Prince William's Middle East Visit: A Historic Inglorious Trip

Prince William is visiting the Middle East. Today, he is in Israel and thus his visit has being hailed as ‘historic', but we hail it as inglorious. Before proceeding, it should be made clear that the words in this post are directed at the Royal Court, rather than at His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, as it is a known that the British Royal Family is nothing but a firm of poupées in the hands of the Courtiers. Having said this, let’s move on and discuss the severe issues of Prince William’s visit to the region.

Issue Number 1: What ‘occupied West Bank’?

By the love of G-d, I don’t know what kind of spirit drinks they have been having at the Royal Court these days – or what bad puffs the private secretaries to the Duke of Cambridge have been taking – because clearly the sense of knowledge, good sense and sensibility has completely vanished from the Palace.

Rumour has it that the Royal Family is not supposed to be political – even though we do not agree with the principle, for if anyone has the right to be political is exactly the Royal Family of any country - and yet Prince William allowed himself to be put under the political spotlight by permitting his assistants to associate his name to a fallacious term: ‘occupied West Bank’. Why is it fallacious? Because:

  1. West Bank implies that the area either belongs or (once upon a time) belonged to Jordan, when it never did. Jordan never legally claimed that piece of land when it occupied it in 1947, after the Arab rejection of the Partition Plan (which rendered the Partition null and void); therefore, it became No Man’s Land and eligible to be conquered, which in fact happened between 1948 and 1967 (when Israel reconquered part of the Promised Land). This is International Law. 
  2. A state can’t occupy its own Land. Thus, given the fact that Israel finalised the reconquer of Judea and Samaria (the original name of the region) in 1967, it can’t be occupying it just because one group (created by the Egyptians in 1964) decided to dispute Jewish claim to its own Land – granted by G-d and by a human legal instrument called “The British Mandate of Palestine” - and the world decided to suffer a cognitive dissonance for expedience sake. 

Issue Number 2: Intellectually Vulgar People are running the Royal Family

The Children of a Lesser Intellect, with an agenda, are running the Royal Family and slowly turning it into a Political Instrument. And what is worst is that the Royals are letting them to: whatever is the matter; have we grown tired of being apolitical and so we are now using intellectually vulgar folks to achieve our goals (and let them take the blame for it afterwards)? What happened to the office of the Lord Chamberlain? I remember the time when Lord Chamberlain was an Honourable Man. Those days are gone, it seems.

Issue Number 3: Establishing Alliances

The common analysis to Prince William’s visit is that the UK is attempting to counter-balance the United States of America’s alignment with Israel, and its decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. If such is the case, then it must said it is a thick strategy – as it fails to take into account the context of events and the benefits for the UK in the long run. The British should’ve asked themselves why America did what it did, but they didn’t.

America’s move guaranteed its privileged position, in the future, near the Monarch of Israel. 

We say the British Information Services may not be keeping up with the intelligence about incoming events. Nevertheless, the United Kingdom decided to send Prince William, the second in line to the British throne, to scout Jordan, Israel and the offices of Fatah (in Ramallah). The UK is so desperate, they even sent their future King to the offices of a Terrorist Organisation – it couldn’t possibly get more ludicrous than this.

So what happened in Jordan: did the Duke of Cambridge promise Charlotte in marriage to Jordan’s future King to form a stable alliance against the Jewish State? Isn’t the Jordanian Crown Prince though a tad too old for Princess Charlotte? Oy! We are not Royal Matchmakers but, if the United Kingdom is in such despair to form Royal alliances, perhaps the Court should set up a strategic marriage between Princess Beatrice and the Jordanian Prince Crown - though, we are not certain about the Arab policy on marrying “leftover ladies” (as the Chinese would put it). But we digress…

NB: the Duke of Cambridge toured the sites visited by the Duchess of Cambridge when she lived in Jordan with her family, between 1984 and 1986. The Court’s official statement is that Princess Katherine was born in 1982 – please, look at the picture on the right, does she look like she was between two-four then? Something is afoot…

Besides sunbathing in Tel Aviv, placing a wreath at Yad Vashem and visiting his great-grandmother’s grave, what sort of business could Prince William possibly have in Israel? What is exactly the purpose of this official trip there: send a message through PM Netanyahu? Open a line of communication? Claim the Throne of the House of David? All right, all right, hold your horses; just being facetious because we all know how impossible that would be…

Issue Number 4: Britain, the Ground-Zero of Anti-Israel Sentiment

Could this trip be a tacit confession that all the Anti-Israel sentiment, repeated by the whole world, has been disseminated by the United Kingdom ever since they lost the battle against the Jews, in Palestine (the “national home for the Jewish People” as per the Mandate of Palestine – an internationally legal instrument)? Could the British resent us so much that they planned, 70 years ago, a diplomatic war of attrition against Israel (for its determination)?

We haven’t forgotten Britain’s betrayal to Our People either; so we are even. Still, why send Junior HRH to Israel? Does this trip heal any wounds? Not as along as the United Kingdom keeps defying Hashem by calling the Land - He Promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – ‘occupied territory’. Not as long as Her Majesty’s Government keeps smiling at us and stabbing us on the back at the same time (by endorsing Israel’s enemies, by persecuting the House of David, and by being ambiguous at the UN for “economic reasons”).


Israel survived 70 years without being visited by members of the British Royal House – certainly, it could’ve survived yet another 70. If Prince William’s visit was simply an excuse to issue the message that Her Majesty’s Government remains bent on self-destruction, then the purpose has been served: have it your way. As Jews, we are obliged to warn people of things to come; therefore, we received intelligence of the existence of one file (with the potential of destabilising the UK for decades to come): the House of Stuart. There, the Kensington Palace has been warned.

There is still time to revert policies…

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  1. Hold on! There are two things that got me confused, who is the Monarch of Israel and what about the House of Stuart? Never heard of either! Anyway, there are more important things going on than Willie's visit to the Middle East!

  2. I have a couple of things to comment here today:
    1- I don't get the usefulness of this trip. Will change the Brits' behaviour with us?
    2- They couldn't send papa cause he is too friendly with the Arabs, so they sent the son: is William friendlier to the Jewish Cause? Shedding a tear at Yad Vashem or at Auschwitz means little to me.
    3- Kate is older than they say she is?!!! Why would they lie about her age anyway? If Harry could marry a divorcee surely William could marry a cougar!
    4- I will never forgive the UK for taking our land and giving it to the Hashemite Arabs just cause the French kept Syria!
    5- House of Stuart?!!! What are you guys saying? I hope it's not what I'm thinking...maybe that is why William went there after all!!
    Oy Vey, now I have a tremendous headache just thinking about incoming events hehehehehehe...

  3. This trip is an indication of the level of diplomatic importance the Middle East, especially Israel, has in the career of any professional (be it diplomatic, political, intelligence or military). Prince William was sent there to polish his international credentials, perhaps something bigger is coming soon, perhaps he is about to fulfill a more relevant role in world politics? One thing is certain, it seems that the Royal Family is about to get gradually more political even though his speech in Tel Aviv revealed tactfulness.

  4. Maybe the UK is telling Israel that though they cannot move their embassy and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which she is obviously, they send one of their most precious darlings as a sign of support for the Jewish State? Even so for a royal to accept such a political role is quite a the British Royal Family changing their status? I think we are about to see some interesting things happening in this front!!

  5. Prince William is visiting the PLO's offices today, in Ramallah. Whatever is the matter with the British Gov. to send an Heir to Throne to meet with a Terrorist Organisation? All the while reaffirming its commitment to the War against Terror - does it make any sense? Helas, these days, nothing does.

    The Western Media didn't cover Prince William's meeting with PM Netanyahu, but his meeting with the head of a Terrorist Group is front page of news sites. Interesting, isn't it? The day is coming when the world will learn what they have really done by supporting the PLO and their lies. Good job, Max.

  6. Monarch of Israel? Are you talking about the Mashiach, Max? You got me mixed up now, anyway I had already commented on youtube that Wills should worry more about the Islamization of his country rather than coming to ours to lecture us about peace with the Arabs! But if he wants to meddle in our affairs then he should tell Abbas to stop occupying our land, pack his bags and leave back to Saudi Arabia where his family came from!

  7. Prince William said he will make the Peace in the Middle East his political centrepiece for years to come. Does anyone believe he can make a difference?

    1. "Prince William vows to make Middle East peace his personal 'lifelong project'."

      Will it make a difference? No. It just means he will use it to prop up his diplomatic credentials.


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