Homeland Security: The Moroccan Threat

By Dissecting Society

This is a brief Security Note. Why are we not looking at Morocco? Why are we not pressing the King to solve his clear Jihadist Problem? The Kingdom of Morocco has been escaping unscathed for quite a while and with the help of countries like Portugal (that opts by a Politically Correct approach when it comes to Islamic nations).

In the past, African Kings would sell troublemakers as slaves to White, Arab and Persian Traders. Today, the Kingdom of Morocco is also putting a use to its troublemakers but in an even more twisted way.

Referencing Troubled Elements

Morocco references all its criminal elements. Unlike European countries (that, in spite of referencing potential terrorists and criminals, lose track of many persons of interest due to open border policies and human rights legislation) Morocco knows exactly who and where the troublemakers are. Therefore Moroccans can control their environment a whole lot better and select the problematic elements they want to deal with.

From Referencing to Referral 

After the problematic elements have been referenced they are soon enough referred to certain Imams who will begin their spiritual training for Lower Jihad. Instead of being a criminal without a cause, some Moroccan mosques breed criminals for a higher cause: Global Jihad. The young men and women are inspired to either turn infidels into submitters or to kill them.

The next step then is to ship them off abroad so that they do not cause problems at home. Morocco is a tourist destination and quiet must prevail to keep those millions of dollars coming. Everybody knows the important role Morocco once played in conquering and running Al-Andalus, and no self-respected Islamist has forgotten this, therefore it is only logical that our Moroccan problematic friends are once again trying to reconquer Andalus, and have a go at the whole of Europe - as initially intended (i.e. in the 8th century).

Does the King agree to this? He may not support Global Jihad; however, it does suit him to have the problematic kids out of Morocco and since he cannot sell them as slaves to Europe any longer, he turns a blind eye to the alternative solution.

Security Dilemma

In order to keep his kingdom safe and stable, King Mohammed VI is shipping off Jihadists out of Morocco; and yet this does not seem to be generating a Security Dilemma (SD) in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, who only recognise a SD in the form of increase of military might, commitment to use weapons and the creation of certain alliances – they don't think outside the box and yet their territory is under threat by these Exported Jihadists.

Rachid Redouane and Youseff Zaghba (London Bridge Attack), O.Z (Brussels Central Station Attack), , 3 Moroccan men arrested in Madrid (for planning to attack the Gay Pride parade last month);  Mohamed Harrak (Planned to attack Madrid in 2016), Najim Laachraoui (one of the three March 22, 2016, Brussels Airport Suicide bombers), Salah Abdeslam and Abdelhamid Abaaoud (November 13, 2015, Paris Attacks) and others (like Terror-Rapists) prove there's a Moroccan problem to be dealt with. Let's hope the author of the terrible fires in Pedrogão Grande, in Portugal, is not a Moroccan, or a Moroccan descendant, who accessed the country from Spain. 

Muslim leaders and their security establishment are very creative. King Mohammed VI has a degree in Political Sciences and in Law; his PhD was acquired in France; he trained in Brussels with Jacques Delors (then President of the European Commission). He put his time in Europe to good use and he is one step ahead. He and his Information Services think outside the box.

So, there's the need to exert pressure on Morocco. Mohammed VI needs to be encouraged to take his citizens back and stop exporting Jihadists. He is an intelligent being, surely he can find a better way of reforming his problematic youth in order to safeguard his kingdom's stability without destabilising our countries, our economies, and without undermining our security.

(Image: Moroccan Courtyard [Ed] - Google Images)


  1. It was about time someone would mention the Moroccan menace! Most attacks in Europe are perpetrated by Moroccans but if any one states the obvious we're Islamophobic! Geert Wilders was right about them, wasn't he?

  2. We need to take a stronger stance against these countries. But note that everybody is very afraid of Morocco, rarely does anyone mention they are occupying other people's land in the Sahara and when it's mentioned Morocco screams and everybody sits! WTF?


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