Iran, A Tale of Two States: North Korea and Portugal

There are two curious events that seem to be unrelated but that are actually inter-related:

  • North Korea’s change of heart, after putting up a show with South Korea to “promote peace”
  • Former Espírito Santo Bank Members trying to take over a Soccer Team – do we hear the “Money Laundering” anthem playing in the background?

North Korea’s Change of Heart

There are no coincidences. Therefore, could it be a coincidence that North Korea began backtracking right after the US dedicated its new Embassy in Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel? Nay, it couldn’t. Which other country complained bitterly against the American move and even threatened it, and Israel, with a “Palestinian” uprising and with an offer of $100,000 to anyone who would be willing to bomb the new Embassy? Iran.

It is very well known that North Korea and Iran are Partners in Crime – North Korea has been the Iranian Nuclear Test Lab for years and that situation has not changed. Before we move any further, a very important question should be asked: was Otto Warmbier (an American student) interrogated by North Koreans or by Iranians? It is curious that the only known Jewish prisoner was exactly the one to come back in a coma, due to lack of oxygen and blood flow to the Brain (even though it is claimed his Jewishness was kept under wraps for his protection – ha!).

The student had obviously been tortured, but which method was used during his 17 months of captivity: Blood-chokes, Air-chokes, Waterboarding? Were they trying to get the kid to confess he was a Mossad agent (since they are obsessed with the Israeli Intelligence Services)? His autopsy results should be compared to past results of people subjected to Iranian-Hezbollah-Syrian torture methods and look for signatures. In any case, the point of this exercise is to indicate once again the close relationship between North Korea and Iran.

Iran must have strongly advised Pyongyang to derail President Trump’s efforts to end tensions between North and South Korea, and the West, lest he ends up being successful and be the US President who actually deserves a Peace Nobel Prize (ex post facto, and not ex-ante like the 44th President). And given the fact that Tehran is receiving wide backup from its European friends (who, when this article was being produced, pulled a tantrum in Bulgaria – where ties were strengthened with Western Balkans states through the Sophia Declaration – by pitifully ganging up against President Trump) there is thus the need to put pressure on the European Union to drop its support to this immediate menace to International Security.

What are the options to get the Europeans right where they need to be?

Money Laundering Operations Migrate Back to Sports

There is a crisis in a Portuguese soccer club. Sporting Club of Portugal (SCP) has a very colourful President (by colourful we should read: anti-Politically Correctness), one that has lifted the Club from the financial misery it enjoyed for many years – I still remember the time when, the all so polite folks were running the place, SCP was in the red all the time, the players lacked discipline, the Misters were fired every year and derision was the noun that best suited the club. With Bruno Carvalho, born in Mozambique, SCP managed to actually have profits, gain respect, contain the players and maintain a Mister for more than two years in a row. He even urged the supporters to boycott the Media for spreading Fake News and Counter-Information about the club.

From Angola Files:

Now, some shareholders are trying to kick the man out after a grave incident took place (one that has not been quite explained yet). So far so good, it’s natural. What is not natural is the set of players wanting to give the President a boot: they are former members of the defunct BES (Espírito Santo Bank):

  • Álvaro Sobrinho (Luso-Angolan Banker and President of Holdimo)
  • Rogério Alves (Álvaro Sobrinho’s Lawyer)
  • José Maria Ricciardo (Banker and former Financial Controller of GES – Espírito Santo Group)
  • Nuno Correia da Silva (Portuguese former MP [right wing party, CDS] linked to Álvaro Sobrinho through Holdimo)

What can we read into this? Are these people planning to use SCP to launder more money? As we have shared here BES was a huge Money Laundering Machine of funds whose true ownership is still under investigation – though everything points out to Hezbollah, among others. We have already established here the Angola-Portugal connection and their possible Terrorism Funding, but to see the same individuals trying to take over a Soccer Club right under everybody’s eyes is a tad too much…and it says a lot about the state of Justice affairs in Portugal too – the same country that has positioned itself against the United States to side with a bloc that enables Iran, Hezbollah and their partners.

Unlike other Soccer Clubs in Portugal, SCP has always been eyed by Politicians (ex: Pedro Santana Lopes) and by Businessmen (ex: Sousa Cintra and José Roquette)…and now it is under attack by Bankers who want to remove a Hawkish President in order to conduct their subversive activities. This SCP crisis reeks of deception: it has little to do with violence but more with unethical Business.

We will apply unprecedented financial pressure on the Iranian regime. The leaders in Tehran will have no doubt about our seriousness. – Mike Pompeo

The Portuguese President is meeting President Trump in Washington by the end of June. POTUS should ask Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa to kindly explain:

  • When did Portugal begin to be such a huge Money Laundering Machine for Iran through proxies?
  • And how was it possible that Portuguese politicians, and citizens, became frontmen for Hezbollah elements thus helping Iran to circumvent sanctions...right under the Portuguese Government's nose?
Among other painful and embarrassing questions that directly affect the United States' National Security.

Iran, a Tale of Two States…

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  1. I thought Portugal was a quiet place. I learned one thing, when a government doesn't do shit about a crime the politicians are in it!

  2. I don't trust Kim Jong Un a bit! But I know Trump will walk away from the table if he so much gets a hint that piggo is lying to him.

  3. Iran must be contained. I'm surprised at Portugal: Angolans can just get there do whatever they want and the country sends them off back to Africa to be prosecuted there even though we know they won't! Portugal is today a growing criminal hub and it's the bankers' fault along with the politicians of course!

  4. North Korea should tread carefully, but above all China should tread carefully and make use of her influence to steer Pyongyang away from Tehran.
    It is in the interest of the United States of America to take a good look at Portugal cause she has turned into a huge criminal nest right under everybody's nose, with Spain's support - through the Banking System. Hezbollah, that is Iran, has penetrated all levels of the Portuguese society through African and Portuguese citizens - many of them with double-nationality - as frontmen. It is an embarrassment to learn what it is really like down there while posing as a peaceful, decent country playing by the book...but which book? Good job, Max; good job, DS!

  5. Trump saw them coming and cancelled the summit, good for him! Iran thinks she's clever but she's not and soon we will rejoice at the fall of this murderous regime!
    Portugal: WTF?! Let me see if I get it right, Angolans are using our banks to launder money, they also use our real estate businesses and other areas to filter their illicit funds and now they are after Sporting too? Hmm, I think this operation is too smart to have been orchestrated by Angolans so I agree: Iran must be in it! But how about President Rebelo de Sousa, is he?

  6. Meanwhile Putin is watching in delight. And what is China's role in this? They support Iran or are against Iran?

  7. Portugal is becoming a shack of thieves and criminals. Thank G-d I left!


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