Welcome to this Experience!

Graffiti was a joint-venture project where Livingsword (the former author of Life on the Blade) and Max offered you monthly articles, from their distinctive perspectives, on mutually agreed upon themes.

Livingsword: sharp, theological, controversial, provocative, North American...
Max: insightful, philosophical, intriguing, engaging, European...

(N.B. the Blog "Life on the Blade" has undergone a severe transformation and no longer displays the pages related to this series. Nevertheless, Dissecting Society decided to maintain Graffiti available, to the general public, as a homage to Livingsword since he contributed immensely to the professional development of Max Coutinho and to the success of +MAX: Dissecting Society ). 

Graffiti History

1) Graffiti: The Prelude
2) Morally Bankrupt: the lack of moral values in today's society
3) 20/20 Vision: the World in 2020...
4) The Faces of December
5) 2008: A Time to...
6) Entangled Webs
7) About Satan
8) Manipulation
9) Letter to China
10) The Mystery of Wisdom
11) A Day at the Beach
12) Metaphysical Sex
13) Conspiracy Theories
14) The Management of Truth
15) Letter to America
16) The Labyrinth of Marriage
17) Yesterday Today Tomorrow
18) Democracy Vs Pseudo-Democracy
19) Children of Empire
20) Abortion: what about men's rights?
21) Hookers and Strippers Legal and Moral?
22) Killing: Justifiable?
23) Super Cities Vs Global Unification: will either replace State Nations?
24) The Genesis of Evil
25) Drug Legalization
26) Socialism Communism Reverie
27) An Act of God
28) Re-defining the Right Wing
29) Hoax and Chains
30) The Missing Link between Creation & Evolution?
31) Shopping for God
32) Graffiti is against Political Correctness
33) Sexual Selection
34) The Inconvenient Truth: Palestine does not want a State
35) The Beauty of Words
36) Psalm
37) Porn of the Soul
38) End of Poverty: Possible?
39) The Gift of Suffering
40) 2011 Forecasts
41) Remember Global Warming 
42) Paranormal Activity: Reality or Hallucination?
43) Oprah and the End of the World
44) Analysis: The Relationship Between Power and Sex