Exopolitics - Part I: What Is It & Should We Take It Seriously?

As a Political Blog, we are encouraged to address all branches of politics and therefore it is only befitting to discuss a political branch that has been generating much hype of late: Exopolitics. But what is it and why should we even take it seriously?

“Exopolitics is the study of law, governance and politics in the Universe” -- Alfred Webre

We are basically talking about extraterrestrial politics. This political branch is concerned about the existence of other species, extra terra, and their agenda (given the alleged evidence that they have been living among us for centuries): are they here to take over the human species or are they here to peacefully interact with us and help mankind to evolve?
If they have been either visiting or living among us for centuries, or even millennia, it should be safe to infer that immediate destruction of earth, and mankind, is not on those being's plans. Still, it would be interesting to know what sort of decisions these creatures have made concerning earth.

Assuming they have spent all this time studying us, we are to surmise that by now they have made a choice: which country to benefit most with their advanced knowledge, wisdom and understanding. If so, this would generate a deeper crisis because countries would want to chase after the so-called extraterrestrial beings to either inquire them about their mission on earth, to demand a discussion with “their superior officers” or to kill them to prevent their brethren from giving the edge to any of the countries of their choosing.
Why is this so interesting? Because having a technological and any other sort of edge would have severe geopolitical implications and a drastic impact on international relations. In sum, it would change the world order, it would change the way politics is done, it would change everything. But above all, it would force us to review our past and confront centuries, millennia, of historical fabrications.

Who are the Extraterrestrials, how do they look like?
The answer to the above question will depend on whom you ask:
  • If the individual believes in G-d (the Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent) then he will describe extraterrestrials as beings similar to us, humans, but perhaps with an improved DNA – and this genetic assessment is being made based on what some Ancient Astronauts Theorists say. The book of Genesis relates that G-d Created Male and Female to His Image, and after they transgressed they were cast out of Eden and sent off to earth where other creatures already lived (like the Nephilim, for instance) – who were in fact this Male and Female, where they humans or were they Homo Superior? Only G-d Knows but it's an interesting question to ask nevertheless. 
  • If the individual rejects G-d (for lack of intellectual and spiritual ability to understand such matters) he will describe extraterrestrials as being monster-like creatures, or big-headed with black eyes, but this perception should be interpreted as a product of the individual's fears and lack of spiritual maturity. 
  • If the individual believes in the Creator but doesn't follow any Holy scripture, then he will attempt to describe extraterrestrials as these powerful beings that have been in the past described as gods. This individual will say that most of mankind has been deluded all this time, that G-d and His Angels are in fact extraterrestrials who created us for some kind of experiment on earth, and have been helping us to advance technologically while not allowing us to advance too much for the sake of our own preservation. In sum, this type of individuals accuse humans of being stupid, of bearing an inferior genetic code that makes them destroy each other and if it weren't for ET we wouldn't probably be here anyway- a very problematic position. 

Are we ready to engage with these creatures? 
We can hardly deal with each other let alone engage with the so-called Homo Superior. Therefore, we should question the billions invested on searching for something that we may not even be ready or able to confront. But let's assume that curiosity takes the best of us and, collectively, our spirits invite these creatures to reveal themselves and openly interact with us; how would we react? Imagine the mother-ships arriving, summoned by the alleged ETs living on earth, bringing their ambassadors who come to negotiate with humans:

Scenario A: CNN pundits react 
Andrea Scooper: “This is a historic moment! The mother-ships have arrived, what a technological masterpiece (way beyond what our movie industry ever imagined), and we are curious to see their face!”

Floria Borgia: “I never thought I'd live to see this moment. This will have an incredible political impact. OMG, the door is opening...OMG, they look like us!!! Bring in the flowers and some gifts, let diplomacy take its course”

Christas Schmunpour: “I spoke to one of the alien officials and she told me they are pro-Palestine but wouldn't get into details”

Scenario B: Fox News anchormen react
Seamus Bannity: “This can't be good. If I were in the government, I'd be preparing those nukes right now! These people are on the top of the food chain, we need to get ready to fight them!”

Alan Shapiro: “They look like us! I wonder how much business opportunities they're bringing: technology, extraterrestrial minerals, free electricity for all, other stellar markets that for sure are interested in what we have to offer....”

Niall O'Malley: “Do they believe in G-d? That's what I want to know!”

Scenario C: WH reacts
Josh Nein-Ernest: “It's an honour for the White House to receive such honourable guests. It's rewarding to see that the investment made on NASA is finally paying off: a big shout out to all the ancient astronauts theorists out there – you were right, dudes!”

Scenario D: EU reacts
Francisca Mobellini: “It is with concern that we see America welcoming aliens into our political system. We are deeply concerned that new alliances may be being forged to sideline Europe, but we will see if the aliens bring a financial package that can save our dying economies. We will also try to confirm CNN's reported good news that the Aliens are pro-Palestine.”

Humour aside, exopolitics is of capital importance; however, this political branch requires serious answers to a couple of questions (that will be asked in the second part of this article) for the elements involved in explaining the discipline, so far, have not presented solid arguments and some of their inconsistent theories prevent us from taking the issue seriously.

(Image: Silicate Crystal Formation in a Disc of an Erupting Star/NASA)


  1. Are they telling us that groups are studying the law of the universe? How did they have access to that law and if they mean they are creating laws to deal with the aliens, what guarantees us that they will accept those laws? It all sounds too sci-fi to me but good laugh at media dialogues!!

    1. Hi Anonymous :D!

      That's what they seem to be saying. I don't have the answer to those questions, I'm afraid (this is all new to me as well, hence the need for a second part to discuss the theme and learn more about it).
      I used to think the same, but there must be something true behind all this...let's see. lol I'm glad you enjoyed it.

      Anon, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  2. It's a serious question, it's real but people poke fun of it when they shouldn't. I'm looking forward to reading your questions, Max cause it seems to me you're taking this seriously despite the humor. Come to think of it, that's probably how CNN would react with their finest "pundits" saying the obvious. Cheers!

    1. Hi Jack :D!

      I agree. I am thinking about the ramifications of Exopolitics, that's for sure.
      lol I know...

      Jack, thank you for your comment :D.


  3. Yes, if they really exist to who will they share their progress with? That's a good question. I'm just guessing the answer to it must terrify countries cause as you said it would change everything, and we know politicians, military dudes, intelligence dudes and so forth are not too keen on change.
    Hey Max, I'm glad you guys are not afraid of tackling any subject. PS: good call to insert satire to lighten things up...Christas Shmunpour? Hehehehehe

    1. HI Michael :D!

      My point exactly. And when countries are frightened they act irrationally, which is never good.
      You are right about people's reluctance to change.
      You know us; no stone remains unturned. ;)

      Mike, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  4. My darlings, I'm back! First of all, I don't believe in aliens. Second, I can't believe there are people earning a wage to waste time thinking about it, depending on how much they earn I can pretend to be a believer and join the cause. Third, BWAHAHAHAHAHA I loved the joke about the media!! Yeah, Scooper would panic on TV and get all red hehehehe. Good entertainment.

    1. Hey Raquel :D!

      Welcome back. You don't believe in aliens even though the Vatican said they may exist? :-O
      LOL LOL you would pretend to believe in something you don't just to get a higher wage? How corrupt of you, darling....
      I'm glad you liked it *bowing*

      Raquel, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  5. Exodus 23:12: "Six days you shall do your work, but on the seventh day you shall rest; that your ox and your donkey may have rest, and the son of your servant woman, and the alien may be refreshed."

    1. Hi Looney :D!

      LOL LOL LOL Amen and Amen ;)
      Your sense of humour is better than mine *nodding*

      Looney, thanks for your comment :D.


  6. I believe in Aliens and I think we have to think very carefully about how we'll handle the whole thing when they decide to expose themselves. I will comment more on the second part cause I suspect that's when you're getting deeper on this, but I chuckled a good bit at the hypothetical media scenario, they are pathetic.
    Thought of the week: I just read a headline saying something like migrant crisis of biblical proportions. When it suits them well they use the word biblical! The EU will suffer from this infiltration and what's funny is that in Israel some are saying they should take some of them in too, what a damn joke!

    1. Hi Joe :D!

      I will get more serious in the second part, yes. lol Well, reporters want to be celebs (alongside the Kardashians, I guess) so....
      I read that too...what a load of crap (pardon my French). I still ask the same thing: why isn't the EU negotiating with wealthy Arab nations to receive their brethren? But anyway, I guess Europe is in a mood for chaos and urban warfare (promised by ISIS).

      Joe, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  7. Xii, aliens?! Ahh, it's possible they exist cause our witchdoctors say they talk to superior forces that give them messages, so anything is possible, yah? CNN must be the most pathetic news channel now!

    1. Hi Leila :D!

      Is that right? Do you know how they contact those superior forces?
      Well, I tend not to discard anything in this world.

      Leila, my sister, thank you for your comment :D


  8. ROFL Andrea Scooper LOL LOL ah you slay me, Max! I believe in aliens and I think they live among us already so, I'm ready to engage with them but they better keep their shit together.

    1. Hi Adam :D!

      lol I wanted to make you guys laugh a bit. Sometimes we do get too serious.
      Ah, someone believes in Aliens...at last :)

      Adam, my man, thanks you for your comment. You were missed :D.



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