Guys sweet guys

I was thinking this morning “My God, What would the world be like without those fine beings, which are men? Boring, I guess…!”. Then I thought about all the types of men that exist and selected 5 of them: the most interesting and funny ones. Enjoy!

Type #1: this young man is tall, slim and has a normal face. He wears dark clothing, and yet there’s nothing dark about his mind: in fact he’s quite bright. His bedroom is neat, tidy (although his mom and girlfriend always find a lost sock somewhere) and filled with books all over. He seems kind of strange but once you get to know him, he’s sweet and warm.

Type #2: this man is short, chubby with a cute face. He dresses normally, apart from his t-shirts where you can read something like “Bite me!”. He’s smart, charming, funny (he makes people around him laugh like crazy), in fact his humour is the key to his success with women…his friends always ask him “what do you have that I don’t? How come you get all the ladies?”, he replies while scratching his bulging stomach “Natural wisdom, man…natural wisdom!” and laughs by himself! His bedroom is always a mess (one must get a tetanus shot before getting in there).

Type #3: he’s tall, sturdy, rather handsome. He’s always looking sharp and wearing the right cologne (let’s just say that women’s first impulse is to feel his scent), he’s sophisticated. His mind is a puzzle, women want always to crack it (well, at least the ones like him); and thus his humour is very particular (not everybody gets him). When you enter his room, you are afraid of sitting on the floor let alone on the bed, cause everything is so clean, so neat that you fear you’ll smear it (you wonder if anyone sleeps there…).

Type #4: He’s medium height, his body is pumped, and one wouldn’t consider him handsome. He wears bright colours, flowery patterned shirts unbuttoned almost to his navel, a gold chain around his neck and huge sunglasses. He gesticulates when he talks, he’s tanned all year round, and he chews gum. To every woman passing by he says, “Hi, baby. How you doing?” or if he feels really cheeky “I’d suck you up with a biscuit!”…Women feel like slapping him all the time! He’s smart all right…for gambling! His bedroom is filled with Rocky Balboa and Sylvester Stallone’s posters…need I say more?

Type #5: this man is tall, with a normal face and body; he’s not too concerned about his appearance but rather with his health. He meditates, he burns incense, he does yoga…he eats tofu. He wears sandals 10 months a year and tennis shoes the remaining 2 months. He’s intelligent, intellectual…to tell you the truth; he has a very interesting mind! He’s filled with love, and for that reason he says “why share it with one woman only? I couldn’t possibly allow myself to be that selfish!”. His room is clean, dim, foggy (of so much incense), and rather cosy…

The male species constitutes one of the most intriguing subjects I’ve ever come across with; cause despite of all the flaws, all their irritating idiosyncrasies, the sexism inherent to them (although more or less exacerbated), they are fascinating and challenging! So, to the guys all over the world, I say “Salute”!


  1. SALUTE and CHEERS to all those guys out there!!!

    This post makes me smile and grin he he he he...

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  3. Hi MAX,
    Like your thoughts about men.
    Very objective 5 types!
    Theres always different types of course, but your discriptions are very close to some;
    Getting deeper in to the subject,
    i believe the gracious of humankind
    live in its difference and creativity;

    Theres the dog type also:
    " come here little puppy"
    " good boy"
    the dog smilles inconditionally ... : )
    OK u can put my link in your web! thx.

    Best Regards!!!

  4. Ah, women live for men and men live for women. Maybe there are not just five types but an infinite number to correspond to the infinite types of women.

    Also, about my poem "Mansion," perhaps it's not to be taken so literally; the lavish dwelling is analogous to the often empty shows of pride that people who have nothing to be proud about often make. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Great list, max. If only we could choose the ones that matched our own personal decor like an IKEA catalog...

  6. nice post.
    can we swap links??
    if u r interested just add my blog as
    "G8t CARS n BIKES"

  7. Hi Max;

    Interesting blog, well written and obviously thoughtful; I would love to get your take on the concept of women desiring love as the driving core force from their man and men desiring respect from their woman as the center of their needs, perhaps you could tackle that in an article?

  8. HI MAx, I am paying you a return visit as you visited and left a comment on my blog.
    I think I am a cross between type 1 and type 5 except I am not tidy - books everywhere - I always have too many other things that I am wanting to do rather than tidy up.

  9. Hey! It's always interesting to read your 'philosophies' (if you will) on men. This one was quite fascinating to me though. Very good!

    Epoch [z]

  10. lol, you need to make a 6th type:

    Not so handsome, not so tall, quite average etc etc...

    But what a boring world it'll be without the species female huh?

    I've always wondered what it'll be like in a world with another species! It'll be chaos!

  11. Hiya Max
    So glad you have posted on this topic.
    As usual you have given us an insight into relationships and for me at the moment this is very helpful - having just started seeing a new bloke.
    I can't really add any more to what you have said, except that it is a pity more people cannot benefit from your writings.

    Kazz xxx

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