Maxiavelli: What's Your Favourite Appeasement Label?

La Récureuse - André Bouys

The word du jour is "appeasement". Everybody wants to appease somebody, and for it to take effect, some are forging new epithets and labels (e.g. a commoner, in England, is not longer called that way; a commoner now is called a "normal person").
This made me ponder on what other epithets we could come up with, as certain layers of society become more and more sensitive - to the point of needing to be pacified.
Ladies and gentlemen, please find below a small list of prospective new labels, concocted by us:

1. The House of Commons = House of Well-Brought Up People
Since commoners wish to be called "normal people" (whatever that means); we thought that perhaps the British parliamentary group, parallel to the House of Lords, would decide to change its designation to "House of Well-Brought Up People".

2. Servant = Domestic Assistant
This does not apply to Fine Help. It only applies to those who are not proud of being servants, who feel ashamed of it and, thus, have the need to come up with silly expressions to classify what they do for a living.

3. Unemployed = Between Part-Time Jobs
This is intended for those who earn their living in the cash-only system but tell the government they are unemployed.

4. Rich People = Tax Avoiders
This one is becoming very trendy among Hypocritical Europeans. They go to dinners and when someone asks what X person does for a living, the envious ones will answer "Not much, he's a tax avoider".

5. Middle Class People = Triple A
This one will become trendy in the Upper Class; who often views the Middle Class as Ambitious, Assuming yet Attractive.

6. Poor People = Impecunious
A much more sophisticated term, let's admit it.

7. Communists = Daydreamers
It is self-explanatory.

8. Lazy People = Ever So Benefited
The socialist insistence upon re-distributing the country's wealth (instead of paying its bills), only encourages people to surrender to indolence.

9. Radicals = Rights Activists
Extremist ideology is on the rise under the flag of defending the people's rights (this goes for both far left and right wings).

10. Rights Activists = Damn Liberals
If you are a right winger, you feel everybody is entitled to have rights and you fight for them; you will be labelled a "Damn Liberal/Leftist" by backward rightists.

11. Obesity = Obsessive Fat Disorder
There will come a time when the right to be obese will be considered a civil rights issue (and compared to the time when black people couldn't marry white people). So, the healthy, slim (not skinny) people will have to refer to them as "individuals who suffer from Obsessive Fat Disorder".

12. Traitor = Eddie Snowden
Traitor is such a strong word, and "Choosing a different loyalty" doesn't quite explain the feeling of betrayal; but "Eddie Snowden" does. Example: "That bloody Eddie Snowden! He lefts us, took our secrets and gave them to his original boss!"

13. Bully = Putin
Bullying is becoming a tiresome behaviour, an awful trend and a most nefarious activity - it should be punishable by law. In politics, it is not good to go around calling "bully" to certain political figures (it could destroy diplomatic relations, because most politicians detest the truth); therefore, whenever we want to point to a bully, we should call the individual "Putin". Example: "For Heaven's sake, don't be such a Putin! No need to destabilise the US by offering the Snowden Files to The Guardian, Le Monde, and whoever else more!"

Come to think of it, perhaps this label changing trend is not as horrid as we thought...
You are invited to contribute to the list (the suggestions presented this week will be added to this post):

14. Subsaharan Africans (other than blacks) = Accidentally born in Africa.

15. Living Together = Going Domestic

16. Jealous = Sepp Blatter 

17. Anti-Semitic = Anti-Zionist
+Adam Breindel

18. Governments = Sustained Hypocrisy
+Gallardo Santini

19. Mentally and physically challenged = simple Nuts and Lame.

Thank you to all. Cheers


  1. Subsaharan Africans (other than blacks) = Accidently born in Africa.
    Have you noticed how people always refer to black people as Africans and to other people born in Africa as whites, Indians, Chinese, mulattoes etc? It's disgusting!

    1. Hi Celia :D!

      That is a great one; thanks. I will add it at the end of the week and credit it to you.
      Yes, I have's awful.

      Celia, thank you so so much for your input :D.


  2. House of well brought up people? Ahahah I wish they were, but most are not I'm afraid; I mean, look at the things they concoct at the parliament.
    Tax avoiders is also a very good one. Triple A: I will use it. Impecunious is far more compassionate, I'll say.
    Numbers 12 and 13 are absolutely fantastic, my dear; well done.
    My suggestion? Let me see...the youth have a term that I find so very interesting: "Going Domestic" meaning "Living together".

    1. Hello Bernard :D!

      Quite, quite.
      LOL you will use "Triple A"? Good for you and thanks for acknowledging in public :D.
      Thanks, I am glad you liked it.

      "Going domestic"...I hadn't heard that one yet, thank you. I will add it to the list (by the end of the week).

      Bernie, thank you so much for your input :D.


  3. Replies
    1. That is actually a great one, did you guys see how Blatter made a fool of himself trying to do Ronaldo? He ridiculed himself more than his target. Great choice, Anon!

    2. Anonymous, spot on.
      Adam, yeah I saw it too. The guy made an ass of himself.

    3. Hi Anonymous :D!

      LOL excellent! Thank you, I will gladly add it to the list.

      Thank you for your input :D.


    4. Yeah, diminutive of "Anonymous"...learned it from a Brit.

  4. Ahahahahah I laughed like crazy! Since we met this is the first time I read a comic post of yours Max, what happened? It's way too funny, man!
    Ok, my turn: Anti-Semitic = Anti-Zionism. You know how they trash Jews without using the word "Jews" and then say "I am not anti-Semitic, I don't like Zionists!" or "my problem is not the Jews but Israelis"...know what I'm saying?

    1. Hi Adam :D!

      lol I am glad I was able to amuse you lol *bowing*.
      Ah, that is an awesome one too. Thank you.

      You rock, Adam, and you know it :D.


  5. I don't have a suggestion to make but this was funny. Thanks for the chuckle.

    1. Hi Peter :D!

      It's all right. I am just glad I was able to entertain you :D.
      Thank you for your kind words.


  6. What a major embarrassment for France this week, huh Max? Their president was furious at America for spying on them and in the end the DGSE did it and passed it on to America? Ridiculous. I agree with you, homegrown jihadists gave high chances of going from Europe to the US as it happened already. The Europeans can't forget that the 9/11 guys came actually from Europe. Good call.

    1. Hi Joseph :D!

      Indeed, it was; but again, it is not that surprising, is it?
      No, Europeans shouldn't forget it but they try to, apparently. Thanks.

      Joseph, thank you so much for your comment on the thought of the week :D.


  7. What could i say from a society where labels are key to marketing and marketeers? - " Divide ut regnes" (litle provocation eh eh eh) thats the way it works. Strong societies in my view are the ones who keep their people together for instance with a same cause worth fighting for (unfortunatly as you know i dont believe in present leaderships....they're not inspiring). Returning to your labels hmmm would add this one Governments-Sustained hypocrisy ..... all the best Gallardo

    1. Hi Gallardo :D!

      You are quite right. You are correct again: most political leaders are not inspiring at all and those who are, are crushed by the mediocre majority. LOL I loved your label, thank you (it has been added to the list).

      G, thank you so much for your super comment :D.


  8. In their quest to alter the natural course of things, people invent terrible names to replace the simple and most delightful ones, that reflect reality. This article reminded me of Wilde's words: " It is a sad truth, but we have lost the faculty of giving lovely names to things. Names are everything."
    Our society lost so many faculties especially the one to be focused on real issues. Max, good criticism; please carry on with your excellent enterprise.

    1. Impecunious is a most lovely word to describe the less favoured ones. I wanted you to know this.

    2. Hello Sebastian :D!


      Quite, quite. Aah, Lord Henry (if my memory doesn't fail me): that is one fabulous quote, thank you.
      You are so correct, we are losing focus. Why, thank you and I will.

      Sebastian, thank you ever so much for your great comment and I hope you drop by more often :D.


  9. You left out two very common appeasement labels that are usually ascribed to me. Mentally challenged and physically challenged for simple Nuts and Lame.

    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      LOL come now, I do not believe they are ascribed to you lol *nodding*.
      But yes, those are very common appeasement labels: thank you (I will even add them to the list).

      Rummy, thank you so much for your great input :D.



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