A Romantic Man

This week I wish to share a small story about a man, who represents that group of men who are incredibly romantic! And from what I've observed, this type of male is some women's dream! Enjoy:

Avner spends hours dressing up before going out on a date: he styles his hair , he spends time choosing a nice cologne, he practices his stance in front of the mirror (while thinking "I'm the Man!"), he takes an awful lot of time to choose his outfit (he's thinking: "what colour will she wear tonight? If she wears blue, I'll have to wear black so she can stand out at the restaurant...hmm, hard chore!"), he chooses the right pair of shoes to go with his outfit, places the cufflinks in his shirt sleeves; opens his drawer, selects a watch and puts it on his wrist!

One last glance at the mirror: "I look good!"; grabs his cell-phone and calls his date so he can (allegedly) confirm the time he should pick her up, when in truth what he really wishes to know is if she has received the flowers he sent in the afternoon (the ones that took him forever to choose, since the bouquet had to represent her favourite colours and the colour of her eyes - green)! She provides him the wanted information, and intelligently flirts with him over the phone while thanking the beautiful and romantic gesture! His self-esteem is on the roof now!

On his way out of his flat he grabs D'Angelo's CD "Brown Sugar". He leaves. In his car he inserts the CD: "Cruisin'" is on...which goes something like this:

"Baby let's cruise away from here/ Don't be confused, baby/ the way is clear/ and if you want it ,you got it forever/ this is not one nightstand (...)".

Avner thinks to himself: "Damn, I'm in love! Avner you gotta behave yourself, this one is mighty special...she might be the one! Man, she even cooks...hmm,hmm,hmm! The last time I ate that good home-made cookin'...ooohhh, just thinking about it...!", and drives over to her house!

He parks the car, her mother is waiting for him by the front door! He greets his prospective mother-in-love, who tells him " Avner, beautiful flowers!!! I gather that this thing with my daughter is serious...?"; Avner all upright, looks deep in the lady's eyes and says " I'll be waiting for her at the end of the aisle!" and then kisses her hand....

You can certainly imagine the end of this small tale. My intention was to show that there are pretty cool guys out there ( you see, men are too bashed nowadays...so I came in defense of those good old decent men)! Cheers!


  1. Oh, I'm one of those women who always believe that there ARE good men out there. Even the not-so-romantic ones can be romantic at times, too...surprising women unexpectedly!!!



  2. Lovely stuff, i'm sure Tim is thinking about getting me flowers right now, hehe! Nice to see romance is not dead...

  3. Well, not only do we confirm that women love to be surprised... which means that an expectedly romantic man has no pleasent way of doing so...

    We also see, that this fool Avner raised the stakes for poor old Tim as well! What happened to male bonding Avner??

    Acording to Amel, a not so romantic guy, will get much more out of a romantc act, than a romanic one would - Theory of expectations Avner... you´re ruining it for everybody man.

  4. HA HA HA HA HA...don't be so pessimistic, Avner!!!

    Since my man isn't TOO romantic, I just have to enjoy the moments whenever he shows his romantic side, don't I?

    And yes, women DO love being surprised (in a good way) every now and then.

    When it comes to men who are SO romantic...well, I don't know since I have no personal experiences with that kind of men, so I'll let all other women answer that for me. :-)))

  5. Btw, I guess it's the effort that's more important for women. At least for me it is that way.

    And when it comes to romantic gestures, I happen to have a close friend who HATES being romanticized by a guy. She hates being serenaded by a guy (there was this one guy who had a crush on her and they were on a date and inside the car, the guy told her that he would sing for her - she told me that she wanted to JUMP right out of the window!!!). She doesn't seem to like getting flowers. She doesn't like expressing her feelings to a guy either verbally or in SMS (like "I love you" or "I miss you" - probably because she's not used to it, though) he he he...

    So I guess it also depends on the woman.

  6. I think vantunes was helping you to do the conclusions, Max…hehe.

    Based on my love experiences, being in love can make you do things that you never do before and never expected that you would do it. How you do it or how you show it, we all hope to reach one similar point that is to love and be loved.

    In this case, it wouldn't hurt if a guy does what he feels best to work it out either being romantic or not it depends on every individual’s interpretation of love.

  7. As Paul McCartney said: "You'd think the world had had enough of silly love songs... but I look around me and I see it isn't so."
    Keep up the heartfelt blog!

  8. l'amore fa fare cose da pazzi!!:D

  9. Very sweet :) I haven't lost hope in good men myself, there's a lot of good out there if you just open your eyes!

  10. this is what women like huh? sounds to me that he's trying too hard to impress her by putting up some kind of act. being romantic to me is not doing that. just being yourself and falling love with someone who is also just being theirself, all the while not being afraid of what the other might think if they comb a hair out of place. i'd like to find that kind of love.

    for the record though, not all guys are bad. a lot of them just want to find their perfect person too. so even though most men are assholes (i'm a guy by the way) don't forget that there are some guys that are good. cheers :)

  11. Very interesting article…

    …the reason there is 1486 flavors of ice-cream is…well there are different tastes.

    My wife and I are in love (the word “love” to be read in a rather melodious manner, try it out if you missed it the first time). I’m the romantic one and she is less so, but does seem to appreciate the gesture, if she doesn’t she will tell me, she is very pragmatic (German heritage).

    My comment is better to close this article with than the one above so it is good I came along months later…


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