International Security and Relations: The Day of Calamity Nears

5779-5780: the third sign is here. It’s time for nations to decide whether they are truly committed to countering Global Jihad or not. To go before the UNGA and repeat the usual empty words about fighting terror while at the same time supporting terrorist organisations will no longer do. This week, we are issuing one last warning of things to come – after this, and until the first day of 5780, we will sit and watch the events unfold.

The African Continent

Africa has been invaded by Jihadists who established strong Terror Networks that feed Islamic Terrorist Cells in Latin America and Europe. The continent has also been used to set up Drug Smuggling routes, stemming from Pakistan and Afghanistan, with the aid of countries that pretend to be helping African states (through financial loans).

On the surface, the lives of regular Africans seem to be improving but when we take a closer look we see the problems still remain, while the so-called elites enrich in illicit ways (how? By being the frontmen of Terrorists and rogue states in exchange for commissions). This situation can no longer persist. Common African people deserve so much better: education, healthcare, professional training, jobs, adequate housing, security and relative peace.

Africa will never be respected unless African leaders, as a whole, start caring for their people. It is inconceivable that Africans are now being used as foreign policy instruments against the West by countries that care jot about the continent. Why is Sudan and Eritrea allowing their Muslim citizens to serve as weapons against the EU and Israel, for instance? Anyway, African states summarily position themselves against Israel, the Land of the Promise; not because they don’t believe in the Bible but because of “Economic Interests” (that don’t serve the people’s interests at all). In other words, they are bribed by countries like Turkey to stand against the Jewish State.

Last warning: stop getting bribes to vote against the Jewish State and you will finally enjoy prosperity and peace – “The Lord, Almighty one, merciful and gracious”.

The Caribbean and Latin America

The Caribbean is being invaded by Jihadists and their accomplices (i.e. operatives from African states hired by a certain rogue Islamic state). The local authorities have been doing their best to counter the problem however they are on the brink of thinking that perhaps it’s too late – but it’s not. We received the information that the British, the American and even the Israeli Intelligence Services have been in the region to assist in the fight, however there is a lot more to do on the ground and, perhaps, a more creative operation may have to be organised.

Hezbollah is confident that the Caribbean and Latin America is their turf:

  • The Party of Allah associated itself with the Cartels in Mexico (so they have a lot of freedom of movement around the country and into the US)
  • It has created partnerships with the Brazilian criminal syndicates (mainly the CPC) meaning they have lots of manoeuvring space to launder money (Note: could they be involved in money laundering schemes with Evangelical Churches not only in Brazil but also in Africa?), to do drug and human trafficking etc
  • Hezbollah has also associated itself with rogue Governments in Latin America and we have to observe closely those political parties that are sponsored by the local Syrian communities in the Caribbean. 

Easy money is a curse to any state (democratic or otherwise) and accepting it to position oneself against the Jewish State is a very big mistake. For example, Paraguay has moved its embassy to Jerusalem last May, yet last week (ahead of the Jewish High Holidays) it announced it would move it back to Tel Aviv…24 hours later Turkey announced it would open an Embassy in Paraguay.

Last warning: we are in the End of Days – “The Lord, preserver of kindness of thousands of generations” – interpret it as you may.

The European Union

The Union’s impending fall proceeds because while it claims to be fighting terror it continues to support it. As long as the European Union doesn’t renounce its support for the ex-nihilo Palestinian Cause it won’t stop suffering Terror attacks, as that so-called Cause and Global Jihad are intimately related – as we have said time and time again. Since the 11th of September 2001, the world has been at war against Global Jihad and it’s not winning it – if Europe is serious about winning this fight then it needs to follow in America’s footsteps and remove its total support from the defunct Oslo Accords and from the murderous “Palestinian Cause” for good.

Side Note: the Eurovision made a list of demands to Israel in order to allow it to host the next show in 2019; one of those demands was to allow for rehearsals on the Shabbat. Other demands are a threat to Israel’s National Security. Is Europe trying to test us? Do they really think they can come to Israel to desecrate G-d’s Shabbat and imperil the safety of Jews and Israelis? Not happening. And G-d Forbid that any Israeli accepts this insult not only to Am Yisrael but above all to Hashem – if the Eurovision is not happy with what Israel has to offer then they can go host their meaningless show somewhere else. The Jewish State, a State that is Unique, doesn’t need you. Shema Yisrael! 

Last warning: reverse your Middle East policies and make Territorial Justice (i.e. restitution of Kurdistan to the Kurds and of Eretz Yisrael to the Jews); lest the Hand of Judgement doesn’t spare you. Trust us, not even George Soros’ money or Henry Kissinger’s advice will save you. This is not a temporal matter - “The Lord, slow to anger and abundant in kindness and truth”.

Russia and China

Russia was given several opportunities to atone and Vladimir Putin and Cº have refused thus far. What a shame for Moscow could have been truly great. China could have used its grey cells to contribute to world development, but instead it nurtures Imperialistic Ambitions that are hurting one of my most beloved regions: Africa. Play for as long as you can – the Day of Reckoning is near.

Reports say China and Russia carried out the largest joint Military Exercises as preparation for war: against whom exactly? Whenever there is a problem in the world (be it Jihadist or otherwise) it is an assured thing that these two countries are involved in one way or another. You have been warned before; therefore, tread carefully, Moscow and Beijing, lest you are no more - "Adonai heed, be attentive and act do not delay, for your Name is proclaimed upon Your City and upon your people." 


I entreat our dear readers not to misinterpret the words contained in this piece: they are not a threat as our group does not have the power to Decree against Governments. However, we do have the ability to read well (beyond what is apparent); therefore, we dedicate ourselves to collecting Intelligence and to reading Texts (of any sort): it just so happens that World Events are proving us right.

Most Humans tend to discard Prophecies and Religious Material as fantasies, and when they started doing it they sealed the demise of society as we once knew it, since they perverted the right order of things. Such a pity; but the good news is that it is reversible - "The Lord, Forgiver of iniquity, wilful wrongdoing, and sin, and who absolves." – Plus, the Third Sign is already here.

5779-5780: it will be a long year. A lot will be unveiled, a lot will be buried. A lot of countries will begin to grasp the Message. And no one will be spared.

Shanah Tovah uMetukah (Happy and Sweet New Year)!

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  1. What is this, the doomsday? I want to see the EU on the ground though especially after they voted for Article 7 for Hungary! How dare they? This may very well be the first step to their fall! Crossing my fingers.

  2. Russia and China worry me cause both are very expansionist. China wants to claim most of Asia and Russia wants the Middle East and Africa and they have no ethics. I worry, that's all!

  3. Trump already closed the fake PA offices in Washington. Other countries should follow suit. But if they refuse, let them be screwed it's their choice. America is Blessed cause she Blesses Israel, that much I can see. Kol Hakavod, Max!


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