Man or Male? That is the question...

I would like to invite you to join me on another trip to a puzzling world, which is my intellect.

This week’s itinerary is: Man Vs Male.

A Male is a being who possesses a phallus; a person who seldom makes use of reason, an individual totally devoid of any code of honour and etiquette.
A Man is a human being who, although having a penetrative organ, focuses on nurturing his mind. He is a true follower of honour, chivalry and respect; a true connaisseur of societal etiquette. A classy individual, not only superbly educated but also cultivated.

Reason: a Male hardly accesses it. His thoughts comprise only work, money, eating as much as he can and sex. Whereas a Man seeks to develop his intellect; his concerns are of higher plane; his brain is constantly filling-in the gaps and solving puzzles. Thoughts run fast, but he always manages to grasp the needed information to implement his strategies. He is a true thinker.

Honour, chivalry, respect: a Male has no sense of honour, for most of the times he’s not loyal nor truthful to his peers: in fact, if needed be he’ll stab them on their back and rat on them. This individual knows not the meaning of chivalry: if a lady walks in the room, he remains sat; he won’t hold the door for a woman, he’ll spit in front of the ladies, and he’ll borrow money from them. Respect is an unknown lexis to him: he scratches his crouch and swears in the presence of women. He constantly vociferates and disrespects his parents. When facing any sort of crisis, instead of reasoning, he uses his muscles and, he wounds the eye with his tight garments. But in contrast, a Man is always loyal, truthful and respectful towards his entourage (thus paying tribute to honour). This fine being rises from the chair whenever a woman walks in a room; if she sheds a tear he promptly hands over a handkerchief; he’s cordial in his ways. Respect is this person ultimate goal (and we can find this type of person in all walks of life); his parents are sacred and his family is his sanctuary.

Etiquette: our Male specimen exhibits his bare chest at the dinner table; he makes strange noises while drinking and eating (like Jacques de Brel said “il bouffe la soupe froide”); he talks with his mouth full; he gesticulates with cutlery in his hands; and in a party he brings up sensitive issues (like sports, religion and tastes). Au contraire, our dear Man manages his meal so silently that one is actually able to follow a conversation. In society, he discusses light politics, literature and music.

In summa, a Male exerts what nature tells him to do – he is a pure example of a cave Homo sapiens. While a Man is the finest combination of creationism and evolutionism: a perfect Homo sapiens sapiens.

Before leaving, I’d like to print a thought:
When XY is born does he come as a Male, who later is made into a Man, or as a Man who will be forced to become a Male?
As everything in life, there is always an option. Remember Gatsby, in Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”? Well, he was born into a humble family, yet he polished himself and became the great gentleman he was…

Image: Portrait of Alof de Wignacourt by Caravaggio


  1. INCREDIBLE post, Max!!!

    LOVED every part of it, ESPECIALLY your question. Too bad I've never read "The Great Gatsby" he he he...

    Now I'm VERY curious to read men's comments he he he...

  2. His thoughts comprise only work, money, eating as much as he can and sex.

    This is so true... I can testify ! Have you ever seen men in buffets-style restaurants, piling up as much as they can in one plate ?? :D

  3. Hi Max,
    first of all....i trully enjoy your thoughts!

    Our life is a continuous search and learning activity;
    As António Damásio portuguese neurosurgeon (NY based) explained in "Descartes Error", although emotion and reason are independent they can afect eachother during many ocasions such as decision process.

    As an example - you refered "Male" cave man that eated with its open mouth etc etc.... (my opinion: disgusting) Q. But why its "so" disgusting? A. My structured mind and pattern concepts "told" me so.

    We are a product (as i said in some comments ago)
    of a changing society, wich can be amorphous and for sure can't be isolated, its mixed and is global.

    So, its just a matter to decide where we want to be (surface quality measured in microns -metalworking terms):

    - RAW

    It doesn't mean that neither of these options are right or wrong,
    they simply exist.
    By default i believe we are raw but precious.

    I just finish saying: Don't we have all some edges to be polished and also by the eyes of whom?

    best regards

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your post! I'm new to this blogging community and am trying to make the rounds to meet my neighbors. Will be coming back to visit! Very thought provoking--and funny!


  5. well done max haha gatsby is a terrific book...check out my blog im starting up and need clue how to get it out there

  6. hmmm, interesting comparison...

    I am kind of at a loss as to what I should comment except it's very interesting haha

    I have never seen an analysis as such of man but you hit the spot pretty well :D

  7. thanx again for visiting max, be sure to check in regularly, and if it means anything to ya i was born an alpha male :)

  8. Max;

    As per usual your article was a whirlwind of clever insights enraptured within wonderful turns of phrase. You truly are a word dancer.

    I understand that this was a rather intellectual exercise, but you developed wonderful colorful tones throughout.

    I will now tell you a secret, it is a deep and rather ponderous secret shrouded in mystery, and illusion. (Clandestinely looking in every direction) Almost all men (shhh not so loud), almost all of the time, are thinking about sex from one degree to the other. There I have said it, this is one of the reasons I am incognito. Do you know the trouble I could get into for letting the cat out of the bag? By the way if a man denies this they are almost certainly lying.

    Ahh but I suspect you understand this well, perhaps you are playing a little cat and mouse?

    Every man is a blend of the two base persons you portray. I love your phrase about being “cultivated”, as most now direct their attention towards acquisition and bank accounts there is little in the way of cultivation, the creating of a well rounded and grounded person, part of this is due to specialization, less parental interaction, and post-modernism, I suspect this crosses gender.

    I love the section on honour, chivalry and respect. In my culture in Canada, many women would not like it if I stood just because they entered a room, or held a door open for them. If it was a hard rule of mine to not borrow money from women they would be very upset (not that I make a practice of this kind of thing, but almost all women in my society would be very offended at the mere thought, I don’t think I could show my wife this article), I would be considered sexist.

    I do hand my wife a Kleenex if she cries, which is not often so it is not much of a burden, I would be happy to do it more often but it would mean she is crying more, which would probably be evidence that I was more of your male specimen than the man (I guess I am quite cultivated, but that isn’t me it’s the Gardener).

    The man seems kind of…boring and emasculated. Granted it is far better to be sophisticated and cultured, well read and compassionate to others. Yet some of these things has more to do with their culture, and socioeconomic conditions than to genetics.

    Obviously both genetics and individual life experience come to play in this matter. I think perhaps the differences are better described in my culture as a man vs. gentleman, both are male.

    I will bite on the “creation and evolution” line, although humans are created in the image of God we are also living in a fallen state in a fallen universe. We have the ability to be noble but also to be depraved. Although God created us He also endowed us with the ability to adapt, and free will (although not absolutely free). Part of that adaptation is formed by genetics; and other parts by culture, parenting, etc.

    From the cultural perspective a man standing or sitting when a woman enters a room can be interpreted in many ways, for many women I know it would be seen as a sign of disrespect, that I do not see them as equal and that they are weaker (a signal I clearly would not want to send)!

    Great Gatsby made me think of Pygmalion and of course the Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd movie Trading Places.

    Are the kind of persons you are describing here the predominant masculine persons in Portugal?

  9. Max, I always look forward to reading your enlightened posts and this is certainly a very interesting point of view.

    As someone who is raising a son, many of these questions come up: what kind of man (also what kind of male) am I teaching him to be? What will he be like when he grows up? How will he treat women someday?

    Too bad there are so many other parents out there who never give it a second thought.

  10. Hi Max!
    What was the inspiration behind this post??? Very true and interesting; but I must admit a little too intellectual for my pea brain! I used to love to ponder this type of question and then.... I had children and the process has completely sucked any scrap of intelligence right out of me! hehe! Now I solve the great problems of the world like: How do I get Tori-Kate to stop sucking her thumb? How do I keep 2 kids entertained on car trips? Where do all the missing socks end up? Where on earth did I put the peanut butter yesterday? You get the general idea! I will leave these types of questions to you and check in to see what you are able to determine! Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

  11. Hi Genevieve;

    Have you thought of looking for the peanut butter in the socks?

  12. good analysis da......well to sum up your article i would say:
    male is a primitive human which god made and man is the modern testosterene filled male,who is the creation of the male's creativity

  13. Ah, such is the difference between the primitive and the civilized, the savage and the refined. It's often so subtle, but it makes all the difference.

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