Political System: Clans & Tribes Towards a New World Order

Clan Davidson - MacIan

Communism convinced the world that tribes and clans were a bad thing. However, that pernicious ideology lied about that too. 
A tribe is an decentralised political system composed of several families (clans) and with a social institutional structure (i.e. it is either led by a chief and a council of elders). 
A clan system glues individuals together, under the same ancestor, towards the same common purpose: the welfare of all members of the tribe.

Communists, and those who continued their anti-tribe doctrine, knew that such a political system was an obstacle to the implementation of their ideology; therefore, they vowed to divide the system in order to conquer it. Result: an unprotected, disorderly, anarchic society. 

If we look at many of the problems afflicting our civilisation today, one can't help but to conclude that most of them wouldn't even exist under a tribe system, for instance: 
Poverty: the richest clans assist the less wealthy ones by creating business opportunities that will complement the entrepreneurial necessities of the tribe. No handouts. Everybody contributes to the tribe's social welfare, stability and development.  
Hunger: because of the above point there wouldn't be any hunger among any element of clans. 
Crime: the chief or the council are in charge of keeping the law and order within the tribe; thus, assisting law enforcement and the overwhelmed judicial system. Society at large would only benefit from this system, as crime would decrease exponentially. 
Children: the tribe raises and takes care of its own children. Parents can go to work knowing that their offspring is safe in their community and they wouldn't have to spend fortunes in day-care services. Children and teens wouldn't feel abandoned and commit to crime, drugs and alcohol. If a parent died, someone from the clan would take the child/children in with the support of the tribe. 
If there were cases of paedophilia within clans, then leaders would deal with the criminal before handing him over to the authorities. 
Women: the tribe's women are less exposed to human trafficking, forced prostitution, sexual assault and domestic violence as the leader and the council deal with such crimes with utter severity. 

Re-adopting the Tribe System would not mean that a central government should be abolished, au contraire: a centralised, elected, administration would still be vital to conduct the usual political affairs of the nation (domestic and foreign policies), to draft bills that would keep the tribal leaders & councils in check - to avoid not only in-tribe abuses but also inter-tribe violence; and reform laws to adjust to the clan/tribe system so that the family-conglomerate leadership's work would complement and assist that of the central government. 

If each family would take care of itself, can you imagine the benefits? For example, the State would not have to spend much on welfare and pensions would not be cut (i.e. our elderly would have higher power of purchase); the number of children in orphanages (many times subjected to sexual abuse) would be reduced - if not eliminated; and citizens would suffer less from psychological problems (often caused by the sense of abandonment or loneliness) which would result in a more productive society. 

For those who are thinking about their present interests, panic not: under a tribal system, constructive corruption could still be viable since Trade (in its many shapes and forms) is part of human nature. 
Individuality, personal ambition and other traits would not be under threat either because clans tend to accommodate human nature, not to suppress it (unlike some political regimes). 

So this is the proposal: clans + (societies with secrets + secret societies) + central government = New World Order.  


  1. I'd propose a different formula: Clans + Central Gov = New World Order. I don't know much about secret societies and shit but I suspect them, all of them! So if we want a new world order we need to rely on families only plus our elected governments!

    1. Hi Ana :D!

      You may actually have a point. I may have created a redundancy, actually - thanks for pointing that out *bowing*.
      Darling, thank you for your comment :D


  2. Tribalism is a cancer that must be cured. Look at Afghanistan, look at Pakistan! No, we must never go back to that system!

    1. I misspelled my own name, sorry. It's me, Celia :-p

    2. Hi Celia :D!

      The problem in Afghanistan and Pakistan is not tribalism but the endeavour to change that system and the local resistance to that change, which is understandable. First the communists tried it and then the West perpetuated the same line of thought and attempts to disrupt local political systems so they could rule - a classic behaviour of dividing to conquer.
      In Scotland that systems still lives and it is successful, the same goes for African countries that still maintain it (they are the most stable ones). Will you deny this?

      Darling, thanks for your comment :D.


  3. It has not worked in India. Modernity simply creeps in regardless of how much isolation the tribes and clans can be extended. It still does not work in India and the tribes here are the most pathetic lot of human beings you will ever come across. No, all efforts must be made to peacefully integrate them into a modern world.

    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      If I may say so, I think it didn't work in India because of the caste system which basically says that some groups of people are superior to others. That is not what the tribe political systems does at all; what it does it protect the clan/families that belong to it - is this bad?
      The clan/tribe system is not against modernity either - look at Scotland, look at parts of Ireland, look at South Africa (Mandela was the king of his tribe and he was a modern man; his family is modern).
      So if the tribes in India isolate themselves it's not because the system is bad, it's because they chose to do it...the question is: how can we show them that they must keep up with the times?

      Rummy, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  4. Clans have ruined the Arab world, so I most certainly would not recommend it. The biggest problem with clans is that it ruins the idea of meritocracy. Instead of the best person for the job you get a relative who may or may not be qualified - and usually is not. Also, clans prevent people from identifying with anything else, such as society at large or even the village - rival clans in the same village have difficulties on agreeing to the most trivial things - at least from what I know about Israel.
    Obviously, modern society has a problem of alienation, but clans based on blood relations is not the solution.

    1. Hi Joab :D!

      Clans didn't ruin the Arab World; the West in wanting to "divide to conquer" ruined the clan system in the Arab World (something similar to what the West is trying to do in Afghanistan, only the Afghanis are resisting the idea) and consequently the Middle East.
      I don't see how the tribe system may be against meritocracy: you still have to prove your merit not only to your family (which is more difficult) but also to society at large. Clans compete in several levels, just like families today (who have less protection under the present system) do at the educational, professional, personal levels - look at how many neighbours compete in our societies, for example.

      "Instead of the best person for the job you get a relative who may or may not be qualified - and usually is not"

      It already happens (nepotism), so if that would systematically occur it would be because it is a natural human behaviour.

      I don't see how clans prevent people from identifying with anything else: in Scotland, the several clan elements identify themselves as Scottish, in a first instance, and perhaps as citizens of the United Kingdom after. In Ireland, the different clan members identify themselves as Irish. In some African countries, the same thing happens (Mandela was King of his tribe and he identified himself with several things not only in his village and country but also in the world). So, this concern is a fallacy - and it's curious that leftists also raised the same worries when obliterating the system in order to control people.
      In Israel and in most parts where the system exists, even within the family it's hard to agree on the most trivial things, but they eventually do.

      I disagree that the tribe system - and I didn't refer to blood relations, you did (as there are several type of clans) - is not a solution and my point is supported by the present chaos mainly caused by the fragmentation of families; a fragmentation that exposed people to dangers.

      Question: who are the people that thrive the most in the world and seem to control systems? Families = clans = tribes. And why do they thrive? Because they protect each other, because they organise themselves towards the same purpose despite occasional disagreements.

      Joab, thank you ever so much for your super comment :D. What a pleasure.


  5. Hello Max,

    May I be part of your clan?

    Having just listened to Beowulf, I am temporarily an expert on the subject of clans. A clan needs heroes or at least stories of heroes who have done great deeds. The stories must be told as archaic poetry which is recited in front of the hearths late into the night as the fire crackles while enjoying a few pints. The old men must train the younger for war, and they must each be prepared to confront monsters and dragons. (The State?) The females must be ladies, so there won't be any feminists in the clan. The last thing needed are some inspiring funeral rites.

    1. Hello Looney :D!

      Of course you can... :)

      "monsters and dragons (The State?)"

      lol lol maybe, maybe...

      "The females must be ladies, so there won't be any feminists in the clan."

      LOL LOL hear, hear!

      Looney, I loved your comment: thank you :D.



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