Security Note: Why Brazil Needs a Strong Man as a Leader

By Dissecting Society

Brazil faces huge threats to her National Security, therefore she needs a very strong leader to steer her in the right direction. What threats are those? What are the qualities that the next political leader should have? These are a couple of questions we will answer this week.

The Threats

We received intelligence that Iran is, once again, very much interested in Brazil - and thus Tehran has activated protocols to send operatives to the Land of Samba. This interest was first nurtured during President Lula’s tenure, who kept a very close relationship with Iran – during the height of Sanctions initiated by President Bush – which raises a lot of questions (like, where did most of President Lula’s personal wealth come from?). During President Dilma Rousseff’s administration, the Brazilian Federal Police exposed a truth the presidency wanted to keep under wraps: that Hizbullah is very much present in the South (one of the sides of the Tri-Border Security Threat), along with other Jihadist groups.

This relationship between Iran (her proxies) and Leftist Parties is to be investigated on a Global Scale.

Related Subject:

The Iranian leadership is not a fool and they knew it was only a matter of time before the US would pull out of the JCPOA, thus they decided to renew old alliances and to take advantage of the political chaos engulfing Brazil to rekindle an old connection (since Latin American is slowly shifting rightwards): it is not a coincidence that Lula da Silva wanted to run for President in spite of the Corruption charges he faced and in spite of serving time for his crimes. Iran is behind all these moves. Then when the Supreme Court ruled against Lula da Silva’s ambitions and he had to quit the race for good, he chose a replacement of Lebanese descent.

It is true that not all Lebanese are Hizbullah operatives, however it is also true that Hizbullah is known for extorting money and information from Lebanese expats; and for forcing them to do whatever they want by threatening to kill their relatives back in Lebanon. Therefore, Brazil would do well to take heed of the perils of having Lebanese descents (with family still living in Lebanon) running for President.

What does Iran want from Brazil? It is simple:

  • To reinforce the plan of stoking gang violence in major cities to divide to conquer (Jihadi MO)
  • To infiltrate their operatives to strengthen existing cells in the Tri-Border
  • To replace known cells in the big cities
  • To train new operatives to re-enter Venezuela and, from there, spread to the Caribbean
  • To re-direct Hizbullah Operatives
  • To influence the incoming Presidential Elections in October
  • To be closer to Mexican Cartels
  • To have access to Portugal (now the deal with Angola has been exposed)
  • To take over the Heroin route stemming from the Mozambican Heroin Transit Centre
  • To be closer to the United States – their next target.

What the Next Brazilian President Should Look Like

Brazil is living a security nightmare: people are leaving the country (and taking their wealth with them), people are being killed in broad daylight, violence is felt everywhere, and her prosperity is in peril. In order to fix the problem, Brazilians need a strong man at the helm. So what are the characteristics of such a leader?

The next President should be a military man. He should be strong enough to ignore the Media and the attacks of the opposition – because these two never appreciate the work of problem-solvers. He should also have the absolute support of the Security and Military establishment to make sure he will control the implementation of the clean-up plan. The next Commander-in-Chief should be a patriotic man who loves his country more than he loves personal gain, and thus has the courage to ignore Political Correctness and protect his Nation at all costs.

We understand Brazil has a past of military dictatorship, however that is not an excuse to allow the country to sink. But unfortunately, the threats afflicting the country are so great that only a man with a military background can have enough savvy and influence to undertake a powerful counter-terror operation within his borders and go after the nationals that aided and abetted terrorism.

NB: when we suggest going after the Jihadi collaborators, we are encouraging the next Brazilian President to create a special task force to investigate politicians, police officers, civil servants, military men etc in order to establish the proper connections between them, Criminal syndicates and Jihadist organisations. If Brazil needs to procure international independent groups to assist in the investigation, then she should do just that. There is a new way of doing things (without resorting to state violence [in extremis]).

Brazil needs to decide what country she wants to be:

  • A safe haven for Terrorists, supported by PT (Labour Party), and therefore a failed state; or
  • A stable and secure country with human development from North to South, and therefore a Regional Power?

(Image: Brazilian Imperial Flag[Ed] - Google Images)

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  1. Brazil is a shithole much like Latin America but somehow America now is interested in it. I hear Mattis was in Brazil this week?

  2. Brazil is a deadbeat country that has only one thing going for it: Samba and the "morenas"! Other than that it's almost a failed state anyway. But it's nice to see you guys still have faith in it. And who is this military dude you guys suggest should be the next Pres?

  3. Brazil is a mess because of leftist policies and PC. I also found Brazil to be too cozy with Muslims, hezbollah, Al-qaeda, PLO etc. So Bolsonaro is the solution, yes!

  4. It's incredible that a prisoner can run for elections! I only heard of it in the fake state of Palestine lol. That alone is indication Brazil and Palestinians are too close, but I wouldn't be surprised Lula da Silva was in Iranian pockets cause when he was president that's when Hezbollah moved to Tri border en masse, remember Max?

    1. Hi Pietr :D!

      Yes, President Lula was very cosy with President Ahmadinejad at the time. So, do you think that the rise of Hezbollah in the Tri-Border is related to that relationship?


  5. Iran disrupted Africa and now wants to step up the disruption plan in Latin-America. The Trump Administration does well to turn its gaze back to South-America, since the threat it's on America's door step.

  6. Brazil is a problem to elect good people because the People themselves are ignorant and corrupt. The south is made of informed people so they vote for decent politicians, the north is made of ignorant people who make more babies than the south so when they vote for the corrupt who win their vote by giving them fridges and TV sets, of course the corrupt wins! How could this military man wins the elections if I suppose he won't give out gifts to the electorate?


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