About DS

An enticing 21st century political spot. 

We focus mainly on International Affairs, Politics, Security, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism. DS is Pro-Israel. 

Political Position

Our Ideology

This is a Neo-Right Wing Blog that defends the following Conservative Values:
  1. Belief in G-d. G-d is omnipresent, meaning that each home can be a temple.
  2. Family as the foundation of any nation. Neo-Right Wingers strive to re-instate family values in our society for it is the only way to bring back real order to communities.
  3. Love for the country, its national identity, national symbols (flag and anthem), and history. However, we also understand that their culture can be further enriched by other cultures that legally come to their nation and help in its development.
  4. Defence of ethical capitalism and social responsibility. Since Neo-Right Wingers love the “Patria” they must care for its environment. 
  5. Flexibility and compromise.
  6. Small Government. 
Fiscal and Social Policy

We defend a Flat Tax of 10% across the board, with no exemptions.

“The rich shall not give more, and the poor shall not give less, than the half shekel” [Exodus 30:15])

DS believes that instead of transferring social duties to the State, Businesses and People should follow basic spiritual principles:

  • To give assistance to the widow and the orphan
  • To support the religious ministers/High Priests
  • To respect and assist the legal foreigner (for you were a foreigner in Egypt), your workers (remember that you were a bondman in Egypt) and even the disabled for they have place in society; so “that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever!” (Deut. 5: 25) 

Comments Policy

Dissecting Society welcomes all sorts of comments, as we are strong advocates of freedom of speech; however, we reserve the right to delete libellous and offensive comments (e.g. racist and anti-Semitic ones) in addition to those with excessive foul language. This blog does not view vulgarity as being protected by the right to free speech. 

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