In love for the 1st time

I've fallen in love! I thought I had been in love before, but nope...and would you like to know how I know that this is the real thing? The answer is quite simple: my priorities have changed completely! And it feels so damn good!

I used to look at my friends (who seem to be always in love) and think they were kinda silly ; that there were things more important in the world (such as a morally bankrupt society, world hunger, politics etc...), but then I fell in love and suddenly all the huge issues weren't so huge anymore...I found myself trapped in the web of love!
I used to gather with my friends and discuss important matters, such as literature, philosophy; go out at night...but now: I live to love!

I was dead inside for so many years! I breathed, yes, I breathed the dust of my books, the polluted air outside; my heart pumped blood...and yet I was dead! My main interest has always been life; I love observing and analysing others (the way people do and react to things, that sort of stuff)...but from the moment I met my boo, I swear by God, I started observing and analysing my boo and myself; and I loved what I saw! I am more altruistic than I ever thought I'd baby boo comes first in everything: my first thought, my first plan,my first wish, my first desire, my first true love!

To finish off, I'd like to present an excerpt of a song by Emmanuel Moire, entitled "Mon Essentiel", which depicts well my present feelings:

"Je sais ton amour/Je sais l'eau versée sur mon corps/Sentir son cour jour après jour/J'ai remonté les tourments pour m'approcher encore/J'ai ton désir ancré sur le mien/J'ai ton désir ancré à mes chevilles/Viens, rien ne nous retient à rien/Tout ne tient qu'a nous."


  1. Nice look. But you need something to explain what your blog is about. When people are browsing quickly, they will not take the time to find out. Please come visti my blog at

  2. Ciao, Max! Love is in the air...:) congrats! Keep posting and updating! Good luck!!

  3. wow! romance is not dead at all then!!

  4. LOVE, oh love...CONGRATS!!!

    It is a WONDERFUL feeling indeed. :-)))

  5. Nice look....
    but..i do not understand
    the language,...

    Keep posting....
    God Bless You

  6. Max, I love the int'l feel of your site, and the romantic aura is tres bon! J'aime beaucoup le langue francais. And merci beaucoup for coming by The Atheist Diaries. We always appreciate intellectual readers!!

    Votre Ami,


  7. oh, allora posso scriverti in italiano! non parlo portoghese, ma parlo bene inglese, un po' meno bene francese, male tedesco e una spolverata di cinese. certo che verrò a trovarti spesso!
    ciao ciao!

  8. Lovely stuff, being in love is just great (all though sickening to those on the outside no doubt!)

  9. congratulations on finding someone to love. i bet it makes the world seem like it's not such a bad place after all. thanks for the comment :)

  10. Hi Max;

    A “morally bankrupt society”…that sounds like a great idea for a blog article, you are a visionary….

    Ohhhh mmmmmyyyy….

    Love is in the air… oh love is in the air (to the tune of that song).

    It is nice to see how yoo and boo started!

    Love is a wonderful thing!

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