Hannukah Sameach & Merry Christmas!

Hanukkah 2010 (borrowed from a relative)

To the Jewish communities all around the world: Chanukkah Sameach (Happy Hanukkah)!!

Tonight, begins the 25th of Kislev (under the Jewish calendar) and therefore commences the Festival of Lights. The Shehecheyanu will be sang, the first candle will be lit while a blessing is recited.
Hanukkah not only commemorates the re-dedication of the Second Temple, in Jerusalem, after it was defiled by the forces of Antiochus IV (who had profaned almost all of the temple's ritual oil), but it also celebrates the miracle of the oil.

The Miracle of Hanukkah
Of all the desecrated ritual oil, only one container remained sealed with enough oil to keep the menorah lit for a single day (since the Light must always burn in the Temple [Ner Tamid], as a symbol of God's Eternal Presence). However, Elohim made the oil burn for eight consecutive days (exactly the time needed to prepare new oil).

From the 25th of Kislev until the 2nd of Tevet, the duration of this festivity, it is pertinent to thank Hashem for all the miracles He performs before the Jewish People (and He does perform many - the existence and the thrive of the Jewish State, for example, is testament to that).

During the festive week, the Jewish people prepare fried dishes like Sufganiyot and Latkes. A Portuguese-Jewish family member also prepares Kosher CacosRabanadas and Sonhos.

While eating sufganiyot, I repeat: Happy Chanukkah to you all! 

Christmas Tree (borrowed from Here)

Merry Christmas! 

This coming weekend, on the 25th of December, Christian communities celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ (the most loved and admired Jew in the world).
It is a time of Love and Peace (on earth and among the men of good will) celebrated with a lot of light and loads of candles, as well.

The Miracle of Christmas
Once upon a time, a virgin conceived immaculately and the Christian Messiah was born. He cast a Light upon a barbaric world and his Wisdom changed the mentality and behaviour of Men.
I wish Christians would focus more upon the spiritual significance of this holiday, but I know that it is hard for most of them to renounce the pressure of consumerism.

In Portugal, Christian (or like many call themselves: culturally christian) citizens eat several goodies during Christmas: see here. I can't help but to correlate Christmas' festive fried delicacies with Hanukkah's fried goodies because the Portuguese eat a lot of fried sweets during this time of year too - it's not surprising though, since 70% of the Portuguese have Jewish blood boiling in their veins.

While tasting filhoses I repeat: Merry Christmas to you and you! 


  1. "70% of the Portuguese have Jewish blood boiling in their veins"

    I love that expression!

    Happy Christmas and Merry Hanukkah.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you!

    We also have "Kwanzaa, although I don't know how popular it is. It was invented only in recent years, and I'm not sure if it caught on.

  3. Hi Looney :D!

    I am glad you loved it *bowing*.

    Thank you so much and Happy Festivities to you too! :D


  4. Hi D! :D

    Thank you so much!

    Kwanzaa? I never understood it and I never will...I don't see the point of it.

    D, Happy Festivities to you, my dear!


  5. Hi Max,

    May the holidays find you in the arms of love, peace and fulfillment. This is a time when we cherish family, friends and spread goodwill. People shine this time of year. I wish it would last more than a week.

    Goodwill Cheers my friend to you and your lovely family.

    Love & Blessings Cheers!

  6. Hi Lady A :D!

    "May the holidays find you in the arms of love, peace and fulfillment. This is a time when we cherish family, friends and spread goodwill. People shine this time of year. I wish it would last more than a week."

    Thank you, my darling! Being with family and friends is the best part of this season :). Indeed, people let the best of them shine around this time of the year (it is like the spirit of Miracles takes over them) and I wish it would last more than a week too.

    "Goodwill Cheers my friend to you and your lovely family."

    Thank you, my dear friend *bowing*! My mum says hi to you :D.

    Lady A, I wish you and yours Happy Festivities!

    Love & Blessings Cheers

  7. Max, Chanukkah Sameach!!!!! This is the week to put on weight: all those goodies will kill me for sure lol.
    Anyway, I wish you the best Festivities ever: you sure deserve it!

    And to your guests: Merry Christmas!

  8. Merry Christmas & Merry Hanukah!

  9. Olá Max,

    Greetings of the Season and a Happy New Year!! May 2012 bring new forms of doing politics and I am counting on your contribution to achieve this :).
    Christmas is a time to get fat: I am must watch out for that Arroz Doce...ahahah


  10. Hi Ana :D!

    LOL Indeed, watch out!

    Thank you *bowing*! And on behalf of my guests: obrigada :D!

    Ana, Happy Festivities, darling! :D

  11. Hi Anonymous :D!

    Thank you and Merry Festivities to you too :D!

  12. Olá Celeste :D!

    Thank you, darling! Amen to that. lol lol I will do my best to provide entertainment, that is all I can promise lol.

    Ah, Arroz doce is a temptation...don't eat too much otherwise it will go straight to your thighs lol lol ;).

    Happy Festivities, my dear!

  13. Hi Max,

    Be sure to say "Hi' to your mum from me and tell her I want to see her book soon.

    Say "Hi Mum" Cheers!

  14. Lady A,

    I will and I will :). And you know we wish the same from your side ;).

    Book Cheers

  15. Hi Max! Happy Holidays to you sweetie! I wish you good health and more blessings for the coming year.

    The storm hit us bad but we are very far away from it. It's so sad that this happened. Thank you for your prayers. :)

    Take care!

    *kisses and hugs

  16. Lovely reading this informative post...gathered so many new information....
    A very merry Christmas to you & your family!

  17. Hi Liza :D!

    Thanks, darling!

    It is sad indeed, but with bad things comes renewal (and that is a good thing) *nodding*. No need to thank me, darling: I will continue to pray.

    Big hug and take care :D.

  18. Hi Kalyan :D!

    I am glad you liked it, mate!

    Happy Festivities, my friend :D!


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