Meet the Team

By Invitation - Victor Ostrosvky

We are members of the Dissecting Society Team; a society that is slowly taking form.
We call ourselves the Dissectors and invite you to getting to know us a little better


Max Coutinho

Max Coutinho: Political Blogger. Her work focuses on International Politics and Security, Terrorism/CT and Political Philosophy. She analyses politics in a very unique way, as she doesn't follow the herd. Neo-Conservative and a Pro-Israel Activist in the Social Media.


Stephen Cheney

Stephen Cheney: Independent Security and Investigations Professional. Occasional contributor. 

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Scott Morgan

Scott Morgan: the President of Red Eagle Enterprises (supporting African Business Development plus providing Analysis of African Intelligence). He sits on the Roundtables for the Advocacy Network for Africa and the International Religious Freedom Caucus, in Washington DC; and he's also the editor of Confused Eagle (a Blog covering US Policy towards Africa). 


Lenny Hannah

Lenny Hannah: Portuguese writer, born in Mozambique. Pro-Israel Activist. She comments about Portuguese and International Politics in our other site Etnias: O Bisturi da Sociedade. She occasionally publishes here as a Guest Writer. 


Cristina C. Giancchini

Cristina Caravaggio Giancchini: Editor-in-Chief. She is responsible for this blog's content and is also in charge of selecting and/or approving new contributors. As an International Affairs Consultant the centrepiece of her work is: Middle East, Africa, America, Asia (with a main focus on India and Japan); International Security and Islamism. Occasional contributor.


Jonathan W. Penn

Jonathan W. Penn: Associate Editor. He is in charge of the site's structure and formatting of DS' posts. Techie. Occasional Contributor.