Trump's Week: NATO Summit, Visit to the UK and Russia-US Summit

This week I will briefly comment on three events that have been dominating the Political world: the NATO Summit, President Trump’s visit to the UK and the Trump-Putin Meeting.

The NATO Summit

President Trump reiterated the need for NATO member-states to abide by the organisation’s rules to contribute 2% of their GDP to the Northern Atlantic Alliance. But what struck me the most was one important detail – considered by the most sensitive crowd as an aggressive move: Donald Trump exposed the fallacy that Russia is Europe’s main threat.

For the last four years, many “pundits” have commented and written pieces on how Europe was wrong about ignoring its biggest menace: Russia. From the Brookings Institute to Politico, they all deemed Moscow a huge threat – why and based on what, Crimea? The question that should have been asked is: why didn’t Europe go deeper after the Crimea question? President Donald Trump just answered that question last week.

The Answer

Russia supplies at least 75% of the total Gas needs of Germany (according to the Eurostat). Seventy five percent, that’s a lot. In 2017, Germany paid a total of €17 billion (i.e. $21 billion) to Russia.

Is it in Russia’s interest to lose this business (especially when it is allegedly under sanctions)? Even a two year old kid would see that Russia, because of national interests, would not menace a source of income.

Russia is the main EU supplier of crude oil, natural gas and solid fuels - EU

So, it is very interesting to see all the usual sophists (New York Times, The BBC, CNN etc) concocting articles to try proving President Trump wrong, when the EU itself confesses the obvious and the facts are out there for anybody to confront.

The Trump Visit to the UK

Because POTUS exposed an inconvenient truth, he became an even greater target – raise your hand if you noticed the heavy American presence in the London Anti-Trump Protests. These reactionary elements only confirmed what we suspected: the usual US leftist organisations are willing to pay their activists – the few they have left apparently, if now they have to export them overseas – to organise these protests themselves. Ha! And by the way, Sadiq Khan proved he’s unworthy to serve as the Mayor of London – he just signed his political demise. Not to mention that the UK Labour Party now is dictated by the American Left: how low has that party gone.

Anyway, President Trump met with PM Theresa May and suggested that she waste no more time haggling with the Europeans and to sue them instead. Meanwhile, he told Piers Morgan he had given a good idea for Brexit to his British counter-part but wouldn’t share it with him. PM May, on BBC, revealed what the idea was, that she laughed it off and prefers to negotiate instead – by why did she have the need to share this in public, when she really didn’t have to? Strategy and if the PM plays her cards right, she can save both her seat and the UK from the Euro Claws; otherwise, she can kiss her “power” goodbye. The Interests of Her Majesty’s Kingdom are above anything. Anything.

PM May’s ‘soft Brexit’ approach is not desirable because it holds Britain Captive of the EU, and that is not the point of Brexit – it is not what the people signed up for when they opted by exiting the Union. Thus, Theresa May would do well to have the courage to follow a good advice and remember something I learnt from the Brits a long time ago: if you show weakness, they will put their foot on your neck.

It was reported that Prince Charles and Prince William snubbed President Trump by forcing the Queen to meet the Trump couple alone. I’m not sure this report is true because it doesn’t make sense: the heirs to the throne sending the message that they intend to choose which head of states they will meet according to ideology, when they’re not supposed to have one in the first place?

And then the notion that Her Majesty is forced to do whatsoever is ludicrous. If she wanted Prince Charles to be there next to her, he would’ve been, period. The same applies to her grandson. Besides, President Trump is the son of a subject to the Crown – would this be how the future kings intend to treat the children of subjects? I doubt it, but if we find out the whole thing is true then it will be awkward…

They make phenomenal things, you know, and you have different names - you can say “England”, you can say “UK”, you can say “United Kingdom” so many different - you know you have, you have so many different names - Great Britain. I always say: “Which one do you prefer? Great Britain? You understand what I’m saying?’ – Donald Trump (link)

Indeed, “England”, “UK”, “Great Britain”…which one is preferable?

The Putin-Trump Meeting

Finally, the leaders of the two biggest world powers sat together to negotiate a path towards normalisation of relations between Russia and the United States. The Russian and American Presidents deemed their meeting a success for the willingness in both sides to negotiate instead of engaging in démodé confrontational behaviour.

President Trump made a point of stressing that America and Russia share the same political principle: Realism. Meaning, these two countries conduct their business with their national interest in mind, as opposed to the interests of international organisations, that no entity has the authority to tell States what to do (especially if those “international rules and agreements” remain static and ignore the national needs and interests within any given context), and that their States can only thrive through Power, and its many expressions. So, we have two realist States: US and Russia. Good.

President Putin, on the other hand, made sure to assure the world the “Cold War is something of the past”. Meaning, he is now ready to help bringing about Change to the world – that is, he probably now sees the chances to contribute to the New World Order in a positive way. It was very interesting to see President Putin assuming also a very realist stance – almost like a confirmation of President Trump’s words – even though Russia and the US may not trust each other (since each is defending its own self-interests), they know there are intersection points they can work upon and create the proper environment to eliminate the present chaos.

Both presidents also seemed to be in sync regarding Immigration policies when President Putin expressed the willingness to discuss strategies with his American counter-part to send the migrants back to their countries. Both leaders also mentioned Syria and Israel in a way that seemed to show they are willing to coordinate with the Jewish State a solution for President Al-Assad (Note: Israel recently expressed it has no interest in deposing Bashar al-Assad as along as he keeps Iran away from its borders – the Trump Administration also has an interest in keeping Iran in check, and Moscow seems to be willing to concede on that, in spite of the Russia-Turkey-Iran Axis).

Will the US remove sanctions imposed on Russia in 2014 by the Obama Administration? Doing so would be a sign of good faith to the Kremlin and it would put pressure on the European Union (could they be using these sanctions to negotiate cheaper energy supply from Russia?) – in any case, Ukraine’s position would have to be very well calculated.


Donald Trump is changing how politics is being done. And that, my dear readers, is driving the change-resistant creatures crazy – look at the hard work they are having in exporting anti-Trump activists all over the world to do their dirty job for them (even the Gay community is in the coup). Fortunately, President Trump is not here to be loved: he is here to do his job. We believe he will do it and America is about to be Great Again.

If the UK has the courage to follow the American President’s advice on Brexit, it will be surprised at the amazing results – Globalism, and its mother Socialism, is on its way to the cemetery; so now it’s time to prepare for the future and save the Sovereignty of Her Majesty’s Kingdom.

We have been defending a closer relationship between the US and Russia for years. I personally thought that President Obama would have the intelligence to do it, but he didn’t somehow. Now, President Trump managed to open the door to a new era in the Russia-US relations.

People (from all over the globe) repeat stupid mantras like “Trump is dangerous! Trump is racist! Trump will cause the WWIII! Trump is crazy!”…well, those people are intellectually impotent and their opinion is irrelevant when we look at the facts: principled realism is effective. ב"ה

This is just the beginning…

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  1. Trump was great in all three meetings if you ask me. But even so his opponents found ways of trashing the guy! He's got thick skin and I'm rooting for him. #MAGA

  2. The assholes now are calling Trump a traitor cause he managed to get along with Putin! What did they want him to do, punch Putin out on the face? If the dude is diplomatic he is a traitor, if the dude is a straight shooter he's a savage that doesn't know the meaning of diplomacy. Fuck off!! Trump is doing a great job and I hope he and Putin really get along and change this whole shit up!

  3. Teresa May should be given a boot! She was a Remainer so she will sabotage any sort of Brexit, but we the people want to see our will respected, don' we? Go, Boris Johnson!

  4. I commend President Trump's ability to encourage Russia to support Israel's security needs the way President Putin did. It was remarkable; let's see if he delivers though.

  5. Sadiq Khan is a disgrace! Since he took office the crime rates in London have skyrocketed! London now have higher murder rates than New York City, and this bloke has the nerve to say that London is the safest city on earth? What a wanker! I hope you're right and I hope he goes away soon. Thanks.

  6. Europe once again showed their hypocrisy when they went after Russia knowing they depend on Russia. Don't they see we are fed up with this type of politics of mud slinging, backstabbing, bullying bullshit? This is why people like me vote for Donald Trump and will vote for him again!

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed President Trump's visit to the UK. And the Queen looked delighted to host him at Windsor Palace. But of course, the useful idiots went as far as pointing to the broche Her Majesty was wearing, apparently a gift of the Obamas', as a way of implying Her Majesty liked the Obamas best but I promise you it is not so. At all! Anyhow, Donald Trump is an outstanding individual and I wish him all the luck in the world.

  8. Believe what you want but Trump is one hell of a President! Who cares what the fuckleftards say about him? They would rather have us at war than actually doing something to fix the problems of this world!!! We say no more: we want peace and Trump will help us get it! Go Trump!!

    Shabbat Shalom, brothers.

  9. Wow! Haven't been here in a while but I see Max has no scruples! First you supported Obama now you support Trump? Two super opposite presidents!!!! Trump IS a racist and our opinion matters if we are to bring him down now! Trump sides with neo-nazis, with fascists, he wants America free of gays and immigrants even though we are a country of immigrants! It doesn't make sense!!!!!

    1. I don't think we ever spoke, I don't remember you at least, but I have to tell you that Trump is NOT a racist. Never has been cause I remember seeing him on magazines with his black friends and the black people he supported, but now he's a racist? Shame on you!

    2. Well, well, well, look who the cat brought out of the bag: little Celia! Bitch is in the Houuuuseeee!! Yeah, you haven't been around for a while but I see you continue to be as dumb as I remember you to be. You and your dumb Antifa-shitty friends will never bring Trump down, you hear me?

      "he wants America free of gays and immigrants even though we are a country of immigrants! It doesn't make sense!!!!!"

      What? That's some dumb shit to say, where did you get this from?

      YOU don't make sense so go back to the rat whole you came from! We didn't miss you.

    3. Ana, are you writing a rap song? Hehehehehe

    4. LOL maybe! I was thinking about calling it "All Lies on Me" what do you think?

    5. And I see, Ana, you continue to be as toxic as always! You have no arguments, you deflect from issues and you now resort to name calling? How low of you! Anyway, say what you want but it doesn't change the fact that Trump is dangerous, a racist, a fascist and a woman hater!

  10. Trump has a strange political style but it seems to work, and isn't what matters? We saw US president talking politely and nicely and President Bush, for example, dragged the world into a war in Afghanistan that is still ongoing and for what? Everybody knew Pakistan had Obama, in the streets of Maputo we knew it! So if Trump is strange but get things done in a proper way, he got my moral support!

    1. Leila, shame on YOU for supporting a man who hates your kind! It doesn't matter if he has black friends, that doesn't make him a non-racist, it makes him a pragmatic man who uses people when he needs them! He used those black people to promote himself to get to the white house, think about it!!


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