project.

Palestinians haven't proved capability to build a state. Anyone who minimally knows Judea & Samaria will tell you that the territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority (PA) are filthy, unorganised and undeveloped - given the fact that millions of euros of European Tax Payer's money have been poured into those territories, we have to wonder where that money went because it did not benefit the people, who are still forced to live in terrible conditions - no, the "occupation" excuse doesn't cut it because the Oslo Accords were signed to grant PA the opportunity to put their money were their mouth is (and they utterly failed).
Palestinians treat the territories they claim to be theirs as a sojourn place: what do they know that we don't? Furthermore, Michael Horesh (in The surprise of investing in the Palestinian economy) asks a very interesting question "(..) what is it that the Arab block knows, which forces it not to invest in the Palestinian economy?"
Palestinians haven't proved capability to live in peace. We are not  going to comment the fact that a common Palestinian feels entitled to allure his trusting former co-worker, an IDF soldier on leave, in order to murder him; we are not going to linger on how Fatah/PLO supports terrorist groups (in yet another violation of the Oslo Accords); but we are going to share two examples of what the media in the territories under Fatah's control broadcasts:

"'Long live the nation of Fatah and Yasser Arafat'/Allah's enemies, the sons of pigs (i.e. Jews) destroyed and uprooted the olive and fig trees" (Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Mar. 22, 2013)

"May Allah humiliate Israel just as it humiliated us. May Allah destroy it (...) We Palestinians [are] the most noble nation in the world because we only kill the Jews [because] they fought Muhammad." (Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, July 18, 2013)

The so-called moderate Palestinians do not want peace. They want your money though.

Hamas has proven it can build a state - in fact, it has proven to be more competent than PA for it has built a statelet in Gaza. Nevertheless, it also treats the Strip as a sojourn state: it is dirty and unappealing (despite all the malls, coffee shops and hotels built for the Hamas Elite).
Hamas has not proven capability to live in peace alongside Israel. It teaches Hebrew in public schools because, officially speaking, "Palestinians need to learn the language of the enemy" (not neighbour) and it invests in Summer Camps, where children are trained in Jihad for they "will liberate Palestine and will not give up Jerusalem."

"The summer camps emphasize that the Islamic enterprise, the Palestinian enterprise and the human Arabic enterprise are on the rise, in a state of renewal and in a state of victory, great and powerful, and that the Zionist enterprise is in its regression, decline and weakening,  along with all of its allies and those who stand at its side. There is no future for the Zionist entity on the soil of Palestine. I say that it does not suffice to say that we do not recognize Israel. Rather, we say this with a shout and as a slogan during the summer camps [of the ‘Generation] of Return’: There is no future for Israel on the soil of Palestine!" - Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas Prime-Minister

Hamas, at least, doesn't hide it. It is not hypocritical because it doesn't beg the west for money - it has Iran for that.

Today, President Obama is expected to meet with President Mahmoud Abbas - within the context of the General Debate of the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly - to discuss the renewed peace negotiations.
We urge President Obama to recall and analyse the following words (uttered by PA, in Washington, last July):

"In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli [i.e. Jew] -- civilian or soldier -- on our lands,"

Indeed, because the Final Palestinian Solution is:


  1. Israel didn't comply with the Oslo agreements! In fact, they violate the agreements everyday for the past 20 years!
    Hamas is irrelevant because they are a resistance group, a consequence of Israeli actions! Max, you were not wrong about the two state solution but you are now! You Zionists are all the same thing...

    1. O please Hamas has proved itself to be more like the Nazis than a resistance group
      these people have called for the annihilation of ALL Jews not just the State of Israel since *1948*
      they had there chance to prove themselves and they failed
      and Israel initially accepted a two state solution in 1948 which gave them a lot less land than the 1967 borders, it was the Arabs who rejected that out of hand so how can you think that they would be satisfied with anything less than a one Arab state and no Jews allowed?!

    2. Oh yeah Celia? Break it down to us then: what agreements does Israel violate everyday, be precise?
      What, Hamas is irrelevant and a consequence of Israeli policies? According to who, the Book of Celia? You are beyond pathetic. I preferred when you were AWOL.

    3. Celia, scroll down and see how Palestine didn't comply with the Oslo agreements. Israel did.

    4. Hi Celia :D!

      Long time no see.

      I beg to differ: Israel has complied with most of the articles of the Oslo Accords.

      Article VI - Preparatory transfer of powers and responsibilities:
      1. Upon the entry into force of this Declaration of Principles and the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the Jericho area, a transfer of authority from the Israeli military government and its Civil Administration to the authorised Palestinians for this task, as detailed herein, will commence. (...).

      It did commence, did it not?

      2. Immediately after the entry into force of this Declaration of Principles and the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and Jericho area, with the view to promoting economic development in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, authority will be transferred to the Palestinians in the following spheres: education and culture, health, social welfare, direct taxation and tourism. The Palestinian side will commence in building the Palestinian police force, as agreed upon.

      This also occurred, yes?

      Article XI - Israeli-Palestinian cooperation in economic fields:
      Recognising the mutual benefit of co-operation in promoting the development of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Israel, upon the entry into force of this Declaration of Principles, an Israeli-Palestinian Economic Co-operation Committee will be established in order to develop and implement in a co-operative manner the programmes identified in the protocols attached as Annex III and Annex IV.

      This also began to be put in place, yes?

      Article XIV - Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza strip and Jericho area:
      Israel will withdraw from the Gaza Strip and Jericho area, as detailed in the protocol attached as Annex II.

      Already occurred; would you agree?

      And these are just an example. So, if you could enlighten us on how Israel didn't comply: by all means, do it. We would definitely stand corrected if you'd prove us wrong - as you can see, we are not afraid of admitting our mistakes.
      Now, which agreements exactly did Israel violate?

      Ah, yes, the "irrelevant" card. You are telling us that Hamas, a terrorist group, is irrelevant to the question at hand because it falls outside the leftist anti-Semitic agenda? Otherwise, I don't see how they can be irrelevant when, in fact, they are capital in the middle of all this.
      Hey, don't hate me...hate the game.

      Celia, thanks for your input. Believe it or not: you were missed.


  2. Replies
    1. Hey Jonathan :D!

      Thank you so much for your comments (both of them). I think you are right about this one:

      "their 'final solution' = final solution"

      We hope to see more of you here :D.


  3. Now it's time for everybody else to admit they were wrong too. Palestine can exist but in the Sinai or in Jordan but NEVER in Israeli land.

    1. Hi Anonymous :D!

      I agree. I am beginning to agree with it...

      Anonymous, thank you ever so much for your input :D.


  4. Lass, it is brave of you to admit your error in public. I was of those who gave this crazy idea of two-state solution a thought but as time went by I saw the Palestinians breaking deal after deal and rejecting offer after offer, I came to the conclusion that it is all useless.
    We demand so much of Israel, we criticise her, we blame her for the crisis in the Middle East, but blimey why don't we start demanding more from the Palestinians? Why don't we hold them accountable for their violation of accords and breach of confidence? Why I ask?

    1. Hi Joe :D!

      Long time no see, my friend.

      Why, thank you *bowing*. We are not afraid of admitting our mistakes, Joe. I hear you.
      Exactly! It is time to push the Palestinians against the wall, because a lot of our tax money goes to what are they doing with it and why are they violating international agreements and getting away with it?

      Why, indeed?

      Joe, thank you ever so much for your input, my friend :D. You were missed.


  5. There was never feasibility for the whole "solution" because that is not where the Arabs' "heart" is at. They only want a one state solution: the Palestinian State free of Jews. What will it take for politicians to understand this? But you know what, Max? It is our fault, it is our fault because we are always kissing ass and we are always supporting politicians who end up in the pockets of Qatar and Saudi Arabia...yeah, that's right I said it.
    Last weekend Palestinians were on a killing spree and Abbas didn't even bother to condenm those murders. Obama should give them the finger.

    1. Hi Adam :D!

      You may be right. That's what they seem to want and that's what they teach kids in school.
      lol You said it and we are glad you did :D.

      So true. President Abbas' silence before such crimes is a confession in se.

      Adam, thank you so so much for your input :D.


  6. Is it me or the Palestinian media commits incitement? Is Mahmoud Abbas is really into peace how come he allows the state media incite hatred and violence against Jews and Christians? This is grave. I used to support Palestine but I may have to review my position!

    1. Hi Anonymous :D!

      The Palestinian media incites hatred and violence, yes. Good question.
      Please do...

      Anonymous, thank you so much for your input :D.


  7. The Oslo agreement called for withdrawal of the IDF from parts of Gaza and West Bank - Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and from some parts of the West Bank (this part is fulfilled).

    It also called for PLO/PA to recognise the right of the State of Israel to exist and renounce terrorism as well as other violence, and its desire for the destruction of the Israeli State - PA hasn't recognised Israel's right to exist, Hamas refuses to do so (and they aren't even hiding it); PA sponsors terrorism, Fatah has a terrorist armed wing (Al-Aqsa martyrs brigades). In sum, PA breached another article of the agreement.

    Under Oslo agreement Palestinians had the responsibility of fighting terror and prevent violence - they sponsor terror and everyday Palestinians throw rocks at Jewish citizens; there isn't one month going by without Palestinians causing problems in the Temple Mount. This week two IDF soldiers were murdered by Palestinians. PA has violated yet another point of the agreement.

    PA, under the Oslo agreements, had to prevent incitement and hostile propaganda - this article has proved that PA has violated yet another point of the agreement.
    PA, under the Oslo agreements, has the obligation to prosecute and punish terrorists (instead they prosecute and punish dissidents); confiscate illegal firearms - PA allows the flow of weapons under the territories it controls, and the flow of jihadists coming from Syria, Iraq etc.

    Conclusion: Oslo agreements are a joke. Palestine broke every article of the agreement. Palestine is not trustworthy and Obama, Kerry and all the rest of the cronies should be ashamed for making costly demands to Israel when the evidence is out there for everyone to see.

    1. Hi Ana :D!

      Superb comment: thank you *bowing*.

      It is so delicious that I will leave it at that...

      Cheers, darling!

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      No problem, my friend *bowing*. Thanks for having dropped by anyway :D.



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