Musical Video: "Tauas/Vamos Embora" by Zico

The leading star of this week's video is Zico (one of the most famous contemporary artists in Mozambique) who offers us a mix of two of his songs (Tauas and Vamos Embora [= let's go, in Portuguese]).

Zico's themes are almost always the same: women (avassati in Ronga), and he sings primarily in both Ronga and Changana (although he often manages to inject some Portuguese in the middle).

What I like about Zico's work is the beat, because his lyrics are silly and his video clips are vulgar [except when he, and his mates, show some cool Mozambican dance steps]. That being said, his art is club music (where nobody cares about what the artist is saying).

Dance away!


  1. Yep...nice beat indeed, esp. for dancing! :-)))) I'll start my training for 3 months on Monday, so gonna be BUSY BUSY BUSY again. Not gonna be able to blog as often again he he...but no worries. :-))))

  2. "...where nobody cares about what the artist is saying..."

    That's the problem. What he is saying ruins the music just as most rap singers!

    Max, I published two lists while you're away! I hope you there when you get back! :o)

  3. Hey Max I will come back later, for some reason the video is not displaying, must be my bad connection these days. However, you know I am one of those who never paid attention to lyrics anyway, lol, just love the music, and few times someone would say to me 'you like this - I am surprise you like the words' - ouch, I better go and re-listen the song again, lol.....hope everything is okay girl. Anna :)

  4. I didn't dance (not a dancer) but I wrote a nice post to the sounds of this music! Inspirited I guess :D


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