Are Erdogan's Threats The Last Gasp of a Dying Bird? 4,3,2,1...

From Iran we move on to Turkey – another dying bird. If we want Peace in the Middle East, some pieces need to be moved around and put in their proper place. Recep Erdogan is one of such pieces. This political leader keeps shooting his foot - he had almost everything to succeed but because he opted by implementing a bad Islamist strategy, he will fall and take Turkey down along with him.

Aleph: Supporting Hamas’ Terrorism

Erdogan never gets tired of showing the world he backs Hamas, and any terror group, as a Foreign Policy instrument against Israel (much like the Europeans). Knowing very well that Hamas sends off its militants, women and children to the Gaza-Israel border to “protest” by throwing rocks, burning tires (which some environmentalists would call “environmental terrorism”) and sending Bomb-Kites onto Israeli agricultural fields as part of the Islamist plan, Erdogan has the gall to represent terrorists as victims and make ludicrous accusations.

We don't have the shame of invasion on us, Netanyahu. You are an invader and right now are present in those lands as an invader. At the same time, you are a terrorist. – Recep Erdogan

The above statement reveals Intellectual impotence at its best.

Turkey, as the Ottoman Empire (an entity Recep Erdogan seeks to revive), occupied South-eastern Europe, the North of Africa, Western Asia and the Middle East for 600 years (14th-20th centuries), so of course it the bears the shame of invasion:

  • Bulgaria
  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • Serbia
  • Bosnia
  • Greece
  • Macedonia
  • Albania
  • Slovenia
  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Croatia
  • Israel

And many other countries still bear the memory of the Turkish invasion. But can the owners of a land invade their own territory? No. Therefore, let’s reinstate the Truth here:

First, Israel was occupied by Arab Expansionists and then by Turkish Invaders; then later on the Jewish People began reconquering it – by any means necessary. The Plan is not complete yet, but it will be – “though he tarry, I will wait daily for his coming”.

And those who aid and abet Terrorism are equally Terrorists by means of co-authorship; hence, Recep Erdogan is a Terrorist since Turkey has become a Sponsor State of Terror – with NATO’s and the EU’s compliments.

Bet: Turkey Selling Israeli Equipment to Iran

President Obama forced the détente between Israel and Turkey, during his 2013 visit to Israel. I confessed to have squirmed at this move at the time, even though I was encouraged to be diplomatic about it; however, everybody’s fears have been confirmed: Turkey used Obama to push Israel into easing tensions and resume relations so that it could serve as a middle-man to procure nuclear technology for Iran.

“We sold the capacitors to normal Turkish companies, we do not sell our products to the enemy. Most of our sales are in Turkey and USA, but Turkey is not an enemy state and we had no reason not to trade with her. In any case, if the goods have actually arrived in Iran, this means that we have been cheated by the Turkish buyer.” - Celem Power Capacitors

This is very grave. Did the Obama Administration know this? Which one of President Obama’s advisers promoted the détente between the two countries for ulterior motives? Since President Obama openly declared that “the buck stops with me” he is to be held directly liable for this negligent decision and for others – like the decision to stop Project Cassandra investigating Hezbollah, just to please Iran – meaning, he should be investigated and prosecuted for serving the interests of a foreign state.

Turkey is a foe. We are very much inclined to advise Israel to cut all ties with the Turkish State, at least until the day that infamous Regime is obliterated. As for NATO and the EU: we would advise them to make a quick decision because Turkey is spying for Iran and for other enemies of the Northern Atlantic Treaty.

Gimel: The Armenian Genocide

Israel must acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. It is a moral imperative to do so. As Jews, we know the pain of Holocaust. 6 million of our brothers and sisters were slaughtered like cattle for being Jewish – for having an identity, a religion, a tradition, a culture – why should we deny that the same happened to the Armenian people? Political expedience is no longer a valid justification not to do the right thing.

Muslim Leaders have walked away with too many crimes over the years. Now it’s time to call them out on their crimes:

  • Muslims helped Hitler killing Jews – they put funds and men at the Nazi Party’s disposal to exterminate the Children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
  • Muslims are resuming the killing of Africans in an attempt to take over the continent.
  • Muslims exterminated the Armenian People – 1.5 million people slaughtered just because they were Christian and wanted their Land back.

Here’s a brief description of what occurred:

The Armenian Holocaust was implemented in two phases: the killing of the male population and subjection to forced labour (to transport military supplies), followed by the deportation of women, children, the elderly, and the sick on death marches leading to the Syrian Desert. The deportees were deprived of food, clothing and water and subjected to robbery, rape, and massacre (Viscount James Bryce and Arnold Toynbee [in The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire]).

This is shameful and any Armenian Holocaust denier is a criminal. Recep Erdogan denies the Armenian Genocide therefore he is a criminal. He also threatened the Jewish State with “consequences” if Israel would recognise the slaughter of over a million Armenians. But Erdogan is mistaken: it is he who will face dire consequences if he doesn’t change his course. Turkey’s economic downfall is just the beginning and one more thing: you do not threaten the Jewish State, not even as the last gasp of a dying bird.

Dalet: There Can Be Peace in the Middle East

Old Habits die hard, they say. We understand leaders like Erdogan are being influenced by external groups that couldn’t care less about Peace, even though they talk about it profusely; these individuals – probably belonging to the Globalist crowd – only serve their agenda, not the welfare of Mankind. With this in mind, we would like to state that the Gates will open to anyone who is willing to change his/her course of action and work towards Human Development for all.

Peace is coming to the Middle East, that is certain; but leaders will dictate the level of intensity with which that Peace will arrive: with a closed fist or with a stretched hand?

The dice are rolling…

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  1. longing to see Erdogan out of power.

  2. While trading with Israel Erdogan was already threatening her. This is his way of pleasing both the Greeks and the Trojans, but Israel should take his BS no more! I just wonder if the Europeans are the ones giving him carte blanche to act hostile?

  3. Max, Max, Max, are you looking for troubles? Don't you know Erdogan is a very dangerous man? Now we may have to send our special agent Dolphin Zain to take care o Turkey hahahaha :-). Seriously now, Bibi shouldn't have followed Obama's advice to go back being friends with Turkey! Erdogan allowed Hamas to open an HQ there, he sells them weapons, so of course he would sell technology to Iran, how come they didn't see THAT?

  4. Give the Kurds their land back!

  5. It is a shame that Erdogan managed to ruin the beautiful relationship Turkey and Israel enjoyed for so many years. Turkey/Ottoman Empire welcomed a lot of Jews fleeing persecution in European countries, so it's a shame that Recep Erdogan forgot the history of his own country and decided to disrespect the work of his ancestors. Anyway, he can do whatever he wants, but Israel reserves the right to defend herself and not continue to take abuse from this political leader.

  6. I will party the day Erdogan falls. But how about Europe? What role does she play in all of this? Now that the EU bothered to condemn Hamas, how about distancing herself from Turkey? I know, they will say they have a deal because of the migrants but maybe they should move their ass and negotiate with other parties? Just sayin'...

  7. I support the recognition of the Armenian Holocaust and the statehood for the Kurds. Also blame the Europeans for being lenient with Erdogan. What happened to Europe anyway, since when they become such cowards? This time Americans are not coming for you people! Ooops, was that racist?

  8. I remember reading somewhere that Turkey is part of the final war that will reset the world, right? Europe and others have been delaying the final confrontation but we have to admit that confrontation will come anyway, so we wait. I pray however to God that He takes mercy on us cause a lot of people will die and for what? Because politicians do not want to change!!! Allah is watching you, Erdogan!

  9. ‎"[Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan continues to ‎carry out so-called acts of bravery [in] defeated ‎societies, starting with the [2010 Mavi Marmara] freedom flotilla, ‎continuing with the destruction of societies in the Arab Spring, and ‎culminating in his trading in the blood of Gaza. Turkey and Iran are ‎two sides of the same coin and they bear the responsibility along ‎with Hamas for every drop of blood [spilled] in Gaza."‎ - Abdulhameed AlHakeem, a Saudi commentator


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