Connecting Dots: Why The EU Insists on Remaining in the Iran Deal

“Economic Interests” is the new mantra of the Morally Bankrupt and of those seeking to hide gross political miscalculations. Some folks have been chanting this mantra almost everywhere in Europe to justify, mainly, the Iranian Deal and why the European Union couldn’t possibly follow in the footsteps of President Trump.

When one hears of “economic interests” one could think of gains to the People of the signatory parties of the Agreement, however, as the President of the United States so well said: Iran benefits more than Western countries, in spite of Tehran's Terrorist Activities.

Germany, France, the UK and the European Union – despite having been provided with evidence that Tehran signed an agreement based on lies and that it circumvented Sanctions for years – issued public statements reiterating their commitment to the Deal. From Portugal, a former Vice-PM sends messages out that the country is to bow down to a former colony (i.e. the Angolan elite can commit crimes on Portuguese soil, and the authorities are to turn a blind eye to those criminal transgressions) lest Spain, Germany, France and the UK fill the void left by Portugal if it decides to sever ties with Angola. What is the connection here?

Vive La France! - The Next Angolan Laundering Machine

Suddenly, France saw fit to refresh its relations with Angola – with a high profile photo-op and all. This relationship is not new: raise your hand if you remember Angolagate. The French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, went to Luanda (in March 2018) to pledge €250Mio to help build much needed infrastructure (Note: most of the times such funds don't even enter the Angolan territory, remaining in European banks in the accounts of the Angolan elites’ families – wives, children and mistresses).
Then months later, the Angolan President travelled to Paris to ask President Macron to join the International Organisation of La Francophonie – does Angola obey the criteria to join at all?

  • Is French the Lingua Franca in Angola? No.
  • Is over 45% of the Angolan Population Francophone? No.
  • Is there, in Angola, a notable legacy from the French culture? No. 
  • Have the People of France played a vital military, political and cultural role in Angola? No. 

French companies are buying Angolan breweries, French oil companies enjoy too much space of manoeuvre in Angola; and France welcomes the children of Angolan elites in their schools and workforce. French Banks are quite content about the renewed relationship because now their profits have gone up by the billions (note: there is the official explanation to the sudden increase and then there’s the truth – which is the parallel between what is happening in Portugal and what is going on in France, i.e. Angolans are turning both countries into Money Laundering Machines).

There was a meeting recently, in France, between Government elements from Angola and Iran – with Hezbollah members present. If we know it, the DGSE knows it too; so what happened? Are they allowing Iran to conduct business in French territory because they sell them weapons through Angola? 

The How

Example: France sells food to Angola. The containers leave towards Africa but stops in Morocco. The weapons are then removed from the containers, leaving only the food behind, and moved onto a different ship that will sail towards Lebanon (NB: for those following Portuguese news, remember when weapons were stolen from an Army Base, in Tancos, last year? Part of those weapons ended up in Lebanon too). Hezbollah gets the goods, passes them on to Iranian proxies in the ME and the Iranian Jihad proceeds. 

Long Live the Queen! 

Does the UK sell weapons to Iran? Maybe, maybe not; but for now we will rather say British companies are involved in it, along with rogue agents from the Special Branch. The Foreign Office is interested in keeping Iran as an Instrument to be used against "that thorn" called Israel (they haven’t forgiven us for having become self-sufficient quite just yet). So, British elements are the ones receiving the weapons in North of Africa and then transporting them to the Middle East – and certain elements within the British government turn a blind eye, in exchange for the proper incentives. 

Heil Deutschland! - It's All About the Trouble

Germany is known for managing to sell its weapons to just about everybody, even though theirs are not as effective as the American or even the Israeli ones. Yet Berlin is very good at lobbying (read: compensating those who buy their products) – is it a coincidence that every time Germany sells a submarine to a state, an investigation is open in the buying country? 

Portugal itself is now placing their Special Forces, operating in CAR, in danger because some elements in the Portuguese Army want to impose on the Special Units the use of the HK G3, instead of the Galil (which they are trained with and which the soldiers defend to be far more effective) – Angela Merkel was recently in Portugal, coincidence? 

The German Chancellor was very adamant in saying that she will not walk away from the Iranian Deal, even though she was very worried about the evidence presented by the Israeli PM. 

“Iran’s regime seeks German software, sophisticated vacuum and control-engineering technologies, measurement devices and advanced electrical equipment for its rocket program, said the report. Germany is Iran’s most important European trade partner”JPost 

If we look closely, German weapons (mainly HKs) are present in the ME and even Hezbollah has access to it, since Germany sells them to Lebanon. So, does Hamas or the PLO use German weapons too? That could explain the ambiguous German position regarding these two Terrorist Threats.

Germany also became very interested in Angola in recent years. In the 1990’s, during the Angolan civil war, Germany sold the famous HK G3 to Angola through proxies – and now it seems to be wanting to revive that route. But are the weapons intended to Angola proper, or is Angola being used to buy weapons on behalf of Iran? 

One could ask what is the need to conceal these transactions? Germany – a country that leaves with the Cloud of the Nazi Holocaust hovering over its head – doesn’t want to be seen as directly selling weapons to a country that persistently threatens to wipe Israel off the Middle East map. But hey, “money is the sweetest hangover” and Germany can’t afford to “get over”…And to whom did Germany ask for Blessing before seeking Angola again, in 2012? Then Foreign Minister Paulo Portas…

Viva Portugal y España!

So, Mr Paulo Portas keeps repeating the same message on TV, week after week. Let’s not ask the question “Whom does he work for and whom is he sending these messages to exactly?”...for the time being. 

Paulo Portas, former Foreign Minister and Vice-PM, has always managed to fly under the radar. A couple of years ago, his name came up in the German submarines deal scandal, in Portugal, but no evidence surfaced to implicate him in that corruption case (NB: MEP Ana Gomes has been suspicious of him for years now, but unfortunately she almost became the Portuguese version of Michele Bachmann – who spoke against Huma Abedin too soon, even though her suspicions were spot on).

So, what do we have so far? We have a former Foreign Minister who has been one of the Espirito Santo Bank (BES) Boys; who in 2012 gave a blessing to Germany to return to Angola to sell technology (nuclear?) to Iran through Luanda – remember Tehran was under sanctions then; and who now works for the Kitsch TV (i.e. TVI belonging to Media Capital, a Spanish company that was about to be sold to Altice by Prisa, but saw the transaction cancelled after much uproar by the Angolan controlled company NOS) where he obsessively defends the Portugal-Angola Relations – even if for that Portugal is weakened and turned into a huge Money Laundering Machine. 

A couple of months ago, then PM Rajoy was scheduled to visit Angola (but then cancelled the trip due to the crisis in Catalonia). Madrid and Luanda went through a period of tensions when Spain sold weapons to Angola, in a deal worth over 150 million euros of which Spain only received a third of the amount, since the rest was embezzled by the Angolan elites in charge of the deal – in which a Portuguese individual, with dual nationality (Angolan), was involved too. 

But in 2017, Spain saw fit to resume relations and restart selling military material to Luanda so that the country would control the pirate activity in the Gulf of Guinea…but we have been told that the navy harbours harbour the yachts of the Emeritus President (no, it’s not a joke, they erroneously applied the term to José Eduardo dos Santos ad hoc so that he could enjoy immunity from prosecution for his crimes of corruption). 

We are still investigating the matter but we would suggest that someone would take a look at Santander Bank in Spain (and at Santander-Totta in Lisbon): a lot of Angolans have instructions to open bank accounts there. 


You will often hear European and African countries talk about the “Fight against Terror” but it’s all for the show, because they are aiding and abetting Islamic Terrorism at the expense of European, African and Middle Eastern blood, for the profit of the so-called elites. This is the height of immorality. 

Europe has created so many anti-money laundering laws that hamper the lives of common citizens and yet its governments are breaking every single one of them and for what: “economic interests”? Nay, economic interests equals to the freedom of the common citizen to have access to capital and freely do his business, with as little State interference as possible (i.e low taxes). With this amount of freedom there will be human development, and with it comes a stronger economy. 

You will also often hear European Politicians and Pundits speaking of the need for a Policy for Africa to avoid mass immigration to Europe: it is all a joke because Euro Special Interests are the ones creating the problem for profit and as political instruments against adversaries.

Adapt. Improvise. Overcome. Semper Fi. 

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  1. I like the posts its! And why isn't anyone looking at Angola then? We hear Nigeria, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan, South Africa but rarely about this country! Maybe that's why Iran and Hezbollah are using it?! Lord have mercy on Europeans.

  2. Oil profit made Euro countries turn a blind eye to what was going on in Angola and Iran. Now these two countries are colluding together to procure weapons! Any surprise there? No, Ahmadinejad toured Africa a couple of years ago for a reason and it wasn't just for the uranium.

  3. Hezbollah is marked in Europe, so are the Lebanese who are undergo a bigger scrutiny than other communities now, so naturally they use Africans to do their dirty job! But how did Angola get mixed up with this lot, through Congo? How did Iran choose Angola? A lot of questions awaiting answers.

  4. Russians may also be involved in the shipment of those weapons. They also work with hizbullah and others, that's how they keep peace in Dagestan.

  5. There are too many stories involving Angolans now. When will we have a file on that country? Obviously a lot of people are making a lot of money from this whole thing otherwise they would've gone after them by now! Instead, I heard they stash a lot of funds in America, in France, in Spain, in Malta (the so called President Emeritus even has Maltese nationality), and in Portugal, am I the only one to find it odd?

    Where do we have Iranians operating the most? America, Latin America, Africa, Europe and North Korea. Time to deal with them once and for all!

  6. Falcone is living in Luanda? His page says he moved to Brazil however...well, one can't be truly surprised at the contradiction as Brazil is also involved in this "love triangle", isn't it? The only difference is that the Brazilian authorities are investigating the whole thing, even though they haven't gone deep enough yet. Good job, Max.

  7. Portugal is deep in the mud, isn't she? Feel sorry for Europe!


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