Bibi Netanyahu's UNGA 2016 Speech: Israel's Powerful Future

The Israeli Prime-Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, delivered a powerful speech before the UNGA. For the first time, Israel was assertive before the world community and announced that the Jewish State will no longer accept to be the UN's punching bag. It's clear that Israel's standing is changing and becoming more valuable - “Israel has a bright future at the UN.”

'The UN, began as a moral force, has become a moral farce.'

PM Netanyahu started is address by criticising the farce that the UN has become: the disgraceful obsession with the Jewish State “the General Assembly that last year passed 20 resolutions against the democratic state of Israel and a grand total of three resolutions against all the other countries on the planet.”
And what about the joke called the UN Human Rights Council, which each year condemns Israel more than all the countries of the world combined? As women are being systematically raped, murdered, sold into slavery across the world, which is the only country that the UN’s Commission on Women chose to condemn this year? Yep, you guessed it – Israel.
It is indeed pathetic. Israel is a nation where the rights of women have been upheld since a time when not even the West protected them. Women have fought alongside men, in Israel, since inception, with their rights protected – in the US and Europe women began serving recently and are still fighting for basic protections within the armed forces. Minorities are well represented in the political arena (Portugal, in this instance, is a bloody joke). The world has much to learn from Israel yet it prefers to drown in jealousy and envy rather than following suit.

The UNESCO may deny the 4,000-year connection between the Jewish People and the Temple Mount all it wants; it may want to re-write history and alter facts; but let's remind the world that others have tried the same (e.g. the Romans changed the name of Israel into Palestine to erase the Jewish connection to their land and destroyed the second temple) - they all vanished. They all became like “chaff before the wind”.

'Today Israel has diplomatic relations with over 160 countries'

PM Netanyahu also shared the progress done by Israel in the last 30 years: it has nearly doubled the number of countries whom it has relations with. African nations, including Muslim ones, are partnering with Israel (e.g. Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan, Senegal); Asian countries are deepening their partnership with Israel (e.g. Japan, India, China); and Latin America is finally recognising the  advantages of trading and supporting the Jewish State (e.g. Argentina, Colombia, Brazil though in a very ambiguous way). Even some Caribbean nations maintain good relations with Jerusalem.
Governments are changing their attitudes towards Israel, because they know that Israel can help them protect their peoples, can help them feed them, can help them better their lives.

And the biggest change in diplomatic behaviour is Saudi Arabia's. This change, albeit slow, is making a lot of people, a lot of countries, squirm in their seat. If the Saudis and the Israelis openly cooperate with each other then the Middle East will eventually become a Power House in the world stage. When most Arab countries open their eyes, and stop being counterproductive and petty, they will realise that the West wants them divided, in perpetual wars, to prevent them from becoming what they can be if they join hands with Israel - “I believe that in the years ahead we will work together to achieve these goals, work together openly. So Israel’s diplomatic relations are undergoing nothing less than a revolution.”
Given its history of hostility towards Israel, does anyone really believe that Israel will let the UN determine our security and our vital national interests?

This was a very important message to send. Come what may, Israel will do what it must to ensure the survival of +/- 15 million Jews. This is not something that nations can play with just because countries like Qatar want to perpetuate hatred and divisiveness; to sponsor attrition wars that harm no one but Arab Muslim populations. A reunified Israel is a plus to the region and Iran + Qatar know it, so they will do whatever they can to avoid the inevitable.
President Abbas just attacked from this podium the Balfour Declaration. He’s preparing a lawsuit against Britain for that declaration from 1917. (...) To sue the British government for the Balfour Declaration? Is he kidding? And this is taken seriously here?
President Abbas keeps making a fool of himself, year after year. And now that we know he's a Russian mole, his whole speech was met with a mix of derision and incredulity. Sue the United Kingdom? It is such a bad joke that I hope Mahmoud Abbas was not activating another cell in British territory...”President Abbas attacked the Balfour Declaration because it recognized the right of the Jewish people to a national home in the land of Israel”
The defeat of militant Islam will thus be a victory for all humanity (..) But to defeat the forces of militant Islam, we must fight them relentlessly.  Israel fights this fateful battle against the forces of militant Islam every day. 
PM Netanyahu made a point of reminding the world of what Hamas really is (probably as a message to the European Union who, rumour has it, planning to remove the organisation from the terrorist groups list, once again; and to the US who allows its arm [CAIR] to operate in America in impunity) - “Hamas breaks every humanitarian rule in the book, throw the book at them.”

'Israel will not allow the terrorist regime in Iran to develop nuclear weapons – not now, not in a decade, not ever.'

Iran continues to be a threat to the Jewish State, and to much of the world really. Iran has tested ballistic missiles this year, it has shown an aggressive behaviour towards the US military, it has intensified its aggressive rhetoric to the US and Israel, it has continued to support terrorist activities and destructive wars that result in millions of displaced individuals. But Iran doesn't work alone – perhaps its base of support (in Asia) is to be removed before the problem is dealt with for good.


It was the most original and dynamic UNGA speech this year. Most countries repeated the same old topics (i.e. development, the Middle East Peace Process, corruption, education etc) many times without having anything to show for. But PM Netanyahu spoke about things Israel has done, does and will continue to do. PM Netanyahu shared Israel's Mission Statement: fight Militant Islam (both Sunni and Shiite), feed the world, give water to the thirsty, bring technology to new heights, promote peace and human development.
The future belongs to those who innovate, and this is why the future belongs to countries like Israel. Israel wants to be your partner in seizing that future, so I call on all of you: Cooperate with Israel, embrace Israel, dream with Israel. 
הנה לא ינום, ולא יישן - שומר, ישראל
(תהלים 121: 4)

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  1. Funny how Bibi's political confidence saying the war at the UN is over coincides with the rabbinical announcement. Has anyone realized that?

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      Good point, my darling. You may be on to something there :)
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  2. Glad Israel finally imposed herself. When an adversary is weak he's disrespected but when he's shows strength and dignity even his foes will fight him with respect. Look at China, who dares to challenge her?
    Happy Rosh HaShanah and may it be a sweet year to DS! Keep up the good job.

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  3. Many of my friends, family and acquaintances applaud Bibi for this brilliant address.

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  4. He is stating the obvious. But that takes courage these days.

    !שנה טובה

    1. Hi Looney :D!

      It really does take courage to state the truth and the obvious. Thank you for your comment, Looney :D.

      תודה רבה ושנה טובה גם לך


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