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It’s 17:00 and my intellect is in a momentary stupor. 
Too much time and attention has been bestowed to Wikileaks. 
The excitement over what this website has exposed is beyond my comprehension: people crave for Wiki-info the same way they crave for celebrity gossip on E! channel. I wonder if they realise how dangerous this Wiki-project really is and what is at stake here. 

The romantic-Left extols Leaks' lack of wisdom and thirst for diplomatic gossip, all under the flag of Freedom of Speech. 
However, Wikileaks is not exercising freedom of speech or freedom of information; it is instead exercising its freedom of Anti-Americanism. 

Not everybody has to like the United States, not everybody has to agree with its policies, and the US is certainly not above criticism; however being Anti-American doesn’t make sense at all when half the world emulates its way of life, and the other half aspires to the American Dream.
Whenever I see leftists clad in Levi’s, wearing Nike, drinking a Coke, playing with its iPhone and proudly trashing America, I feel like despising them. 

Now back to Wikileaks...
I would like to understand this site’s agenda. What drove Assange and his people to rummage the diplomatic world and jeopardise the lives of people involved with the Intelligence Services? Moreover, who gave this site access to classified cables and with what purpose? 
These are interesting questions that (so far) remain unanswered.

Wikileaks = Dangerous Gossip with a Plan. 
Julian Assange is the editor in chief of Wikileaks. As such, he is a Gossiper in Chief who endangers Diplomats and the Intelligence Corps. He should be prosecuted for treason and wikinicked for his criminal behaviour. 


  1. Julian Assange is definitely associated with groups that seek the downfall of America. It has nothing to do with free speech. This isn't a one man show.

  2. I didn't know about any of this until I followed a link in Facebook or was it yahoo news? Anyway, it's really crazy that someone created that kind of site. Tsk...

  3. Hi Max,

    I agree with Delirious: Wikileaks is definitely not a one man show.
    I am extremely suspicious of the whole affair and it would be nice to know which group (if not nation) is behind it.

    The "romantic-left", as you put it, protested against the arrest of Julian Assange - all over the world. How preposterous is that? It was like watching witless people celebrating idiocy and irresponsibility.

    Assange is a criminal and he should be nicked and thoroughly questioned. His case should serve as an example: informing is good, however endangering the very people that keep us all safe and free is brainless.
    There is a reason why classified documents are called "classified": secrecy of certain affairs serve the interest of the public and, mainly, serves world security.

    I don't recall appointing Mr. cyberactivist the Owner of the Truth, nor did I give him the right to endanger me, my country or the world where I tread upon.

    Happy Festivities!

  4. Max, you know its like in your personal life, somethings should be not said, or just let go. This is dangerous project, and I don't understand the motivation. Why do we have to go back in time, isn't it better to look forward?

    Max my dear friend, I am glad to see your posts. I want to also wish you a happy holiday season, and let it be filled with love and peace.

    Lots of good health!
    Take care of yourself.

    Hugs and kisses from Matthew.

    Anna :)

  5. Support and ridicule engulf this fellow. To date no one can find a law that he has broken. With me knowing in my heart and mind that the whole thing shouldn't have happened, if one person is too suffer or worse, what will he say then?

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Take Care,


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