A brand new Year, a brand new cycle in the wheel of life!
May 2010 bring what you need.

I am still celebrating, and thanking God for, the beginning of a new stage in my life; therefore I will be back to the blogosphere in 2 weeks time (meanwhile have plenty of intellectual rest, because upon my return...more MAX Adventure).

Meanwhile, have fun and dance to the sound of the video below (by the Brazilian artist, Daniela Mercury, singing "Pérola Negra" [Black Pearl]):


Pérola Negra

O canto do negro veio lá do alto
É belo como a íris dos olhos de Deus, de Deus
E no repique, no batuque, no choque do aço
Eu quero penetrar no laço afro que é meu, e seu
Vem cantar meu povo, vem cantar você
Bate os pés no chão moçada
E diz que é do ilê a yê

Lá vem a negrada que faz o astral da avenida
Mas que coisa tão linda, quando ela passa me faz chorar (bis)
Tú és o mais belo dos belos, traz paz, riqueza
Tens o brilho tão forte por isso te chamo de pérola negra (bis)
Ilê a yê, pérola negra
Pérola negra ilê a yê, ilê a yê
Minha pérola negra (bis)

Lá vem a negra que faz o astral da avenida...
Com sutileza cantando e encantando a nação
Batendo bem forte cada coração
Fazendo subir a minha adrenalina

Como dizia Buziga
É de mim
Em me pé nagô de ilê
É de mim
Em me pé nagô de ilê a yê
Ilê a yê, pérola negra...


Black Pearl

The chant of the black came from above
It is as beautiful as the iris of God's eyes
And in the "repique", in the "batuque", in the vibes of steel
I want to penetrate the African bond which is mine and yours
Come and sing, my people,
come and sing and stomp your feet, younth

And say it is because of ilê a yê

There it comes the black folks that bring joy to the avenue
It is so beautiful, that when they pass by they make me want to cry (bis)
You are the most beautiful of them all, you bring peace and wealth,
Your glow is so bright and for that I call you black pearl (bis)
Ilê a yê, black pearl
Black pearl ilê a yê, ilê a yê
My black pearl (bis)

There it comes the black folks that bring joy to the avenue,
Chanting and enchanting the nation with subtlety
Causing each heart to beat hard
Making my adrenaline go high

Just like Buziga used to say:
It's from me,
Em me pé nagô de ilê
It's from me
Em me pé nagô de ilê a yê
Ilê a yê, Black pearl...

Translation by Max Coutinho


  1. Bonne année 2010 Max ! May all your dreams come true :-)

    Still partying, eh? What a party girl, but no better way to start the year!

  2. "New stage in life" sounds like something bigger than just a new year.

  3. Happy New Year, girl!!! That's a nice song with a unique rhythm. Cheers for new stages in life. :-)))) HUGS!

  4. Max! Ahh, it's been quite some time... How's life? Happy New Year to you and your loved ones with best wishes throughout the year and many more years to come. :-)

  5. Have a good intellectual rest and you know I'm looking forward to new Max adventures and challenges!
    Still I hope one of them will be to meet up with you in Oslo, Norway in August :-) - You know, even if I love your posts and also you're visit and comments on mine, but nothing compares to meet in real flesh you know!

    Happy new year and good luck with a new stage too :-)

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  7. Max my dear friend, happy new year 2010 and cannot wait until you come back with Max adventures. You rock girl!!! Best to you and your family. Hugs and kisses from Matthew. Anna :)

  8. Happy New Year 2010, Max !!! Best to you and your family... ;)

  9. Hey Max! Sorry for coming here so late to greet you a happy New Year. I wish you all the best dear.


  10. I miss you, girl! Happy 2010!

  11. Stirring, and nice lyrics!

    I've missed you, my dear Max. Haven't been seeing you as much lately, with both of us having other stuff going on.

    I wish you health and happiness in this new year!


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