Peace in Korea, the Eurozone Reform and Censorship in Liberal Democracies

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seat, the show is about to start: thanks to President Trump, North and South Koreas are giving positive signs of a more peaceful interaction; Europe is giving its final steps towards its demise; and, finally, the mainstream Media plus Social Media companies are showing us that Censorship is very much alive and well in Liberal Democracies.

President Trump and the Korea ‘Progress’

President Trump is a good example that all a country needs is a good negotiator at the helm. There are two concepts that need to be understood by anyone wanting to be truly successful in Government:

  1. Family Politics: if you know how to manage a family, you know how to manage people. If you know how to manage people you know how to run a household. If you know how to successfully run a home you know how to run a country. 
  2. Business Politics: if you know the meanders of the Business universe you will be able to navigate any universe, because in Business you are taught that you can manage just about anything if you learn the genesis of the company, its mission statement, the product sold/produced by the brand, if you learn about the suppliers (to keep a healthy relationship with them) and mainly if you study the competition (to beat them in their own game). 

Anyone who is proficient in these two forms of Politics will be better positioned to meander in the River of Government. Donald Trump is the Capo of his Family and he is a successful Businessman; so when he put China on notice regarding Tariffs, he killed two birds with one stone: he protected the interests of his Country and he exerted pressure on China to push Kim Jong-Un to hold talks with his South Korean counter-part (Moon Jae-In).

Kim Jong-Un and Moon Jae-In signed a document, last Friday, where they commit to put an end to a 65-year old conflict. On Sunday, 29 April 2018, it was also announced that North Korea would close its nuclear test site in May. A priori these are good news; however, we have learned that in politics things can change very rapidly. There are two readings to be made into these developments:

  1. Either North Korea has finished the nuclear order that Iran had placed many years ago – which, upon confirmation, supports even more the need for President Trump to insist near the Europeans that the Iran Deal be reviewed and changed. 
  2. Or the Chinese have found a much closer location to cater Iran’s nuclear ambitions – in which case, India may have a problem to deal with in the future too. 

When we are negotiating it is always a bad sign when the weaker party keeps demonstrating a posture of victimisation:

"The United States, though inherently hostile to North Korea, will get to know once our talk begins that I am not the kind of person who will use nuclear weapons against the South or the United States across the Pacific," – Kim Jong-Un

This sort of victimising argument has been used by the PLO and we all know where that has led to so far. Therefore, the South Korea is advised to tread carefully because like President Trump said “things may not work out”. Victimisation usually conceals deception.

The European Decline

The Eurozone Reforms are not to be interpreted, by the common citizen, as the European Union Reform.

Nay, the EU is not working towards going back to the original spirit of the European Union Forefathers – i.e. solely the Economic Integration of Europe. What the EU is doing is to step up its encroachment on our lives through the Banking System. The expression of the day, when discussing these reforms, is the European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS): which basically is a scheme built upon the DGS (Deposit Guarantees Scheme) through which Bank Deposits are guaranteed up to €100,000 – meaning that when the next Financial Crisis comes if you have millions of Euros in deposits (or even €101,000 in your bank account) you will only get €100,000 back. This is what we call institutionalised theft.

The European Commission is essentially sending us a couple of reducing messages:

  • We should not work for wealth, but only to get by. €100,000 is enough wealth for you – don’t be greedy.
  • If we dare working to be wealthier then we are to be penalised and not protected – greed must pay a price. 
  • Banks can take their clients’ funds, make investments, earn billions with these pools, generate a Banking Crisis, eat up our money and in the end we are only entitled to €100,000 in cash - with the compliments of Politicians. 
  • If we wish to protect ourselves and protect our money at home, we will be charged with Money Laundering, Tax Evasion and possibly with being a financier to Terrorism – while the Politicians lobbied to create these laws get thousands of euros (if not millions) in offshore accounts. 

And because of ‘Reforms’ such as this one, the European Union will collapse.

Question: why is Europe aligning itself with Iran but not with Saudi Arabia? What’s the deal here?

Angela Merkel is leading the Pro-Iran pack in Europe, even though the economic interests of the EU are higher in the Gulf States than in Iran – so who convinced the European Union that by siding with Iran its Islamisation/Mass Migration problem would be solved?

Euro-Politicians have grown lazy: instead of holding talks with the Gulf States to take in their Muslim brethren from war-torn Syria and ask for their advice as to how to solve the Radicalisation crisis in Europe, they simply decided that the Saudi Wahhabis (behind Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood) were the enemy and that by turning to the Shiite Mullahs things would be solved quickly. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is siding with the US and Israel, in some sort of a Bloc that is clearly a threat to European interests. Which simpleton had this idea?

President Trump is right: the Iran Deal is terrible because it is based on the assumption that Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapon yet. But it does, and North Korea’s decision to ‘make peace’ is testament to that.

Either Europe miscalculated the situation or there is something fundamentally evil going on here – something that even Caligula would abhor. Let’s just hope that the Praetorian Guard won’t have to be called to step in and solve the mess.

Censorship in Liberal Democracy

Censorship is always associated with Dictatorships and Authoritarian Regimes. But it just so happens that Censorship is very much alive in the so-called Liberal Democracies.

The Mainstream Media (usually Leftist) is bent on brainwashing the Masses through Newspeak and Doublethink. Furthermore, they also choose what kind of information the masses are exposed to and how much in the dark they should be kept. They want to be king-makers, home-wreckers, opinion-makers, emotion-stirrers, panic-buttons, Intelligence-collectors and policy-makers. The Mainstream Media is a Threat to Global Stability. 

Social Media (SM) Companies have been censoring Conservative Users. If you are Right Winger, a Religious person, a Trump Supporter or a critic of Islam your posts will be penalised or simply deleted. This is Censorship carried out by American SM Companies – and they don’t stick to American users only, they go after any Conservative user around the Globe too. It is a concerted action.

Dissecting Society has been deemed unsafe by Facebook; it has been targeted by Blogger itself, by Google, by Twitter simply because it goes against the grain. But we are not worried because we have a Plan and after all is said and done Justice will be served...not only to us but to all Conservative voices out there.

“We do not merely destroy our enemies; we change them.” ― George Orwell, 1984

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  1. I ain't happy about this Korea bliss but maybe I'm just too cynical. Trump is right about the Iran deal and he should just repeal it! Btw, Mossad did a terrific job bringing half a ton of intelligence from Tehran to Israel, like wow! The European Union is not alone, in the US they only guarantee 100K too: WTF? We should all keep our money at home cause what are they all going to do, arrest us all? We need a revolution to stop them from going to our pockets.

  2. I agree Iran has nuclear capability but has she already assembled the weapon? That is the question.

  3. Bibi was great yesterday and the Israeli Intelligence Services were brilliant! Mazal Tov to Israel. Iran must be killing people right now, literally. Europe is so embarrassed right now that they came up with the stupidest explanations and arguments, it's so sad!

    About the Eurozone reform: what a disgrace. You made very good points, if they are creating an insurance scheme why not secure all the millions people have in their accounts? Why only secure up to 100,000 euros? Not doing it tells us it IS institutionalised theft!

  4. Kim jong un will betray South Korea, you just watch!

  5. Bibi rocks!!
    The EU is a socialist bloc in desperate need of destruction. Will 2021 be the year of her fall?
    Bibi rocks!!

  6. I like Trump. I thought he'd be a piece of shit but he turned out to be a great president, a great man. He's a straight shooter like me and I hope he f*cks Iran up!

  7. This Korea show is just a ploy to get sanctions lifted. It's not realistic to believe that both Koreas will be united as long as Kim Jong-un holds onto power, unless of course he agrees to turn his country into a democracy, and what are the odds of that happening (rhetorical)? Alternatively, Trump might be willing to ignore the improbability of long term success in order to score short term political points and avoid multiple fronts of conflict.

  8. I believe that some serious global realignments are in the process of being formed. With USA going into a protectionist mode, even if only temporarily, other economic blocs may well be the direction that the future will see.


  10. Facebook, Google and Twitter should answer for their crimes. The law says that everybody is entitled to free speech so who the hell are they to silent conservative voices??? They are breaking the law and the constitution!


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