The New Italian Government: Make Italy Great Again

The new Italian Government was sworn in on the 1st of June 2018. This executive is composed by Anti-European Union parties that must be keeping Europhiles up at night. The simple minded call this administration “Populist” but, as we have seen Here, Populism is synonymous with Demokratia – thus, there is nothing to fear because whenever a “Populist” party/candidate wins it means not only that silent voters have gone out to cast a ballot but also that the true will of the People has been served.

Is Italexit on the Horizon?

This Administration mirrors the increasing political trend in the Western World, but will it be effective? To know the answer to that question we should take a quick look at the Proposals presented by M5S and the League:

Public Debt

“Italy is battling a public debt of €2.3 trillion, 132 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) – the second highest ratio in the EU behind Greece.” (Source)

The Government’s Programme states that "The government's actions will target a programme of public debt reduction not through revenue based on taxes and austerity, policies that have not achieved their goal, but rather through increased GDP by the revival of internal demand," – it is true that enforcing an overly harsh fiscal discipline (that include exaggerated direct and indirect tax hikes) does not work, especially when countries do not control their currency, their interest rate, and other tools that a Fiscally Sovereign State has at its disposal to circumvent certain disequilibria. However, Italy must tread carefully in order not to find itself in a situation where it spends more than it earns. Notwithstanding, if it plays its cards right, boosting public spending may have a different result if done effectively (since the creation of jobs will result in having more people working, meaning more will be paying taxes and spending more which will create demand, which in turn generates more jobs, and so forth so forth).

The European Union

The new Executive pledges to work towards reigning in the EU and renegotiating treaties. It also proposes to review the single currency policies (does this sound like an anthem to “I miss the Lira”?). When this attempt fails, for it will fail given the nature of those controlling the EU, this Government will have to answer the popular calls for an Italexit.

Fiscal Policy

“Fewer taxes on families, fewer taxes on companies, fewer taxes on labour, means more consumption by households, more production by businesses, more employment, and more money in the state’s coffers to help citizens.” (Source)

This statement is sheer good sense. The League intends to introduce a Flat Tax of 20%, even though initially it had promised a 15% one, for the reasons explained above. It is not yet near what DS proposes (a 10% Flat Tax based on the Tithe) but it is close enough for the time being; besides, it is a great opportunity to show that the Progressive Tax Policy is a complete failure in that it generates not only more disequilibria, but also social injustice – not to mention that it promotes Tax Evasion.

NB: The Marxist-Leninist nay-sayers need not to express their silly opinion for one simple reason: the rich will always pay more taxes than the poor, even under the Flat Tax policy; and besides the rich will inject more into the economy than the poor, period. 

Immigration and Islam

The new administration won the elections on the promise that they would expel illegal immigrants (including those who infiltrated Italy by boat smugglers - who receive from each migrant over €3,500). The new government also wants to crack down on cooperatives that manage the asylum centres, where they probably learn the keywords to be told to the Media and politicians - one can only imagine the amount of business going on there, including by Mafia conglomerates.

Illegal mosques are to be closed and Imams will have to be registered on a national list – for broader control of the message being spread in Mosques.

National Security and Foreign Policy

For Self-Defence purposes, Italian citizens will be allowed to shoot anyone who enters their home (even in the absence of physical threat – but anyone breaking and entering somebody’s home cannot be doing so with good intentions, anyway). There will be tougher sentences for sexual crimes and "under-age offenders". Moreover, new prisons are to be built and foreign prisoners are to serve sentences in their home country, as much as possible.

As for Foreign Policy, this is where it gets interesting: The government aligns itself with the United States of America (a "privileged partner") but asks for the immediate removal of sanctions against Russia for Moscow "should not be perceived as a threat but as an economic and commercial partner" - we have been saying that for years, but it will be interesting to know whether the Di Maio/Salvini Administration will converse with the Trump Administration to blindside the European Union and remove the Kremlin from the Euro-Menu - President Macron was seen pandering to Vladimir Putin, who afterwards issued a less-than-creative statement attacking the US...

The new Italian administration also seems to treat the European Union affairs as Foreign Policy goal – already signalling a possible incoming Italexit. Certainly, Di Maio and Salvini know that there is no way to avoid the inevitable.

State Reforms

The proposed reforms are indicative of a Government that seeks to give power back to the People (the very definition of “Populism”):

  • Reduce the number of Members of Parliament from 600 to 400 MPs, and the number of Senators from 318 to 200
  • MPs and Senators are to be banned from changing political parties during the legislature
  • Beef up the use of Referenda in law-making (i.e. grant more decision power to the people)
  • Give more power to Regions. 

Economy and National Politics

Set up a legal minimum wage (though a figure has not been given yet) and the Universal Income support for poorer families (at €780), block the sale of Alitalia, increase savings protection and pass laws to hold Banks responsible, basically, for their fraudulent businesses with their clients' deposits. There is also the intention to develop the "Green-economy" and encourage citizens to make the switch to electric cars- does this mean this government will also increase the price of Gas to encourage people to migrate to Electric Vehicles?

In order to tackle the decrease in birth-rates, the State intends to provide free nursery schooling for children of "Italian families" and to remove VAT from early childhood products - how much would the first proposal cost and who would benefit from it, every single Italian Family or only those with low income? VAT should never have been applied in early childhood products, anywhere in the world, so we agree with this measure; though Italy should also consider removing VAT from Incontinence products as well.

But there is one political measure that may raise a lot of brows: Freemasons can never become ministers. Question: if the Freemasonry is a Secret Society, how do we know who these Freemasons are exactly? As per my observation, there are Freemasons who do not declare themselves as such, whereas there are others who claim to be so and they’re not. So, it would be interesting to know how the Italian Government intends to catch the secretive elements of the Freemasonry.


The new Italian Administration has a lot of work ahead – we wish them all the good fortune in the world, in their quest to Make Italy Great Again. We hope the Coalition knows that the Europhiles and the Unelected Officials will try to block their progress, will run a campaign to undermine their plans and will attempt to destabilise the country, but they should also know that Italy has friends who are willing to help.

Any Political Project that intends to reconquer Sovereignty, to step away from Globalism and bring National Pride back is welcome because the context is right. Avanti Italia!

Fratelli d'Italia
L'Italia s'è desta
Dell'elmo di Scipio
S'è cinta la testa

Dov'è la Vittoria?
Le porga la chioma
Che schiava di Roma
Iddio la creò

Stringiamoci a coorte
Siam pronti alla morte
Siam pronti alla morte
L'Italia chiamò, sì!

Uniamoci, uniamoci
L'unione e l'amore
Rivelano ai popoli
Le vie del Signore

Giuriamo far libero
Il suolo natio:
Uniti, per Dio
Chi vincer ci può? 

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  1. An Italexit would mark the permanent fall of the EU. Liking it!

  2. The idea of flat tax without exemptions whatsoever is great. Everyone pays his fair share. I just worry about the universal income when the new government appears to initially reduce revenue with is the tax cut and increase spending, won't it give in to an unbalance? Just hope they know what they're doing. Good luck Italy and prove them all wrong!

  3. I don't think this government will succeed cause populism is divisive and not inclusive. It's a shame to see Italy go down this road.

  4. I wish Italy all the best. Like Britain, she too would go through some initial hiccups but, in the end, it will be for her good.

  5. These are politically exciting times. May PM Conte be successful in his job and Avanti Italia!

  6. After Brexit, Italexit? It will be a dream come true. I agree with you Max, now the campaign to destroy this government will begin and hopefully they are strong enough to handle it, like President Trump! Good will prevail.

  7. It's a pleasure to see the sheep repeating the same thing in panic: oh, the rise of populism, oh the monster of populism! Folks, populism is true power of the people for the people and not the corrupt system in place in Europe and most of the world! I'm so sick of it all, so I wish Italy the best and she should make us proud and free from the EU yoke!

  8. I love the Italian National Anthem, it is so patriotic so contrary to the European Union Soviet project!! I support the new government and I hope they put another nail on the EU coffin. Shabbat Shalom, Max!


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