Phase 2: Teenage Years

Lisbon, 13the of July 2010

Dear friends and readers,

You have reached Phase 2 - my teenage years. 
During this time I dressed in black (well, I still do although in a whole different style), I wore Doc Martens boots, eye-liner, black nail-polish, I had a nose-piercing...the whole lot.
So what were the groups that marked this stage of my life? The Cure and Depeche Mode (although I also listened to Violent Femmes [specially "Colour me once"], Rage Against the Machine, and some more others). 

I have always loved Depeche Mode because their lyrics always transport you to the very depths of the intellect. In summa, their songs are deep. This week, I will share one of my favourites: Personal Jesus. 


  1. Hello Dear

    I always look back & remember those precious teenage moment too. i love the way you described your dress style back at teenagers.

    Enjoy reading it.

    Sabi Sunshine

  2. Oh Max those were the days, I like those guys too, lol. Yeah I used to wear make up a lot too, and now I will not even touch a drop of anything on my face...ok may be little moisturizer. Anna :)

  3. Hope you would add my blog. Thanks a lot. Keep blogging....

    Love your blog and you are added :) Keep up the good work and thanks for the kinds words. -- Kristen

  4. Max:

    You were so young, compared to me, your music is completely unknown to me. And I cannot imagine the life you must have lived, as a youth. Isn't it wonderful that we all come from different ages?

    I was around at the dawn of Rock and Roll, so controversial, so rebellious, so blasphemous. And our clothes, collars up, Pompidou hairdos, pants low on our hips and the girls with pointed sweaters and long, flaring Poodle skirts, Elvis.

    Oh if only my generation and your generation were to meet, how would we communicate? Cool man.

    Have a nice day and, remember...happy trails.

  5. Sounds like you were verging on the "Goth" look?

    For me, it was shorts and T-shirt most of the time. Crew cuts were the rage then, although I think it was done to us because it was the cheap way out.

    Music was ACDC and Led Zeppelin. All up it was a time to have fun and belly laugh whenever we got the chance.

    Take Care,

  6. Hi Max,

    OMG, my 17 old nephew dresses just like you did. The funny thing is that he thinks he and his friends are original. Ha ha.

    Depeche Mode: "Just Can't Get Enough; People Are People; Everything Counts; Somebody; Enjoy The Silence."

    Violent Femmes; "Blister in the Sun."

    I love the 80's. Cool music with textured instrumentation, synthesizers and lots of style.

    80's Cheers!

  7. Eh eh, I just bought a pair of Doc Martens in London! I used to love them as a teen and my music of choice was Nirvana ;-)


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