SCANDAL: the European Union is Infested with Falsehood, Fraud and Lies

By Lenny Hannah

The world is no longer what it used to be: values have been thrown onto the mud and relativism is le mot du jour. In Portugal, to lie, to impute falsely, to cheat is tacitly acceptable because falsehood is immediately justified with that same perfidiousness that covers itself with insidiousness…

Euro-Commissioner Mário Centeno

The Portuguese Minister of Finance Mário Centeno, when criticised and/or contradicted, still bitterly blames the previous government for all the ills of the country, even though he has been in office for three years now. This is his behaviour of choice instead of promising to fix the situation, as one would expect him to. Mr Centeno induced the incautious of his party (Socialist Party [PS]) into believing in his infallibility – so much so that they bastardised the slogan "Je suis Charlies Hebdo" to “I am Mário Centeno”. Until proven contrary, this little man - who fools everybody – lied in the Caixa Geral de Depósitos/Domingues Case, and he lied in the Sport Lisboa Benfica-tickets case.

To solve the deficit problem, Mário Centeno stabbed the Portuguese people in the back with a huge increase in indirect Taxes and continues to hit the same old key of captivations (i.e. putting a break on public investment) while the Security Forces and the Military earn third world wages; the hospitals, schools, roads and (who knows even) bridges remain in an unprecedented state of decay; and this scandal alone reveals a huge lack of talent and strategy on the part of this sophist sitting in the Ministry of Finance – well I refuse to play the game of deceit.

European Uni…what?

Personally, I do not find a reason to waste my time following the activities of the European Union (EU) because I already know it is a distorted organisation whose ideal is to transform Europe into the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics – the only difference between the EU and its Russian predecessor is that the first thinks it is a superior Bloc over the latter since its ideological pillar rests on scientific socialism…boo whoo…

But this week I decided to pay attention to the certified bunch of liars that gravitate towards the EU:

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (April 23, 24 and 25), President Macron was in the US to try to convince President Trump not to walk away from the Euro-American Agreement with the Persians;
  • Thursday (April 26) we saw a statement issued by the trio composed by Germany, England and France re-affirming their commitment to the Iran Deal;
  • Friday (April 27), Chancellor Angela Merkel travelled to the US to launch a veiled ultimatum over the Iran Deal;
  • Monday (April 30), PM Netanyahu announced that the Israeli Intelligence Services went to Iran to collect incriminating material about the Persian nuclear activities. The Tehran Affair is not that discombobulating (since the effectiveness of the Jewish Secret Services is well known), but Europe’s and the Obama camp’s reaction is: they confessed the Iran Deal had been conceived and signed based on a Fraud, that no one had been naïve, that there was nothing new under the sun for Iran’s lies where well known and yet they signed the deal because the Europeans are crapping their undies fearing an Iranian attack against their countries. 
Come now, the European explanations were so deceptive that they fell short of saying the Israeli feat was insignificant and that if the Europeans don’t have that trove is because they simply didn’t feel like fetching them in Iran.

For the sake of honesty they should’ve just come out and say, once and for all, what they really feel:

  • They regret that Hitler didn’t conclude the Final Solution project
  • The Jews are an obstacle to their European plans
  • The European and the Obama Camp’s plan was for the Persians to keep their nuclear parts so that they can attack Israel from Syria
  • The Europeans decided that Mr Netanyahu is a Target to eliminate 
  • Israel should be sandwiched and annihilated 
  • The Europeans felt humiliated with Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem the Undivided Capital of Israel
  • The Jews must not have a Homeland of their own in order to be the world’s scapegoat
  • The Europeans have a secret wish (i.e. their ultimate orgasm): to deliver the Jews into Arab hands to then save them by closing them up in concentration camps again and exterminate them once and for all. 

Message to Ana Gomes (MEP)

Ana Gomes should just continue to invite Jew-killers to the European Parliament. Anita, perhaps you will be particularly inclined to re-invite Mahmoud Abbas to speak before the Euro-Parliament now that he defended that Hitler killed Jews not because they were Jews but because of their behaviour: and you call yourself a woman?

In Portugal, the corruption wave proceeds: the Banker had a Slush Fund composed by funds stolen from clients and the result of Tax Evasion; an Electricity Company (EDP) had a Slush Fund composed by funds extorted from clients and the result of Tax Evasion; a Man who was a Bank Clerk became a Minister of Economy and Innovation by his Boss’ (i.e. the Banker) indication and then a University Professor in the US by indication of the Electricity Company – how could Manuel Pinho let himself be bought as if he were a cheap and ignorant prostitute?

Until next time… 

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  1. Hi Lenny,

    Europe's reaction is yet another indication of the EU's incoming demise; so, don't worry.
    About their True wish regarding us Jews: dream on!

    Portugal is hype now but it's funny that no one wondered why. Why now? What is going on? And why is Mário Centeno rising so fast? What did he give in return for that fast stardom? I just hope we won't be witnessing another Sócrates case soon...

    Good job.


  2. The Europeans can try all they want but they will NEVER destroy us! Many other have tried, they disappeared and we are still here! Am Yisrael Tamid Chai!
    Iran better watch her back.

  3. I feel sorry for the Europeans, they are such idiots. When is their fall scheduled for? Tick-tock tick-tock!

  4. The Europeans can keep the damn fantasies cause it will never happen! Many peoples have come and gone but we are still here. And for a reason too! Anyway, what do you guys think of Trump's announcement last night?


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